Popping 2 cherries: XC and the Lecht

Cross country. People love to hate it. They embrace the pain and come out the other side stronger and even more excited for the next one.

Not me.

That was awful! An accumulation of being ill the previous fortnight, thinking I had recovered from it, then boom(!) in a 4km race, I think 3.87km of that was pure trying-to-get-air-in-as-lungs-just-stopped-functioning. Apparently I’m more susceptible to lung inflammation after a bout of illness, making this race one of the hardest – and most disappointing – of my life!

*plays world’s saddest song on the world’s smallest violin*

The National XC Relays in Cumbernauld. The weather was brilliant, the Metro runners were amazing (I came back BUZZING to Kyle how much I felt like part of a family there!), and the banter was flowing!

I swam that morning as this was nothing near an A race for me; I had hoped for a no pressure, slip in slip out race, where I’d try my best and only improve for the next time.

Silly Debbie agreed to change from the final leg to the first leg, recognises people she likes to chase on the road, runs with them, dies, tries to catch up, goes over ankle, gets overtaken, struggles to breathe, hobbles/screeches for breath to the end, feels like she’s been punched in the stomach after passing one at the finish line, hobbles back to metro tent, lies down, tries to cool down but gets light headed and sits on grass before walking back and scrounging food off people because she left hers on the bus. That was my race in a nutshell!

On a good day I think those hills would be fun! The rest of my team after me did unbelievably fantastic (although I WISH Fiona had been on it!! She was unfortunately ill and had to pull out, but still came down to support like the trooper she is. AND endured my horrendous chat for 6 hours on the bus!) and everyone was so supportive! Once I recover from this, I MAY give it another go, but on Saturday I had sworn that was my first and last ever cross country race!

It was a loonnnnnggggg day (I got up at 4.45am for swimming and I got home about 8.30pm) so I was looking forward to a long lie BUT Kyle and I had arranged to tackle the Lecht on the bike on Sunday with JK (who had a STORMER of a run that day after having been injured for weeks) and Tom (who unfortunately had to pull out of the Amsterdam marathon after a knee injury, so will come back with a vengeance and SMASH 2.40 in his next marathon!).

They arrived at our house around 10am in the pouring rain! So we had a coffee and waited for it to calm down. The weather was nippy and I knew I wasn’t 100%, but I REALLY wanted to cycle with the boys, so made sure to eat a decent breakfast and wrap up warm.

It was lovely to catch up with them properly (when you’re stuck for 3.5+ hours on a bike, you’re kinda forced to chat) and we had so much fun! When we were nearing the start of the climb, the nervous energy started (I always make unfunny jokes and become even more loud and obnoxious than usual), and seeing the first climb would make anyone laugh at its ridiculousness! But the route was stunning and I enjoyed (for once!) the nice descent to the café at the bottom 🙂

Once home, we ate bread I’d just taken out of the breadmaker while the boys got changed (trying to win points!), then Kyle and I jumped in the hot tub after they left.

Unfortunately, I am back to how I felt when on annual leave, so will take a couple days off and rest up. This also might mean I miss my next race, Brodie Castle 10km 😦

Ok time to stop feeling sorry for myself and hope y’all have had a great weekend!


(the start of my race – I’m in the black and gold 😉 )


(pain face)


(after I got dropped 😦  …)


(Fiona – who should have ran instead of me, with that performance(!) – cheering me up the hill)


(200m to go…198m to go…197m to go….that is how my mind worked here! Bad place!)


(One big Metro family!)


(the following day’s climb!)


(It’s hard riding with these superstars!)


(Proof I made it too…eventually!)


Cross Country: love to hate it? or hate to hate it?

Road, track, trail or xc?