Tiring Week, A(nother) Booked Holiday, and some Weighted Issues

This week has been exhausting! So much training and work (both on and off site) along with some not-so-nice news in the family has left me super tired!

Tuesday had 3×1 mile @ 5.46 pace with 3 mins recov. It was meant to be 4 but I chickened out. I usually hate when I mentally give up, but this time it was physical as well! I was still sore from Sunday’s 21 miler and I was happy I could even make sub 7 min miles for them, let alone sub 6!

Wednesday was a sprint session in the pool and a sports massage (ouch!) – she used hot stones and I got an Indian head massage at the end so I was pretty relaxed afterwards!

Last night I had a half marathon tempo sesh on the treadmill – I managed to do it in 87.15 (6.39 pace) at 1% incline so I was happy with that! I made a friend on the cross trainer next to me so that passed about 10 minutes considering I forgot my phone so was musicless (booooooo – good mental training I guess!). He kept laughing at what was on the tv and asking what I was up to/how long I was on/how long he was on – he was loving life and loving getting fit, so thank you for bringing some positivity to my workout, Mr Happy!

Afterwards I had dinner, put on TinTin the movie and fell asleep during it…great company to Kyle!

I have still been regularly using the turbo, but haven’t done any hard sessions, predominantly because I am still getting used to the positioning, but also because my other sessions this week have left me like a ragdoll!

Also this week, we have booked a HOLIDAY!!

We are going to Davos, Switzerland in June for 10 days: Europe’s highest town at 1,560m…






Think chocolate, beer and cheese (and army knives, muesli, clocks…the list goes on!)

I have never done altitude training before, there are more than enough places to cycle, the Swiss Olympic team use the track there, and the lakes look beautiful!! LOADS of ski trails for Kyle to run up, and Mum and Keith are coming too (Keith will be my cycle buddy/mechanic) and we’ll try and get Ma on the electro bikes at least!!

On another note, I have stumbled across some really good articles recently. Here’s a couple to keep you going:

This is an article written by Jodie Swallow. She is an amazing triathlete that Scott keeps telling me to read up about, mainly because she has a similar background to me (swimmer turned runner). After some reading, I discovered she (along with quite a few athletes it turns out) had an eating disorder after believing that she had to be a certain shape to perform better. On the other side of this, she is now so positive and loves her figure – despite being scrutinised in the media for being “too big”. I love the fact that, despite being outside of the “norm” in endurance sports, she is still an outstanding performer who will only continue to get better!

Continuing on the theme of weight and performance, I also found this one very interesting. An athlete participated in some tests to evaluate the effects of weight, power and performance. I did not expect these results! If you’re going to be light, you better still have power!

Please note I did not/do not have an eating disorder, it was only the sporting background – and impeccable writing skills(!) – that make myself and Jodie similar. I am only recommending the article because I loved how open she was and wanted to share it. I can appreciate how she fell into the trap of trying to get lighter after being criticised (from my own experience, in the days of a pre-pubescent teenager trying to improve in my swimming career, I was subjected to weekly weigh-ins, in a group and by our coach. In hindsight, considering the fashion industry at that time was trying to promote the “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” approach (slightly different to today where “strong is the new skinny”, along with peer pressure and the competition – albeit friendly competition – amongst teammates, you could conclude that this could potentially lead to apprehension, over-thinking weight and even eating disorders.)

Since starting running in 2011, I have always been a heavier runner (compared to all you skinny minnies out there!) and, at times, I do get down and think “if only I were lighter”, but then I remember that these big shoulders of mine got me on the Scottish swim team, and this big booty and legs got me under 3 hours in the marathon!

And then I also remember I love chocolate. A lot. And I train. A lot. I would be miserable if I skipped meals, and performance would ultimately takes it’s toll. Granted, I have been a lot lighter, but this was when I was a student skipping meals, relying on cereal and other cheap snacks to cut costs!

I love my lifestyle at the moment and I hope that this body of mine can only continue to improve and I can’t wait (weight?) to find out what it’s capable of! Besides, especially after what’s happened this week, there is a lot more to life than worrying about the small things!



(in my swimming days: see tan line for evidence of this!)

1928341_14751510643_6000_n 1928945_1018546579045_4525_n

(at uni: too skinny, only gymmed to keep fit, and I was always cold…malnutrition!)



(me now: about 1-1.5 stone heavier, but feel better and performing better!)

Anyway, read those if you get bored over the weekend! I won’t ask you any questions on weight as I realise it can be a tough topic for some people, but feel free to comment!

Have a great one, everybody! xx

Questions for you:

Any summer holidays planned yet?! 

Ever done altitude training?