Crathes Half Marathon – Course Record and FINAL RACE AS A MOORE!

I was super excited for this one!


It was the final race as a single woman, and the last one you’ll see on the entry sheet as Moore. There was zero pressure because I don’t consider myself a true runner (BUT I secretly put a little bit on because a) I wanted a headline saying we were King and Queen of Crathes Castle, much like he and Fiona got in last year’s race!, and b) there were dolla dollas up for grabs and we are VERY poor right now!) and the last goal of my racing season was at the previous week’s Scottish Standard Tri Champs – which I won yippeeee!

The weekend was actually all about wedding, honeymoon and hen stuff ie CLEEEEAAAN the house for people staying, start packing for Bali because we wont have time nearer the big time (and we leave the following day!) and make sure we have everything sorted for the 30th September. BUT we love to do some form of activity every day so a local race fit in perfectly!

We woke up naturally around 7am (I say naturally, but Chewy tends to sit on our face at that time purring like a helicopter), grabbed coffee and started blitzing the place. Around 9am, we had our usual breakfast and another coffee, then at 11am we headed to Crathes.

We parked at the non-visitor side of the estate, on a country road near the race route. We jogged the 1km to registration (we were one of the last people to register – we knew there wasn’t much shelter and it was POURING!) and did a few strides, then changed into race gear.

Luckily, we only had to wait about 5 minutes until the race, so no time to get nervous (although myself AND Fraser got a bit antsy when we noticed Kyle still wasn’t at the front of the starters with the 2 minute to go call) and everyone seemed to be laughing at just how bad the rain was!

When the gun went off, Kyle was asking why I was still with him one minute in.

“Oh yeah, oops. I’ll say bye now. See you soon – have fun!”

…and then I backed off. Within the first kilometre (when we passed our car) I found myself in a group of maybe 5. There was a headwind so I tucked behind some tall guy from Dubai.

On the downhill I took the lead, but then I was left there until about 5km. I turned around to try and get some help in this constant headwind but no one overtook, so I then just chose to run my own race.

At the 1st significant hill, a couple guys pulled away. I reeled one back in but the other went off. Then I noticed 2 guys had fell off the back, so I was running in a group of 3.

We hit the 1st trail section which was SUPER MUDDY!!!!! My trainers got soaked immediately but I tried as best I could to avoid major puddles. When my watched flashed the 1st mile in that trail as a 6.11 I was a bit concerned I was trying too hard to avoid mud and that might catch up with me. It was a flat mile but so technical and slippy that I should have been about 10seconds slower.

The trail lasted about 2km and hitting solid road again was amazing! There were a few spectators and dog walkers out but I wasn’t expected any given the weather, so was sure to wave at them to say thanks for coming out!

I hit 10km in about 38.30 – 30 seconds faster than my time in the Great Aberdeen Run…oops! That’s an oops to the GAR by the way, because at this point I still felt pretty good!

A couple of miles later, the rain was just turning to spray and the sun was starting to come out, so that cheered me up and kept me on pace.

Then there was a pretty big hill where those 2 guys I was with managed to get a gap on me. Grrr. I tried (and managed) to catch up, but then there was a HUGE downhill where my little legs couldn’t match their long ones and 1 dude got away and finished about a minute ahead of me.

Onto the second trail I began to lag. I think pushing it on that downhill to try and not get dropped, along with that speedy trail mile earlier, made me a bit tired. I was lagging and could have used a gel (I decided against one that morning just because it was a cool day and didn’t think I’d need one…wrong again). I was dropped by the 2nd dude and so was in no man’s land for those final 5kms.

In my head I was thinking what the worst possible pace I could go before finishing would be. Then I realised even if I did 7 minute miles for the next 3 miles I would still get a sub1.25.

So then my mindset changed after my 11th mile was a 6.34. Hmm I could get a decent PB here (I know I should be a bit faster but I haven’t done a proper half in years and my last half was hilly Fraserburgh last year!). Ideally on a course with no trails, or mud, or hills, or wind, and with specific training and a taper, I feel I should be able to break 80 quite comfortably.

Then I realised mile 12 was up a never ending hill, where you could see the full mile in front of you. Pretty demoralising! I managed that one in 6.42 but it felt a lot worse than that. When that mile beeped, I knew the last km w05as downhill (again, back to where I parked!) so a couple more calculations later I though Fiona’s record from last year was on! I just had to run a 4minute km down to the finish.

I saw Kyle with 800m to go. He was on his cool down and did here 1st lady wasn’t too far away.

“What the hell are you doing here? That course was mental!”

“Sorry, can’t talk – think I might break Fi’s record”

“Sprint then!!”

“This is me sprinting!”

…and off I waddled to cross the line in 1.22.27 and a new CR.

Kyle was 6 minutes faster than anyone else, going 1.11 – just a couple seconds shy of Robbie’s record (if only he’d known what it was !) – so he was elated too! It gave him the confidence he needed for the Loch Ness marathon on Sunday!

What was best was at presentation when Fraser announced that the race of the day was not Kyle’s, but mine! *cue evil laugh here!*


He then announced that it was an even more significant race for us given we were getting married 2 weeks later! The entire crowd just went “awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwh” so we laughed a lot at that!


What made it even better was that Carolyn was there and SMASHED her PB!! She started running in January (only 3kms) and managed a 2.06 on THAT course! She is such an inspiration to working mothers out there who let exercise take a back seat for a while.


Afterwards, Mum and Keith came over to help us sort the house out (any excuse for an Alford Tandoori 😉 !) and we had a lovely Sunday catching up on life and wedding admin!


…Then I was headed to Paris the following day for meetings so no rest for the wicked! There were far more croissants and wine consumed so here’s hoping the dress fits ONE WEEK TODAY!!!!!!!!!!




My Birthday Weekend!

So I have hit the big 2-7 and had SUCH a good weekend to celebrate! Be prepared for even more pictures than my last post!!

Thursday after work Kyle picked me up at 4 and then we had to spend another hour trying to get the bike rack on the car as well as the bikes we hit the road! All I knew at this point was that we were going south. We made a couple of turns off the motorway but I had no idea where we were headed because by that time it was getting dark…!

At around 7.30 we pull up outside this gorgeous log cabin!


It was overlooking Lake of Menteith (Scotland’s only inland natural body of water apparently!) and it was so isolated and peaceful…Kylie Babez did well!

We had some lovely wine and posh nachos, and chilled in the cabin that night:



The following day, we woke up early to attempt to go for a run before the solar eclipse (it kinda stole my birthday’s thunder) so the plan was to drive to Loch Katrine to run up Ben Venue and watch it from the top of the mountain.


(Loch Katrine – breathtaking!)

Unfortunately, after running for approximately 70 seconds, a MASSIVE cloud decided to cover the sun and we knew we would never see an eclipse from there. So down the hill we went and back in the car for what was going to be over an hour’s driving to avoid the cloud! All was not lost, though. Kyle made a friend in the car park:


(Rob the Robin. Don’t ask – just humour him)

We found a sign for a nature reserve and decided to try catch the eclipse there. 2.5 miles into the run, we discover an observation deck calling our name. Noone was around so we had the whole reserve and deck to ourself and we watched as the sky went dark (although I preferred the rainbow on the other side!)




After our wee 5 miler, we headed back to the chalet and had a lovely breakfast and I opened some presents!

We then tried to get the bikes ready for a cycle but Kyle couldn’t change the pedals on his bike, so he did a run and I did a wee cycle instead! He managed 9 fast miles but I just pottered around trying to practice skills…I can now indicate and go in the TT position (in a straight line only) – woop woop!

The day flew by too quickly and soon enough it was time for the sunset, right in our back garden!





We watched a movie while Kyle made us salmon, then the original plan of going to the nearby pub changed when we saw how  clear the night sky was…I wish I took a picture because I have NEVER seen so many stars in my life! We were outside watching them for ages!

Oh, and it wouldn’t be us if there wasn’t some immaturity, so we also played in the games room (I kicked his butt at air hockey! I’d say we drew at table tennis 😉  )


Last but not least, he pulled THIS bad boy out:


Knowing I’m not a huge fan of cake (hard to believe, right?), he got me a cookie cake! Isn’t he a keeper?!

It was amazing!

The next day, I woke up early and headed outside to have my smoothie overlooking the lake, and chatted to Larry until Kyle woke up:


(FYI, he was a HUGE fan of pretzels, if you are ever in the area)

Once we got packed up, we headed to Aberfoyle for a hill run (and we hadn’t had coffee in two days, so that was also on the agenda).



(What a view!!)





(Note to self: learn yoga)

Coming down the hill, we ran past some pretty cool sights!




(can you spot the  dude on the zipline, and the red squirrel?)

After our run, we walked around the town and popped to a couple of shops, then headed to Callendar for a swim (mainly to shower though!) and had the most amazing lunch in Doune at a place called the Buttercup Cafe (go there if you’re ever near Stirling! They have won Scottish homebakes awards and a sandwich of theirs was the British sandwich of the year finalist…I had it and it was DELICIOUS!) We had sandwiches, coffee and a couple of cakes and were in HEAVEN!

A looonnnnngggggg journey back (the check engine light was on so we were being careful!), and we were ready to crash! Kylie Babez had the Garioch Half Marathon the following day so we were happy to chill!


HE WON!!! He got the course record by FOUR MINUTES (1.10 on a hilly course!)!!! And won £350!!! George ALSO beat his own course record so well done to him too!


(Being interviewed by the one and only Fraser Clyne himself!)


Marie also got a course record in the women’s race (she looked AMAZING and is absolutely FLYING at the moment!!) so it was awesome watching her receive her prize too!


I didn’t race, but instead did 18 miles (with 8 @ average 6.39 pace) along the beach in the morning, then thought it would be a good idea to cycle 26.5 miles (carrying a heavy bike lock, trainers and dry clothes on my back 😦  ) to Inverurie to catch Kyle finishing – I got DRENCHED!

JOHN WAS ALSO RACING!! He WON the 10km, I haven’t seen him since we met at camp together in Massachusetts in 2008 (where, by the way, I didn’t realise he was an amazing runner!) He will make Kona this year – I can feel it!! John well done again and let’s meet for a training weekend soon!

Andy was also watching Kyle so the 3 of us went for coffee and cake afterwards, which was good fun, then Kyle and I headed for a quick swim before Mum & Keith came over for a beer and we all headed to Maggie’s Grill for dinner with Emma and her boyfriend, Barry as it was Emma’s birthday!! Happy quarter century, sister!




The food definitely filled a hole!! And I suppose the company was good too!

Afterwards, we met Andy again and headed for a couple of drinks before hitting the hay…I had to get up at 5.10am for swimming the next morning!

WOW if you are still reading congratulations for not falling asleep or getting bored and quitting on me!

I had such a fun weekend and am so thankful for family and friends for spoiling me so much!!

Oh, and WELL DONE AGAIN COMEBACK KYLIE!! Let’s just hope this injury is away for good now!

Too much cake, wine and time for a cut back week – woooppeeeee!

First of all, thanks for all the kind words you guys are giving me on the interviews! I’m glad they are inspiring yet normal everyday people! Still a few more to go 🙂

Next up is what I did last week. Not much to be honest. Work sucked – 261 people had their last day on Friday. It made for a lot of cake, but a very heartbreaking atmosphere.

The super talented Meriel made this cake as a farewell to the Mary Poppins that is Frances (practically perfect in every way 😉 haha she certainly keeps us right!)! Her secondment at our work was finished, so she has gone back to her law firm. But we have promised to keep in touch for wine and cooking, so she can’t escape us that easily…!


(Meriel’s mint chocolate Mary Poppins cake!)


(The remains of maybe 1 of 4 full plates of cake. Hey, when I’m depressed I eat cake)

I got my new fins delivered. I’m afraid they have to be returned though as they don’t actually work?? Silly Arena. They float so much that I cannot get my legs to stay under the water with them on…!


…they are a pretty colour though!

I also did my 1st 90 min workout on the turbo trainer. I sent Scott what I thought was proof, when really I could have just started the clock on my ipad and sat and watched a movie.


Kyle is still injured, so he has been on the turbo a lot recently as well! Poor thing is gutted and is terrified he won’t be able to do his 1st ever marathon in less than 6 weeks! Pleeeeease everyone wish him well!

He came for a 3 hour cycle with me on Saturday, but wouldn’t speak to me! He didn’t even ride beside me 😦 Apparently he like to zone out (p’ah! Must be what real athletes do!?)

This meant he was forced to stop for cake in Banchory with me. Debzie CANNOT go 3 hours without talking!! Even during the Edinburgh marathon I had to chat – I get lonely. I hope people talk to me in this Ironman because that could potentially be double digit hours with no talking if not!! Uh oh. Perhaps that’s what I should be most scared of; never mind the whole run-a-marathon-after-cycling-112-miles thing.


(The face of: “Kyle we are stopping for cake now so we can talk, m’kay?” “Ugh, but I don’t like speaking to you”)


(Since Noodles force-feeds me Snickers bars for fuel, I opted for a Snickers cake…it was amazeballs!!!!)

On Saturday night, Andy came over for dinner with his girlfriend Lynne! The food was not a success (I forgot to turn the oven on and forgot we all have monster appetites so failed to make enough) but the wine was certainly flowing and I was suffering majorly the next day…! No pics – we must have been having too much fun!! I look forward to trying your cooking next time – it is bound to be better than mine…!

Sunday called for a hangover carvery for Kylie, and a hangover chipper pour moi:


K’s carvery was all you can eat, so he went up a few times to get me cauliflower cheese (I LOVE it!!) and roast tatties (yes, I had already had 300 chips, but no judging, ok?)

I have made a new friend on Strava…After Phil (who I am doing the Ironman with!) mentioned he was doing Kalmar with me, this happened:


Gotta love Strava! Watch out, Phil – I can now lift my right hand off the handlebars…!

Lastly, why can’t I live in America. I NEED to try this:


Points to the one who can send it over to me without it melting.

This week I am happy to say it is a cut back week (Strava tells me I did 19 hours of training each of the last 2 weeks!), so hopefully I can catch up on some sleep and get to foam rolling/stretching again (I do not do enough of this!). The final round of Monikie is on Sunday, so hopefully the week will end with a series victory! If you missed them, parts 1 and 2 are here and here!

What has everyone been up to?

Any races coming up?

Can you pretty please use your powers to get Kyle’s injury better?

Lazy weekend and surprising myself mentally

Have you ever had days where you don’t even have to “psyche yourself up”; you just are kind of naturally “in the zone”? Well, last night was one of those days! After battling a stomach virus at the end of last week, I didn’t do any great sessions and I was determined to put in a good brick session at the start of the week before my race this weekend. I put zero pressure on myself and just had fun with playing between running and cycling, and back to running (a bike sandwich, if you will).

3km WU, 2x2km @ 6min/mile pace (400 recov), straight onto 20 min tough gear bike as hard as possible, straight onto 3x1km @ 5.49, 5.46, 5.42 min/mile pace (400 recov), 3km CD.

It was one of those workouts where you know you’ve worked hard, but you could do more. I like those.

Anyway, Lorna stayed with me at the weekend! Although the weather was so bad that we ended up staying in on both Friday and Saturday night for food, movies and girl time! Good job Kylie babez was away racing!

This was the result of the weather:


The pub by my flat’s sign fell down in the middle of the night! And it is one sturdy sign!

While we did this:



10967962_10155196089105644_1293973817_n 10979307_10155196089030644_735587193_n 10933142_10155196088830644_344844283_n

He did this:


(harcore Kylie!)

Nah, not quite. I did manage a couple of workouts. Lorna was coaching at the Scottish Schools champs at our 50m pool, so on Sat I went round to Mum and Keith’s to do some turbo action, working out positioning etc, as well as learning how to fix a puncture (!), clean a chain (!), and get oil all over myself.

This is the bike I race on:


This is the bike Phil leant me to learn about tri bars:


I think I could definitely get lower and I am VERY surprised at just how much I must be losing by racing on the road bike! I am pretty much sitting up! Lots of room for improvement!

Speaking of Scottish Schools, Lorna and I were reminiscing of 15 years ago (!!) when we were in the baby age group (12 & under) winning medals!


Haha not sure I could manage that time now 😉 My 1st Scottish medal – bronze at the Schools when I was 11….Mum even cried (she must have thought it was all going to be downhill from there!)!

On Sunday after I dropped Lorna off, I met up with Andy and Kev (countless Scottish master record holder in the pool!) for a learning how to draft swim session! I was trying to let them tow me as much as possible! It was great to catch up and lunch afterwards was fun!

Then Andy and I visited a sick Doug. Although we all know I wasn’t there to give him a get well card…I was there to receive my PEANUT BUTTER M&Ms from when he visited Scott in Houston!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


They told me I wasn’t allowed them… sent me pictures of them… sent me pictures of them eating them… still telling me I can’t have any… and THEN I get a nice surprise saying Doug brought some back!!!!!! Best sweets EVER!! To alter the words of Callum slightly: “I would do bad things for a slushie peanut butter m&ms”…

Questions for you:

How was your weekend?

Has the weather been bad with you?

Weekend workouts?

Favourite sweet?

The aerobar position is tougher than Babysitting

This weekend was soooo chilled I loved it! I was really lame and was asleep by 10pm each night!

On Friday, after Thursday’s fitting at Holburn Cycles, I set up my borrowed TT bike (thanks again Phil!) on the turbo trainer (ALL BY MYSELF!! YAY!), set up netflix and popped on the bike.

I watched the Blackfish documentary on Seaworld….very sad how they treated the killer whales. I am sure they have helped massively in the conservation of smaller animals, but I think the larger mammals have not/do not have good experiences there. I wrote my dissertation on the justification of animal conservation in zoos, you see, so I am quite passionate about this subject (how I got away with that in a law degree was very difficult I can assure you, but I needed something mentally stimulating in order for me to write 10,000+ words on it!). Anyway, I digress…

Boy did I struggle with the positioning!! Steve at HC did warm me I would get a sore neck the 1st few times, and my legs wouldn’t feel as “free” to spin, but everything just felt off.


(the bike)


(me on the turbo. struggling.)

I texted the cycle boys and they all told me to man up, but about 30mins later I called it quits. It just wasn’t fun! I’ll do short and often, and build up on it until it feels more natural.

I was goosed after that hard week of training, so while I showered and put on comfy cosy pjs looking like this…


…I made Kylie Babez brave the icy winds to go to the shop solo for dinner looking like this:


(yes, they are my Ugg boots. but it was dark and it was cold)

Aren’t we a cute couple!? *cue tumbleweeds* 😉

On Saturday, Kyle had a race back in Forres (10k trail race where he finished 2nd!), and I intended on doing a long cycle and then a wee run up Hill of Fayre. The cycle was cut short when Keith saw a bunch of black ice about 2 miles in, so we took our time and I got in 25 miles. Then a quick change and I drove to Hill of Fayre for what I think is THE coldest run of my life! I couldn’t feel my feet until mile 4 – and I only did 5 miles! I could barely move my fingers to take photos (but I did! cause it was pretty!)

10888139_10155142096625644_389779303_n 10872683_10155142096660644_1683734823_n  10934605_10155142096715644_1169697770_n


Not being able to feel my limbs meant the hills didn’t seem that hard! Although it is the first run in a long time where I stopped to contemplate why I was bothering with any of this, considering I was tired, sore and freezing. But I promised myself the views at the top would be worth it!

A looonnnnnggggggg shower at Mum’s house later and homemade soup was waiting for me, along with some yummy treats that she either made that week, or that was still left over from Christmas (how she STILL has leftovers I have no idea. Ours were gone in the 1st week, but who am I to complain?)


We went to Costco in the afternoon, and bought 30xSnickers bars (as well as loads of other things of course!) and sent a pic straight away to coach Noodles!


(he force-fed me these on long cycles. I didnt even like them before cycling!)

At night, I met Kyle at Andy’s house with a curry as we had babysitting duties to attend to!

We had a fashion show, watched a couple movies and even changed our 1st nappy!





10937356_10155142096485644_1221235228_n 10934167_10155142096525644_14267938_n

We had Princess Ana, Rapunzel, the Little Mermaid, a Hello Kitty princess, and a star from Amber, and Drew – well he insisted on remaining a Triceratops for the evening.

Questions for you:

What did you get up to at the weekend?

Any funny babysitting experiences?

Coldest ever run?

Back in the Training Mentality

For a while over Christmas I was getting the training done, but almost as a tick box exercise.

“Let’s run x miles so I can have that glass bottle of mulled wine later.”

“Let’s go for a x km swim as a hangover cure after drinking said glass bottle of wine.”

Lumphanan didn’t feel great, but that race – along with watching Unbroken with with McDoogz and Kylie – definitely made me excited for the year ahead! I have already stated my goals for this year, but I also want to enjoy the process!

I want to enjoy the adrenaline rush after being in the pain cave aka turbo for a few hours.

I want to enjoy the sicktomystomach feeling on the last rep of an interval sesh.

I want to enjoy “the wall” during the last couple miles of a long tempo run.

I want to enjoy the “I’ve done all I can” feeling when I get to the start line.

(Of course appreciating that work comes first!)

This week I was a lot more stimulated to “train” as opposed to “work out” than previous weeks. Last week I was ill so despite being mentally motivated, I lacked physical mojo. As of Monday I was back on the wagon!



My week so far:


am swim: 5.2km, including 12×50 kick with fins on 45secs (oh, the burn!) AND 24×100 pull on 1.40 (dec 1-4)x6!

pm: ran 7 easy

also pm: I got some really good news 🙂


pm: (run) 1 mile WU, (60secs @ 5k pace/60secs recovery)x8 straight on to 4x6mins @ 10k pace (It might as well have been 4x1mile considering I was only .01/.02 miles over each time!) w 2mins recovery/1.5 mile CD and then sauna with Kylie babez….ouch my legs were so sore eating dinner afterwards I felt so fidgety!


am: 4.6km swim, including 30×100 pull on 1.40 max (I could barely type at my desk the rest of the day!)

pm: 1hr turbo, including “Russian sprints” (I think they call it?) ie 15on/45recov, 30on/30recov, 45on/15recov, 60on/60recov then back down the pyramid – I did that twice then had to call it a day and spinned my legs until I got to an hour!


am: 2.5 run easy to work

pm: 10 mile tempo run in the Hazlehead Hurricane! Winds were mental!!! 45mph gusts in all directions when I was running! Along with running on the undulating trails I’ll take a 6.55 average!




am: 5.1km swim, including 12×200 pull on 3.10 relatively easy

I plan on playing on the turbo after work then Saturday a long cycle/short run and long run Sunday!

So a lot of training (impressed with swimming 15km over 3 90min sessions!)


I went to Steven at Holburn Cycles straight after work yesterday to fit a bike I’m borrowing (Phil you are amazing!), thinking “cool if I can get there for 6 I can be home half an hour later to prepare dinner for the guys”. I don’t know why I even thought that! Steve is super nice and time flies by in his shop so I was there for over an hour!! And yes, I was late for MY OWN DINNER PARTY (Kyle got extra bf points for entertaining – redeeming himself from when I was ill!)! He just chatted from everything from single leg drills (good; relevant) to plyometric training (again, relevant) to weddings (not so relevant) to flights to the Phillipenes (not relevant) to chamoix cream (back to being relevant again – thanks for the samples!!!) Steven, next time we agree to meet remind me I am not to plan anything else for the rest of the night, m’kay??!

Freyja, her bf Atki and her bro Chris were at the flat when I got back and for dins we had bbq pulled chicken burgers with sweet potato fries, and they brought THE BEST homemade brownies ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had them warmed up with ice cream and that definitely fueled me for this morning’s swim!!

…Although we watched Sabotage last night (lads choice) and I had horrible dreams all night of being a mass murderer. I kept waking up with such guilt. Lack of sleep means there’s a high chance I will crash and burn by 2pm.

Ok that’s enough from me for now. Have a great weekend…!


Questions for you:

Ever have an “off” couple of weeks training-wise? How do you re-focus?

Weekend plans?

Does anyone else get fidgety after a hard sesh?

Last Week’s Roundup

The week started off great! I met up with some of the fastest runners in Aberdeen for a long run around Fetteresso…we told Myles and Fiona it was only going to be around 90 mins to try and persuade them to come (Myles’ is a superb 3k runner and Fiona barely sees double digit runs! Still, they are unbelievably fast so we knew they could handle it…we did you a favour, guys!)

1800ft of elevation, and 1hr 58mins later, we finished our 16 miles! I’m so glad we remembered to bring some of Mum’s leftover birthday cake (Costco, why do you do this to us!? Leftovers isn’t usually in our vocabulary!)



(Kyle, McDoogz, Myles, Phil, Meeee, Fiona and Tom….only smiling because of the cake)

After that, Kyle and I headed to Monymusk to take advantage of a free lunch voucher he won at their half marathon – it was delicious (ESPECIALLY since they were still running their 3 course Christmas lunch that they allowed us to have!)

On our way home, we stopped by Castle Fraser for a wee walk as the sun was setting…it was gorgeous! The moon was huge and bright and the fog made the castle look mystical 🙂 Am I a nerd?!



10912897_10204660873774312_1701025528_n 10921887_10204660873734311_1911126120_n

(See – I told you it was mystical!)

The day was too much for Kylie Babez, who crashed and burned around 6pm…that allowed me to catch up with Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons though, so every cloud…!


Monday morning I recommenced swimming with COAST to kick start the week being back to work *sighs*, followed by some turbo work in the evening. Really working on those single leg drills…!

Tuesday, things started to go downhill…At lunch, I met Freyja for a running session (on grass – I wanted to work on running fast on grass for my race on Sunday). We did 2×1 mile in 6.18, 2×800 in 3.08 and 2×400 in 1.24 – not bad for the mud almost eating our shoes! My coccyx still hurt from my fall at Ribble Valley (I haven’t been running much because the impact is too painful), but grass certainly helped. Unfortunately, the entire afternoon I felt nauseous, and even had to stop on my way home from work because I thought I was going to be sick! Freyja you must’ve pushed me too hard trying to keep up with you!

The evening was a write-off, and I was up all night dry heaving (TMI?). So much so that usual zombieinthemorningKyle actually put his running stuff on at 5.30am to head to work (I don’t even think the 7th hour is his alarm, let alone 5!) – Sorry again!! I was hoping this would mean he would therefore finish earlier so that he could look after me in the afternoon. Nope – he had already planned on meeting his coach for a long lunch, then worked late and did his running session in preparation for Saturday’s big race 😦 as I’m sure you can imagine, he was not in the good books that day…!

If I wasn’t a contractor, I would probably have taken the rest of the week off, but I hate being off ill and always feel guilty so I just stayed in my office the rest of the week, manned up and got on with things!

By Friday, I was feeling much better and managed to run the 3.5 miles to the beach to watch the Metro Proms 3k race! I just wanted to be better for my race on Sunday (which ended up being cancelled – probably for the best) so racing would have only made me worse! I found out I suck at being race photographer:


10913678_10155106343315644_416295751_n 10933193_10155106343030644_1545110036_n 10913666_10155106342985644_1816899949_n 10872575_10155106342670644_1986305202_n

Myles won the dudes’ race in 8.53, and Freyja took the girls’ win in 10.34 (of course this was solely due to our grass session on Tuesday!) – well done guys!!! Keith also did it (he’s really racking up the mileage now 😉 so I managed to get a lift back to the office with him!)

On Saturday, Kyle was down in Edinburgh for the Inter Districts (he didn’t do great but the weather was horrendous and he hated every second of it!) and I didn’t go because I thought I was racing the following day. Instead, my race was cancelled due to the blizzard conditions, and he had a lads weekend where he got so drunk he slept til 4pm the next day caught up with friends.

My weekend ended up being awesome! On Saturday, I went to Mum’s for brunch (whilst Keith serviced my bike in the garage!), then spin class/gossip with McDoogz and dinner/rubbish tv with Lucy. On Sunday, I went for a wee swim (feeling much better!) baked, caught up with housework and shopped (and chatted to Noodles on Skype for OVER 2 HOURS but let’s not go there!). I may have bought 3 new pairs of shoes in the sale….




 (My usual granola. Recipe here)


(Homemade nakd bars – delicious! And all you need is a food processor! Recipe here)


(Finally some brownies. I used my cherry cookie recipe, added another egg, and baked slightly longer!)

All those healthy recipes were wasted when Kyle finally arrived home on Sunday night and peer pressured me into ordering pizza with him….such a bad influence! 😉 I wasn’t even racing! Although I highly recommend their cinnamon pizza dessert….YUM!!!


WOW THAT WAS A LOT OFF MY CHEST!! I need to post more often!! Who knew I was such a chatterbox?! 😉


Hope you all had a great week and are feeling waayyyyyy better than I was!!

Questions for you:

What have you been up to this week?

Ever had a race cancelled due to tough conditions?