The Best Day of My Life

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I GET MARRIED TOMORROW!! #debandkyledowntheaisle

So I’m going to be out of action for the next couple of weeks because Kyle and I are getting hitched TOMORROW, and going straight to Bali afterwards (those of you who have read the news…pray for us!).

Meantime, here are some photos of the carnage I had at the best hen weekend ever! Maid of Honour Emma pulled it out the bag, along with the bridesmaids and parents for the Prosecco!

Boozy afternoon tea in a castle, Mr & Mrs Games, wedding dress designing, poetry competitions, vodquila pong (don’t try this at home, folks!), face masks, pizza in pjs trip…the list goes on! Thanks to my girls for coming (and for the RIDICULOUS videos of those who couldn’t make it….played on the entire living room wall thanks to Emma’s projector!) – I had an unforgettable time!

*Speedhub please don’t drop me…I promise to stop being an alcoholic and train when I get back 😉



Moores on Tour in Malaga

Ok ok so this was a while ago, and I have had my home henny since, BUT there is no WAY I can leave this off the blog!

I was told months ago that I was going on a surprise trip with Mum and Sisterister Emma, but I wasn’t to know where I was going (although it was given away twice, I only knew Spain!).

When I got to the airport, I still wouldn’t know probably to this day had an airport worker shouted at us in the queue to see if anyone going to Malaga would mind putting their luggage in hold!

Admittedly, I thought Malaga was a tacky place, but it turns out it is an amazingly cultured gorgeous city, surrounded by beaches and mountains, with the city centre containing stunning architecture and cathedrals. Malaga airport is just a gateway to the tacky Torremelinos or no-carbs-before-Marbs Marbella….I swear we never saw ONE English speaking person in Malaga itself the entire long weekend we were away! And I would go back in a heartbeat!

Anyway, Mum and Em hired us a villa UP A MOUNTAIN!! The taxi struggled to get us up! But the view was incredible!!! It was literally breathtaking (if you made the hike up there!). It had its own pool with views of both the mountains behind and the sea in front, and there were magnificent pine trees towering over us with….wait for it….PARROTS instead of our usual seagulls flying around us!!!

Basically, I got completely spoiled! We were drinking Tattinger pretty much the entire time, I was treated to the most beautiful spa I have ever been in (Moroccan inspired since it is just across the water!), had the most relaxed (and needed!) massage ever, and of course consumed the necessary sangria and paella in the process!

I also ran, which made it my dream trip!! A wee morning run (which KILLED me given the elevation and heat!) followed by amazing food, champage and spa treatments, and some shopping in the afternoon?! Yes please!

Oh oh and THEN when I came home Kyle proposed a SECOND time (there were ring issues and he had to choose another one)…we went on a run and he made me stop by the river near our house. I asked why (usually I am the one begging for a break!) and he went behind a bush and took out Prosecco and two glasses and MY NEW RING!!! I didn’t even realise he had left the house to plant them!


(I had been fixing my bike so had chipped nails and bike grease on my hands but WHO CARES I had a Malaga tan!)


Anyway, here is a photo dump that I pray captures just how much fun we had and how spoiled I was! I cannot thank you girls enough! Love you Moores on Tour gang! ❤


(approx 12 seconds after finding out where we were going!)


(how incredible is our view?! and yes they had tshirts made for us!)


(our pool – no training was done here…)


(yes ok we didnt stick to the culture the entire time but we needed to fuel up before hiking up the hill to our hoose! aaaand Emma wanted us to taste chicken fries)


(couldn’t not take a pic with these dudes)



(she comes in handy sometimes – this is the walk to the house!)


(we got lost…)


(Mum squeezed in a wee run when we got to flat land)


(Cheetos were also a necessity!)


(my sister under Cister)



(Dunkin Donuts and a massive frap tasted unreal on pier after my run from the mountain!)



(Eating was a serious ordeal)



(we had the BEST time!)





Crathes Half Marathon – Course Record and FINAL RACE AS A MOORE!

I was super excited for this one!


It was the final race as a single woman, and the last one you’ll see on the entry sheet as Moore. There was zero pressure because I don’t consider myself a true runner (BUT I secretly put a little bit on because a) I wanted a headline saying we were King and Queen of Crathes Castle, much like he and Fiona got in last year’s race!, and b) there were dolla dollas up for grabs and we are VERY poor right now!) and the last goal of my racing season was at the previous week’s Scottish Standard Tri Champs – which I won yippeeee!

The weekend was actually all about wedding, honeymoon and hen stuff ie CLEEEEAAAN the house for people staying, start packing for Bali because we wont have time nearer the big time (and we leave the following day!) and make sure we have everything sorted for the 30th September. BUT we love to do some form of activity every day so a local race fit in perfectly!

We woke up naturally around 7am (I say naturally, but Chewy tends to sit on our face at that time purring like a helicopter), grabbed coffee and started blitzing the place. Around 9am, we had our usual breakfast and another coffee, then at 11am we headed to Crathes.

We parked at the non-visitor side of the estate, on a country road near the race route. We jogged the 1km to registration (we were one of the last people to register – we knew there wasn’t much shelter and it was POURING!) and did a few strides, then changed into race gear.

Luckily, we only had to wait about 5 minutes until the race, so no time to get nervous (although myself AND Fraser got a bit antsy when we noticed Kyle still wasn’t at the front of the starters with the 2 minute to go call) and everyone seemed to be laughing at just how bad the rain was!

When the gun went off, Kyle was asking why I was still with him one minute in.

“Oh yeah, oops. I’ll say bye now. See you soon – have fun!”

…and then I backed off. Within the first kilometre (when we passed our car) I found myself in a group of maybe 5. There was a headwind so I tucked behind some tall guy from Dubai.

On the downhill I took the lead, but then I was left there until about 5km. I turned around to try and get some help in this constant headwind but no one overtook, so I then just chose to run my own race.

At the 1st significant hill, a couple guys pulled away. I reeled one back in but the other went off. Then I noticed 2 guys had fell off the back, so I was running in a group of 3.

We hit the 1st trail section which was SUPER MUDDY!!!!! My trainers got soaked immediately but I tried as best I could to avoid major puddles. When my watched flashed the 1st mile in that trail as a 6.11 I was a bit concerned I was trying too hard to avoid mud and that might catch up with me. It was a flat mile but so technical and slippy that I should have been about 10seconds slower.

The trail lasted about 2km and hitting solid road again was amazing! There were a few spectators and dog walkers out but I wasn’t expected any given the weather, so was sure to wave at them to say thanks for coming out!

I hit 10km in about 38.30 – 30 seconds faster than my time in the Great Aberdeen Run…oops! That’s an oops to the GAR by the way, because at this point I still felt pretty good!

A couple of miles later, the rain was just turning to spray and the sun was starting to come out, so that cheered me up and kept me on pace.

Then there was a pretty big hill where those 2 guys I was with managed to get a gap on me. Grrr. I tried (and managed) to catch up, but then there was a HUGE downhill where my little legs couldn’t match their long ones and 1 dude got away and finished about a minute ahead of me.

Onto the second trail I began to lag. I think pushing it on that downhill to try and not get dropped, along with that speedy trail mile earlier, made me a bit tired. I was lagging and could have used a gel (I decided against one that morning just because it was a cool day and didn’t think I’d need one…wrong again). I was dropped by the 2nd dude and so was in no man’s land for those final 5kms.

In my head I was thinking what the worst possible pace I could go before finishing would be. Then I realised even if I did 7 minute miles for the next 3 miles I would still get a sub1.25.

So then my mindset changed after my 11th mile was a 6.34. Hmm I could get a decent PB here (I know I should be a bit faster but I haven’t done a proper half in years and my last half was hilly Fraserburgh last year!). Ideally on a course with no trails, or mud, or hills, or wind, and with specific training and a taper, I feel I should be able to break 80 quite comfortably.

Then I realised mile 12 was up a never ending hill, where you could see the full mile in front of you. Pretty demoralising! I managed that one in 6.42 but it felt a lot worse than that. When that mile beeped, I knew the last km w05as downhill (again, back to where I parked!) so a couple more calculations later I though Fiona’s record from last year was on! I just had to run a 4minute km down to the finish.

I saw Kyle with 800m to go. He was on his cool down and did here 1st lady wasn’t too far away.

“What the hell are you doing here? That course was mental!”

“Sorry, can’t talk – think I might break Fi’s record”

“Sprint then!!”

“This is me sprinting!”

…and off I waddled to cross the line in 1.22.27 and a new CR.

Kyle was 6 minutes faster than anyone else, going 1.11 – just a couple seconds shy of Robbie’s record (if only he’d known what it was !) – so he was elated too! It gave him the confidence he needed for the Loch Ness marathon on Sunday!

What was best was at presentation when Fraser announced that the race of the day was not Kyle’s, but mine! *cue evil laugh here!*


He then announced that it was an even more significant race for us given we were getting married 2 weeks later! The entire crowd just went “awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwh” so we laughed a lot at that!


What made it even better was that Carolyn was there and SMASHED her PB!! She started running in January (only 3kms) and managed a 2.06 on THAT course! She is such an inspiration to working mothers out there who let exercise take a back seat for a while.


Afterwards, Mum and Keith came over to help us sort the house out (any excuse for an Alford Tandoori 😉 !) and we had a lovely Sunday catching up on life and wedding admin!


…Then I was headed to Paris the following day for meetings so no rest for the wicked! There were far more croissants and wine consumed so here’s hoping the dress fits ONE WEEK TODAY!!!!!!!!!!




Kippy comes to Sauchen

Last weekend was so much fun!

So on Saturday, my Mum & Emma headed for a spa day in Nairn. We actually passed our wedding venue en route so made sure to go in and have another look, ask some questions and try to get organised! It was their first time visiting and they loved it, so I have a good feeling about this..!

We had afternoon tea with Prosecco (of course!), then a facial and a manicure (they had massages too). It was EXACTLY what I needed! I actually squeezed in an easy 16 miler at 6am before getting picked up, so the relaxation felt well earned!



(The hot tub outside was LUUUSH! No pic of the cakes. They were demolished pretty quickly.)

It was entirely a girly day. We dropped Kyle off with Kenny Wilson (who just went 14.45 for a 5k! Yes, that is 4.44 per mile…) for a killer run session, then he played at his Mum & Dad’s house until we were done, since we were up there anyway. Our road trip activity included this being sent to Kenny prior to said tough session:


Ok on to the next day, no big deal but WILSON KIPSANG WAS IN ABERDEEN!!!!! In fact, he was even closer to us and in SAUCHEN!! Yes a former world record holder and multiple marathon major champ was in the area and Myles was kind enough to invite us to dinner to meet him, along with DAVE MOORCROFT AND GIDEON GATHIMBA (yes all world record holders. great experience).


(Big Time meet the real Big Time)

Yes so as they were holding a Q&A session at Kyle’s workplace, it was only right he went to join in! And I met Sluggy for a run session and bike (normally done the other way round but our next race has a run/bike/run so we need to practice cycling on tired legs!).

We managed 8x1mile w 60s recovery, averaging about 6.05, then a 2hour cycle on a super potholey road (my butt hurt….).

OH AND THEN I forced him out for a(nother) brick run…10minutes. I smashed straight into a bollard outside his flat!!!! It swoll up pretty bad. What a doughball…


Then Kyle came and took us out for coffee and cake! Where JK was beginning to struggle after our tough training day…


(disclaimer: not his actual appearance)

No pics of dinner because I was too in awe at who was walking around in trackies and bare feet while I ate the best lasagne of my life (sorry Mum!) at Myles’ house!

Let’s hope he smashed Tokyo marathon this weekend! 🙂

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly…then back to the Good!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

Despite the weather, we were pretty outdoorsy!


Saturday morning I was like a spring chicken so I’m glad I just chilled on Friday! We decided with all our extra energy we would do 2 races for bants! The 1st: Hazlehead Park Run. Wowzers there were a lot of puddles!!!! I am such a sissy girl when it comes to puddles normally but in this case I was a total fairy!! Cue arms flapping all over the place and girly screams whenever my foot gets wet for 20 whole minutes. I think Kyle was embarrassed running with me (my race pace is his warm up pace, and with his niggling Achilles he didn’t want to push both races!) but at least I had someone to talk to (although my extraordinarily heavy breathing did get in the way!)

Also, despite waking up in plenty time to do a sufficient warm up, we are total faffers, so my time of 20.22 had to be my warm up for the 2nd race! My 2nd worst time ever in a 5km but, with the conditions and hills, I’ll take it! Plus, I was too busy yapping to NEWLY-ENGAGED speedster Stuart Milne (overall winner) in the 1st half mile about the engagement holiday to really race! 1st place female so I’ll take it.


Then it was on to Tyrebagger for a charity Children In Need race! An hour after our 5km, we had 8km on what I was told would be “a slightly undulating route, not too dissimilar from Hazlehead Park Run”.

I had never been to Tyrebagger before, and whenever Kyle and I come across a hill together he sees it as a speed bump when I see it as Everest, so no one warned me how HILLY this race would be!! Holy moly!!

When at my fittest, I am not too shabby on the uphills, but I cannot run downhill to save my life! Guys were bounding past me at every steep downhill and I had to work to catch up and get them again on the uphills! Kyle ended up winning and I was 2nd female so good team effort from us!

We thought we were hardcore running twice but Callum was BEASTING his Saturday by doing the Aberdeen Park Run, then cycling to Tyrebagger (7ish miles?), coming 3rd overall in the hill race, to then cycle home!! All this 1 day before Fraserburgh Half Mara yesterday where he beasted that too – 83 mins in awful conditions!! Well done dude!


Let’s bear in mind I do not do trail races. I am a city girl (if we include Aberdeen as a city) and hate peeing outside, cleaning myself in rivers, being stung by nettles, being bitten by beasties…you get the jist. Add a race to this mix – think rocks, puddles, mud (LOTS of it), plants and trees in the way, slippery bridges etc – and I finished the run not the happiest of bunnies!

In road races my preference, upon finishing a race, is sitting on an actual seat. One can then select a beverage and snack of one’s choice from an array of treats being handed out by friendly volunteers out of tents and stalls. One can use an actual working toilet. One can rest and recover indoors with heating and warm showers.

In the outdoors, I forget this. I finished the race. I then proceeding to sit in faeces. Yep, straight in there. I didn’t even think. Remember above, when I said I was a sissy girl, yeah that happened again. Lots of screaming; attention-drawing, damsel in distress type screaming. Kyle and Callum were in stitches for the duration of our cool down…!

I tried to get Kyle to take a pic (for all the non-squeamish readers) but he was laughing too hard that he completely missed! Proof:


(never did I think it would be difficult to miss my butt!)

What a mess. Literally.


After an afternoon of more Walking Dead and pjs, we had a wedding to go to! One of Kyle’s admin girls was getting married at Aberdeen Uni and we were invited to the after party! She was gorgeous! It was so much fun, and we even won a bottle of Champagne for winning Blackjack at the “Casino”!

It was an awesome night! Slightly too much wine, as made evident on my long run the following morning, but hey ho that’s for another time!


(we scrubbed up well!)


(out of his sweet stash, Kyle gave me these. How romantic….excuse the stovies stain)


(the wee ones were playing the piano for me so I was cornered by myself for quite some time)


(…but that didn’t matter because I went on to win some Champers!!)



Questions for you:

Anyone race this weekend?

Did anyone watch Children in Need?

Ever won anything at someone else’s wedding?!