A little lost

Ok ok so I know I promised Kyle’s Loch Ness marathon recap a LONG time ago, but for those of you who know the Babez, he isn’t the best at timekeeping, reading, writing, prioritising, despite being chased up *hint hint, Kylie!*.

Meanwhile. he sends his apologies but to make it up to you I will tell you that news that I had mentioned previously.

I have not been selected as a member of the Scottish Squad this year.

Yep. You read that right. Your Scottish Champ is not on the Scottish team. Interestingly, no female Scottish champion from this year’s races (there is also the Aquathlon, Sprint, Duathlon, etc) is on the squad. Weird, huh?

I have been told a few reasons, but I have heard quite a few things, from a lack of swim potential, lack of cycling skills, lack of run potential, lack of transition skills, lack of decision making skills (isn’t that the entire triathlon race??). Way to kick me when I’m down.

Lack of swim potential: I used to be on their national team. I competed at international level and was aiming for Commonwealth Games 2006

Lack of cycling skills: I had a horrible crash just last year, that I am still improving from. Since then, I have come on leaps and bounds and am constantly improving

Lack of run potential: I haven’t been running for long, and I have never done track, but I have broken 3 hours in a marathon and won a few local races. Surely more work on speed would make me a lot quicker.

Lack of transition skills: Fair enough. But had I known that was a factor, I would have practiced a helluva lot more, and entered more races to practise under pressure

Lack of decision making skills: At the British champs, I had a horrendous swim. However, watching ITU races, those that have a weaker swim but are awesome cyclists work together and usually catch at least the chase pack. There weren’t strong cyclists in the 2nd chase pack and I did 99% of the work myself, therefore losing time on the chase pack and having to run past as many people as possible to even get a top 20.

However, at the ITU qualifier, I didn’t want anyone drafting me on the bike saving themselves for the run, so I would smash the swim and lead the whole thing. Little did I know, the decision for the squads was made pretty much on Liverpool alone (these were the only draft legal races I did), and so doing the race on my own meant that I had had zero draft racing practice beforehand. So the British was my first drafting race, and surely I can only get better with practice?

Anyway, I made myself very clear to Triathlon Scotland in a novel letter to them, and the CEO came up to meet with me. The whole thing is a joke and instead of encouraging me to keep working on my weaknesses, but that the sporting body was still behind me, I now feel like a massive loser who would have had a lot more confidence had I not been on any team in the first place. The London Olympics theme was “inspiring a generation” but leaving athletes feeling useless, disheartened, and telling them they lack potential (despite what I have achieved so far), is not a team I wish to be a part of.

To be honest, I’m not missing out on too much. Any training holidays I can do with KB (any swimmers out there who want to keep me company for that element?), meaning he wont be left with more holidays at the end of the year than me 😉 , and I can have proper training weekends, without the waiting about and travel time when I was going down to Stirling a lot. Not to mention the petrol money I’ll save 🙂

I’m sorry if this sounds like I am too big for my boots, but this whole drama has left me angry that I got involved in it at all. Yes, it would be amazing to still qualify for the Commonwealth Games 2018, but at least now I can do some of the races I wouldn’t have been allowed to do on the program, and have a bit more fun with it.

My team up here is amazing: for swimming, I have COAST that are ridiculously fast (faster than when I could properly swim) and keep me young (the majority are teenagers), coach Gregor (who I shared a lane with for 26 hours per week when we were swimmers, so knows exactly what works for me) and Patrick Miley (my friend Hannah‘s dad/coach combo) has just joined as performance coach to being a new eye to it. For cycling, I enjoyed going out with Torphins Typhoons over summer (they have a couple national champs up their sleeves to give me guidance!) and like to annoy them with my questions, so I shall be keeping that up. And for running, well I can’t seem to get rid of Kyle, so I guess I should utilise him! He has done all distances and is phenomenal at them all. For gym work I have a friendly open invitation from the guys at the Institute of Sport – they really looked after me as a swimmer and I still keep in touch with them. Now I just need to find the time to squeeze that in around a full time job and a 50 mile daily commute! Speaking of work, they are amazing too! So supportive and encouraging 🙂  Oo oo and I can’t forget Scott – we still annoy each other almost daily, but I do really appreciate his help.

So basically, in summary, I have felt unwanted and just lost in general recently. BUT that is natural after a tough season and having no serious races planned. The goals for now are to stay healthy over winter (although an ankle niggle is not helping this right now), get some running PBs, and then smash some triathlons in the summer. The distance of said triathlons are not decided yet, but as long as I still love the sport (and the sport loves me) then it will all be ok… *insert cliff hanger music here* 😉


My birthday week, riding outside & another trip to Stirling

On Sunday I turn the big 2-8!! So naturally, I shall be celebrating all week to mark this (lack of) milestone!

Unfortunately, when you and your partner are big runNerds, since my birthday falls on the same day as Run Garioch, I had no choice but to enter (Kyle was in for the half marathon already). Convo went a little like this:

“Since my b-day falls on a weekend again, fancy going away?”

“Babez….Run Garioch is on.”

“Uh huh?”

“Prize money, babez”

“I have no choice, do I?”


“Fine, I’ll enter the 5k…”

And there you have it. Although we do go to Thailand soon so I’ll happily wait until then to celebrate!

Last year, we went to Lake of Menteith and watched the solar eclipse, which kinda stole my thunder, by falling on the 20th too.


Stunning place!

So yeah…this year is Garioch and Kyle would like to win in a PB (after the RIDICULOUS speedy sessions he’s been doing, he is going to do uh-mazing in London and deserves a PB at Garioch!) but isn’t tapering, and I have a pretty mental training week and I hear the new 5k course is super hilly, but it would be nice to win also 🙂

The abovementioned mental training week so far has included my FIRST EVER COMMUTE to and from work from Alford! I went the safest roads so added on a bit, but it made for a near 90km hilly cycle for the day!



The weather could have been better, but it was a far cry from last weekend when Oatey and I were planning a cycle up Cairn O’Mount:


(2.5 hours on the turbo that morning sucked!)

Last week I was also in Stirling again for more Girls for Gold Coast training. We did another time trial around the loch. Last time I did it in 8.39 (although forgot my inhaler and it was freeezing!!) which is about 5.50/mile (not bad in ice and a muddy path, but then again it was only 1.5 miles!) but this time I managed an 8.19, so a pretty decent improvement! Strava evidence here. I believe the record is 7.45 by a pro triathlete, so I have a lonnngggg way to go!

This was also after a time trial in the pool, where I have improved since last time but really need to work on my arm strength! It’s all about learning and improving, though!

After the run, I asked if I could run back to our hostel as our cool down, as it was a stunning evening! The rest of the guys were dead so drove back, which allowed me to just act like a tourist and explore!



Such a pretty place!

Oo oo ALSO, Freyja was top Brit at the test event in Rio at the weekend!! I was tracking her during any off time I had in Stirling like the total stalker I am, and was so proud to find out her final result! Considering she dislocated her shoulder at Christmas so wasn’t been able to swim/shoot/run/ride/fence (oh wait, that’s them all?), she has done awesome!!!

To those of you who did D33 at the weekend, massive kudos to you! The times were really fast and it seems like such a mentally brutal course up and down that railway line, so I admire everyone who finished!!


Who has races coming up?

Where is your favourite place in Scotland?

Ever raced on your birthday??



Triathlon Scotland Camp – Aguilas

Take me back to Spain! I can’t believe there is snow here 😦 😦 😦


What a great, motivating, inspiring, challenging and educational 10 days I had with the Scottish team in Aguilas. I don’t even know where to start with all I learned (a big one being that the bin liners over there smell like parma violets.)!

In summary, the weather was super windy and not too hot (average was maybe 16C) but from a training perspective, that was as hot as I’d like. I also really liked the fact it was a dry heat so I didn’t sweat nearly as much as over here! I was happy with how my swimming and cycling came on 🙂

I swam pretty much every day, to my 2-3 times per week back home, which I believe made a MASSIVE difference. For you non-swimmers out there, you can lose the “feel” for the water in a day, requiring a lot of warming up at the next session. It’s a funny sensation when you haven’t swam in a while – it is like slipping through the water as opposed to pulling your body through it. Anyway, in my head I make sense and I left feeling a lot stronger and fitter in the pool!


I am ashamed to admit I haven’t done any real sessions outside on the bike (turbo, yes, but not out on the open roads). My favourite session of the whole camp was a near 40 mile cycle that consisted of 90s max/60s max/30s max, (where the person at the back has to move through the cyclists in front of them and attack to stay in front) with 60s recovery, then a 10 minute individual TT effort. Then REPEAT that 3 times!! I loved how good it hurt! In the first section, you were really pushing the people around you, then on the individual part it was you against the clock. I was lucky in that I went last each time, having to try and catch up with the guys in front. It made it super challenging and tough, but a goal I managed to achieve about 9 minutes into the effort! The session also included a long 8% climb to warm up, but that should have been a breeze, apparently! All in all I surprised myself with the speed I had on the road.


In contrast to this, my bike actually needs the most work (we kinda already know this from last year’s attempts at learning to drink/eat/not fall off or get hit by a car etc). We worked quite a lot in empty car parks, working on cornering and other essential skills, and I am a complete novice! I was by far the worst, but I took so much away from this and I will work my butt off until I master dem skillzzz.

It also didn’t help that in one car park session, Julie took a corner too hard and fell off, knocking 2 teeth out and having really bad road rash (look away now if you’re squeemish)…


(And yes I cried. After realising she was ok, and Julie laughing at the fact she had no teeth, I was a blubbering mess because any sort of fall or crash on the bike terrifies me these days. So she ended up laughing at me!)

On the swimming side, we only had use of a 25m pool (and the sea!), but it did the job! I think it actually built my confidence because I could focus on my technique without getting too tired, considering a wall was always going to be close to have a rest on 😉 My favourite set in the pool was 5×300 on 4.30, where my average was approx 3.52. Nowhere near as good as the top guys, but not the worst either!

That same day, we had a run session which was a controlled paced 6x800m along the beach. Working as a team really helps to push you on. Had I done it solo I don’t think I would have achieved the times I did.


With all the above sessions, we had Nikki there to take our lactates! Even in my previous life as a swimmer, I had never had this much testing, so having the results collated will be very interesting! At the time when I was getting glimpses of my lactate, it was on the low side which I was surprised with. For example, after my 2nd 10 minute TT on that bike session, I was told I wasn’t working hard enough! We also had to pee in a pot every morning for her to check our hydration levels; the glamourous side to sport!


On the last day, the coaches held “Mini Races” – we had a power point presentation the night before on race details; it was taken very seriously! So much so, that we went back to our villa post-presentation actually pretty nervous!

The day consisted of 3xraces of 300m swim/12km bike/2.5km run (the 1st race was only 1km run). The boys did a run session in the am so were exempt from the 1st race and run part of the races. So it was just the girls!

When we got to the beach that morning, the waves were MENTAL. Like I’m talking metres high! In our heads there was no way we would be allowed to swim in that, nor did we want to. But the coaches said we were to go in, so we listened and did as we were told. We didn’t do the full 300m but we did do some out and back stuff to get used to swimming in tough conditions (the waves were worse than Kalmar, and that’s saying something!).


(Let’s just say we weren’t exactly sprinting into the sea in excitement…)

Unfortunately, on the 2nd race, I got pulled under – despite my incredibly buoyant Aqua Sphere wetsuit! – (it was really scary actually – I was under for quite a while and it’s the 1st time I have ever worried about drowning), and hit my foot badly off a rock. I thought it was fine until we got out and the ice pack of the sea wore off and it started to pulse and swell. So that was a DNF for me.

I put some ice on it and elevated it, and there were a couple of hours to kill before the final race, so I thought I would be able to cycle with a bruised foot, so I took some painkiller, worked on more car park skills, then was ready for the 3rd race (which omitted the swim for obvious reasons after my foot incident). It was a handicapped start, so Sophia went off first, then Julie and I, then the boys after us (there were only 3 girls on camp). I was the freshest girl after my DNF (and no that was not intentional!) so the plan was for me to try hard to drop the girls and then when the guys flew past (literally, it seemed) I would grab one of their wheels. The front pack were faaaar to quick, but Cameron was a little behind, so I worked with him in the 12km effort – which was super tough in the wind! – and managed to average about 35kph, then it was a solo 2.5km run for me to finish. Bex was next to me on her bike pushing me out of my comfort zone which meant I had nowhere to hide so really worked hard! It was the first time I had worked on a strategy in a race situation where you can draft, so I will definitely be taking a lot away from that.


(“Race” venue – taken on a much calmer day)

When we weren’t training, we did (A LOT) of food shopping, cooking, recovering in our pool aka ice bath, and exploring! It is such a beautiful place and with the smooth road surfaces, endless trails and tough climbs, it is a triathlete’s paradise! Apart from the waves. The waves not so much.

A photo dump for you:


(Taking up the train with my suitcase, bike box and backpack)



(Arriving at the villa and building our bikes)


(Valentine’s day long ride up “Bertha”)


(Foam rolling, stretching and ice bathing post-long ride!)


(chilling with some OJ (no cervezas on this adventure) in Aguilas with my roomies)


(Car pool karaoke – one of the best things on Youtube! Watched while wee Sophia had homework to do!)


(I had the fear before getting into the sea!)


(So after a trail run trying to keep up with the boys, bushes were flinged back at me…ouch they were prickly!)


(The boys doing their track session in the sun #tapsaff)


(Pasta salad for lunch, followed by junk food for dessert. Oops)


(Saying RIP to my mouldy water bottles…)


(The girls hid my pop tarts…found hours later amongst the lights. Not cool.)


(Julie was self conscious putting all this cream on her face to help the road rash post-crash, so we did it too!)


(Look what I found in my case! He’s a keeper)


(I’m allowed to post mushy stuff  from Kylie Babez around Valentine’s, right?)


(The Cheetos addict didn’t buy one bag while she was away! She bought 4)


(My ride – yes, they let me drive on the wrong side of the road! – and view from our villas)


(A reminder we had to stick on our walls)


(For once they got my name right! I wasn’t “Davi”, or “Daddy”, but Cameron was slightly off!)


(Riding at sunset)

I had the best time and really hope I can get the chance to go away with them again! Thanks to all the coaches and staff that were there supporting us, and to my roomies Julie and Sophia who attempted to teach me how to be cool (they are both still teenagers) ie Instagram is the new Facebook, and rolling down the windows singing at the top of your voice while driving is a definite no-no.

*Note: A lot of these photos courtesy of Andrew’s constant picture taking and hashtagging on Instagram !) *

Spain here I come!

Thanks for all the support from my previous post!



So I was down for Girls for Gold Coast training again at the weekend. Working a lot of skills (my nemesis) so hopefully keep practicing and it should all click, HOPEFULLY, together. I do have some nasty bruises from attempting to do a “flying mount” on the bike!

If you want a laugh, Triathlon Scotland video’d us to be part of the Gregathlon challenge (5 triathlons in 5 days) support crew! Video here!


We also attended a sports psychology talk – I haven’t had one of those since swimming days. I found it really beneficial; others aren’t too convinced.

Kyle, for example, after I told him all about it and showed him my notes, responded with:

“Why would you think? Just try and win the race. Simples.”

Those who know him can probably understand why he would say that…!

(Note one thing he said: “If you nail this Sh1t, you are NOT going to lose”! Interesting advice..!)

And when I got back from my weekend, what better way to spend QT with your other half, than the Peanuts movie in your new bed:


(Highly recommend!)

Said Quality Time is important, since I am JETTING OFF TO SPAIN THIS MORNING for a Triathlon Scotland camp 😀 I am one of only 3 girls going, along with some other internationals from other countries, so it should be challenging, motivating and fun!


(I love returning from a meeting to Callum’s advice)

I also emailed Mum since, being the last minute person I am, I wasn’t sure if I’d have enough time to get Euros or books. Mum, I have a law degree – I CAN read! How rude!


So my medical forms (and code of conduct! haven’t signed one of those in >10 years..!) have been signed so I am ready to go!


(I didn’t like filling this in 😦 nor did I enjoy renewing travel insurance last year having to include the lung damage…my premium rocketed – sorry Kyle!)

Although, I have looked up “massages in Aguilas” for while I am there, and this was what Google produced:


Wish me luck…!

In other news, how cool is this cake my friend Meriel baked for her friend?!



Ok have a good 10 days, everyone, and see you when I’m back!

How many creme eggs have you had this year?

Can anyone answer why creme eggs in miniature hero boxes taste different to real ones?

Any book recommendations?!

1st GFG Camp

It was 5.30am. I awoke to the sound of coffee beans grinding, then to a small tap of the door to see if I was awake. My mum then came through and sat on my bed, telling me it was time to get up. I sat up and now that the door was open I could instantly smell fresh coffee brewing all the way from downstairs. Staying with Mum is awesome!

I left after 6am for the drive down to Stirling. It was freeezing when I left (-3C) but I didn’t realise it would be -6C when I got there!


I arrived in plenty time. I took it easy going down the road, making sure to focus both on the roads and on hitting the perfect notes singing Frozen songs at the top of my lungs. (I’m maybe joking).

Then, it was a welcome meeting and time to hit the pool!


After some sprints and filming, we went back to the “classroom” to get some races in the diary, talk about the next few months, go over our training plans, and write our piece for the media on our how we got into triathlon, pre-race rituals, and future goals (this was tough!).

Strength and conditioning followed (haven’t done that since my swimming life!), then more theory!

It was then time for our meal to meet the 2 other girls in the squad (they train full time in Stirling, so they aren’t training with us on the weekends) at Pizza Express! I told them they had to order in Spanish to practice for our holiday training camp, and we all talked about everything under the sun, that wasn’t triathlon related at all!


We left absolutely stuffed (I was STARVING!!) and we waddled back to our hostel. The above pic was our view! We were next door to Stirling castle and the views were incredible!

On Sunday we had another swim, followed by trying to learn how to use rollers (I panicked and sucked the most!), then some hill sprints to finish!

It flew by but it was such a weekend that made me leave wanting to train more and more! The fire inside is pretty strong right now!


(where we trained! sprints in snow is hard!)

When I got back, I forced Kyle to help me try the rollers one last time before the weekend was finished…what a boring Sunday night for him but for me – once I had succeeded – you’d have thought I’d won the Olympics!

Link to my accomplishment here! Haha I have no shame.

Oh, before I forget. Diluting juice? The best way to hydrate, or something only infants should use?? Kyle thinks I am a baby for not drinking water unless it is flavoured, but all the girls from swimmer backgrounds at camp were exactly the same as me!

I wonder if there are studies on the relationship between good swimmers and Robinsons?

Anyway, hope you are all having an awesome 2016 so far!

Good News All Round!

Remember I mentioned that I was in Stirling on Sunday?

Well, following the last time I was down for training, they asked if I would join in on an Assessment day for their “Girls for Gold Coast” team; a squad with the main objective of going to the Commonwealth Games in 2018.

It consisted of a swim test (4x50m max on 60) and some buoy work in the pool, then a run test around the lake at Stirling University, as well as participating in some team builds, interviews, assessments, and watching presentations. I found out I can’t stand on one leg with my eyes closed. I think my time was 0.42seconds in that assessment.

I was happy with the swim – I had about the 3rd fastest average time for the 50s, and was with a couple of awesome swimmers! – and I won the run by a good margin (although I forgot my inhaler so was wheezing in the final few minutes!).

I managed the 1.5mile run in about 8 and a half mins, which I was happy with considering the ice and dog walkers. Oh, and swans in the way!

Anyhoo, yesterday I was asked to join the team! My response:


So this is exciting! A new journey to embark on!


…KYLE IS 30 ON SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!


He has annoyed me for like a third of his life, but each day he annoys me less so that’s progress 😉 Love you, Kylie Babez! ❤

Here’s to 30,000,000 more!!

To celebrate, we are off to Prague!! Remember Budapest last year? I hope it’s just as magical, if not more so!

What are you doing to make yourself feel festive?

Any winter holidays planned?

Favourite thing to do in winter?


Triathlon Scotland Saturday

So we have established that the shire gets some REALLY heavy snowfall!



(View from our bedroom window)

So Triathlon Scotland invited me down to train with their squad on Saturday. Originally, I was going to drive down alone on Saturday morning, train, meet my friend Robbie for lunch, then head back up the road for early afternoon.

Friday at 7pm, in a stress, Kyle says he is driving me down that evening, we are booking a travelodge, and that is that. 4 HOURS later (the roads were THAT bad!) we arrived in Stirling and fell asleep within 0.2 seconds in our travelodge room.

The head coach down there, Blair Cartmell, was actually in Kyle’s class at school (small world!) so Kyle texted him to ask if he could join in the run session. Good news all round! I had my road trip buddy and he got to do a hard session with super fast athletes (Callum I’m not saying we’re slow, we’re just not 14minute 5kers!)!

My alarm went off pretty early, and Kyle dropped me off at the pool (the hotel was 6 miles from the university where they are based, so he would be needing it later).

It was EXACTLY how I remember it! I used to train down there loads with the Scottish Swim team and used to get excited about their heated changing room floors (Northfield pool didn’t quite have that technology back then…) and massive timing board – I could never read the little wall clocks properly! In hindsight, I should have been excited getting in some hard training with the best swimmers in the country, but perhaps that’s why I didn’t make Commies in that sport? Moving on…

Their Foundation Squad was also training with the full timers, so they had a lane and were doing shorter stuff. I was put in a lane with the likes of Marc Austin and Grant Sheldon, not to mention Noodles’ arch rival and Blair’s brother, Fraser Cartmell. Needless to say, my twice per week training in the pool did little for my form, and it was fair to say I got my butt kicked.

Note to self: don’t say you’re going to take the rest of the year easy after the mental summer you faced, do little training, then accept an invite to train with some of the best in the world. You will just embarrass yourself.

It was a longer set of 4×400 and some band work. NEVER in all my training as a swimmer, have I used a band. I have seen then, I have seen people use them, but I NEVER thought I would be that hopeless with one around my ankles!

However, these were all lessons learned and I came out of the water having worked hard but know I can be so much better.

We had half an hour to shower and eat, then it was on to a run session. Kyle had arrived so I chatted at him for a while, then we got separated. The boys went with Blair, and the girls went with Bex, another performance coach who was so positive and really nice!

I had 2 girls running with me. Both had super long legs, not to mention making me feel really old being teenagers(!), but I tried to stay confident and redeem myself from my sub-par swim performance.

The session was 6x3minutes as 2@10k effort, 2@5k effort, 2@3k effort, and 90 secs recovery. It was pretty icy so I was being cautious, however I managed to lead the group until the final 2 reps, where I realised my 3k speed needs improving, and icy conditions affects my breathing a little more than usual! Still, I finished the session pretty pleased with my splits (< 5.50 pace) and every run since the lung issue, I seem to be getting stronger.

Speaking of my lung issue, I was urged to look up Kim Smith, a kiwi athlete training in the USA who also has pulmonary emboli (isms?), so I thought why not approach her for some advice (less than a year after her diagnosis and she went a 27min 5 mile Turkey Trot this weekend, so whatever she is doing  is working!). And she tweeted me back 🙂

Anyhoo, the boys had a tough session of 8min, 10min, 6min (also 90s recov) building to last minute max. He loved the competition and said that he went so much faster having Marc there to push him!


(stolen from Blair)

After our cool down, we did some foam rolling and stretching in the elite room (that has some UNBELIEVEABLE equipment! I would have taken photos but didn’t want to look like a tourist….) then Blair took us for coffee.

He probably only wanted a catch up with Kyle but I just bombarded him with a bazillion triathlon questions that K couldn’t get a word in edgeways! I learned so much and really hope to get down more often!

Back up the road, it wouldn’t be us if we didn’t stop for Krispy Kremes, before stopping in Dundee for lunch.


(don’t eat, smile and drive at the same time KB)

Only 2HOURS40 from Dundee back to Alford (snow sucks when you have to drive in it!), we chilled for a bit then did a quick recoverun with headtorches around a wee local trail.


(Rosy cheeks from the sleet!)

It was such a fun day (minus the logistical aspects) and it definitely increased my training mojo for the cold dark months to come!

Holiday Mode Begins!


I know Fraser felt my wrath about Alpine Bikes, but I’m glad he never mentioned them in yesterday’s article!

I’m off to Club La Santa on Monday!! It will be sooooooooo nice to get some winter sun! St. Moritz just isn’t cutting it at the moment…

Gordon has given me some pool sessions and Noodles has given me some cycles to do so I hope I have enough time to run/chill with Kylie Babez!! Let the tanning competition commence!

We fly from Edinburgh so, after my work’s Christmas dance at the beach ballroom on Sat (and perhaps gatecrashing the Metro running club’s night out afterwards!), we shall head down the road on Sunday morning (hopefully minus the sore heads!), hit the Christmas markets (I.AM.SO.EXCITED.FOR.THIS.), meet up with some friends for mulled cider (!!) and stay at my bestie Nicolle’s flat before flying the next day!

1935745_137294859698_5647084_n 1002770_10152986552435644_631249304_n 1098074_10151764387539699_1061076797_n

(I ❤ Nicolle….and James. I know it’s your flat too!)

LUCKILY for him, we have not had time this week to make each other our ugly Christmas jumpers, so they will not be making an appearance at Club La Santa (booo. hiss).

I hope I’ve packed enough stuff, but enough to fall within Ryanair’s cr4ppy limits…

Optimum Nutrition sent me lots of samples (thank you ON!) to try out, so we’ll be taking them with us to ensure we get the right nutrition!


(some of the samples….all the protein bars have mysteriously vanished though…)

I’m not sure how much posting I’ll be doing (I’m not great on the phone/ipad) but I’ll most certainly be snap happy!

Everyone wish Kyle GOOD LUCK for his big race tomorrow (!!!!!!) – that is mentioned in the last paragraph of the above article but the papers clearly love me more 😉

No falling this time though please, dear:


(clumsy Kylie fell down Snowdon during their international hill race….still came 9th though!!)

Questions for you:

Do you choose winter sun holidays, or do you like to get festive in the crisp cold nights instead?

Ever been on a training camp? How was it?