A Great Weekend without the Bonk this Time!


Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Mine was great!


After work, Kyle and I headed to 6o North (we go here all the time I would like commission please if you’re reading) and had this:


(it was the bomb.com)

BEER AND CHEESE SOUP!! In a bread bowl!

Just like when I had a clam chowder in a bread bowl in San Fran:

401116_10151138288190644_460392156_n (it was so cold that day!)

…Except it was BEER and CHEESE!

We also had the platter that we had last time and a few too many beers


(platter, soup and peach beer!)

We then thought it would be a great idea to do a pub crawl home. This happened:


(2 more rounds were to follow…) 


(We sent this to his MUM. #realathletesdrinktequila)


After getting in around 1am, I had a bike fitting at Holburn Cycles at 7.30am. Yep, you read that right. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am dedicated and committed to rocking triathlons and this Ironman, but I was not feeling this bike fitting. Especially since I had to act like I was on form and ready for a long training weekend ahead of me.

Plus THIS was the weather:


(soaking and windy)

And this was me after running there in the pouring rain and gale force winds:


(dedicated runner after 5 hours sleep)

I was told it would take an hour. I was there until 11. THREE AND A HALF HOURS. Actually, he was amazing! We spoke for ages about what we’ve both done sport-wise, he gave me LOADS of tips, and I was fitted in a way that should allow my running muscles to conserve energy in the cycle phase. He even gave me a temporary saddle to use until I am “ready” for my Adamo one:


(I love the colour!)

When I got home, I did a little run, met Lucy for Sushi, then spent the rest of the day chilling with Kyle (who had just come back from a 10k he had WON in his hungover state! Free lunch vouchers in Ballater woop woop!)


Sunday I woke up feeling fresh and ready for our 100k cycle again. I know my prep hadn’t been great since I was out on Friday, but I ate better than I normally would on a hangover, and I drank loads of water and went to bed early. The plan was 3 loops of a route mapped by Ian, then he, Andy and Doug would leave and I would do 2 more laps with Keith. Because it was laps, I was happy that if I were to bonk again I wouldn’t be too far from someone to come rescue me home, and also if they went out too fast I could hold back and just tick off each lap myself, hopefully with less chance of getting lost!

This was the route:

Capturesdf ( x 5! )

The last 2 we picked up a bit and finished 105km with an average pace of 27.2km/h


(I forgot to stop the Garmin when going upstairs…oops)

I’m happy I’m working on base cycling fitness and I was focussed on maintaining my new technique on the bike, so the speed didn’t matter too much to me. But boy do I need to work on drinking whilst cycling and nutrition. Bonking is a big deal people!


I was nothing like the state I was in last week, so the rest of the day included lunch at Fifi’s (have the waffles there immediately!) and a beautiful walk around the cliffs near Collieston!


(Fifi’s weekly quote: Be the rainbow in someone’d cloud!)


(Kyle’s red velvet cake)


(yes, we had cake after our waffles…must replenish those energy levels)


(how the sun hit the cliffs)


(Aberdeenshire can be stunning!)


(we even saw a deer come up from the beach!)10728935_10154766963805644_1302290354_n

(can you tell it was really windy?)

Questions for you:

How much training did you do this weekend?

Have you ever felt great racing/training on a hangover?

Favourite place(s) to walk?