Aberdeen Sports Awards Female Achiever of the Year Runner Up 2015

Oops I meant to have written all about this over the weekend but moving has been tough! It has taken up all of my time! Sorry, folks.

So on Thursday evening I was invited to the Aberdeen Sports Awards. Basically, this is a ceremony run by Sport Aberdeen to recognise those doing well in all sports around the area. Well I ended up being nominated, and then shortlisted for Female Achiever of the Year, due to my horrendous yet courageous summer!

It was held at the beach ballroom and I dragged took Kyle with me (he was really ill that morning and his usual attire is a 10 year old 5k race top and shorts. Dressing up isn’t his forte and he isn’t fond of these big flashy events). A nice excuse to wear some makeup after a fortnight of being ill, and put on a pretty dress. Uh oh…I just got lip gloss on the only dress I looked out for this event. Everything else is packed. Grrrrr work dress it is *cries*.


(the famous Beach Ballroom)

When we got there, I saw from the seating plan that we were at table number 1 (!) with one of my really good friends Robbie Renwick’s parents (he was up for the male version in my category after taking the GB team to a World Championship victory in the 4×200 freestyle relay In Kazan this year!), Ada and Peter. I hadn’t seen them in YEARS so we spent hours catching up! Rabster couldn’t make it as he is in a busy training block (he lives in Stirling now). It was so interesting to hear about all the Olympic/Commonwealth Games experiences from a parents’ perspective (in summary: EXPENSIVE!)!

Kyle and I felt a weeeeeeee bit out of place at our table. At our table was Robbie’s parents, Kenny Herriot (who made an exceptional speech near the end!), the winner of coach of the year, and the lifetime achievement award winner (who we found out is the father of one of our friends, Leroy, (lots of socialising went on at that table!), so we felt a bit out of our depth!


(table 1…Kenny Herriot in shot)

A video montage played of all the athletes (I was in it swim training at ASV the previous Friday morning), then when a few speeches were given, I was in one inspired mood! Some of the stories were incredible and really touched me!

Our award was considered one of the more prestigious, so it was announced second to last (preceding the lifetime achievement award). It was fun listening to all the nominations and being in a room ballroom filled with such talent and dedication! In fact, I think Noodles has won it previously, so he’s going to think I’m copying him!

Robbie’s category was called out first and he WON!! Runner up was Neil Fachie. Well done, boys!


(photos of Robbie as they summarised his awesome year)


(Peter and Ada collecting his award)

Next up…Female Achiever of the Year! And I was runner up! I don’t know where they got all the details from (they knew all about my swimmer background, and how I was hit by the car travelling to the Balmoral races, and even read out my Ironman splits (I cringed when I heard the marathon split read out to all those people, until I realised I had had zero training and prep, as well as being hit by a car a couple month beforehand.). I held back the tears and went up on stage to collect my award. I later found out Ada had forced a traffic jam at the photographer area because she had wanted to see me on stage! It was then time for some photos (hopefully they can be issued soon…some were in the paper, but I haven’t seen them all yet. I’ll post them when I do!), and back to the table to watch the final few minutes of the awards.



The winner in my category was superstar runner Rhona Auckland – she has had one phenomenal year so definitely deserves the win! I have never met her, and she didn’t make the awards because she is training in America just now, but I did meet her mum and she was lovely!

Oh, and one of my friends from swimming days, Audrey Cooper, won the Veteran Achiever of the Year!! She has faaaaar too many European/British records for her age group (60-64) to count, so instead I’ll just say well done!!


(Audrey with her award)

It was quite surreal to have even been invited to the awards. To think of myself as an inspiration is just crazy…I cried and felt like giving up after the crash, like anyone would do! Maybe the difference is that I didn’t give up, but it just shows what hard work, motivation and dreams can do!



(Kyle’s amazing photography skills…I missed the Renwicks! They are so nice! On a separate note, why is my head so big?)


(Facebook comment from healing hands Helen…I wouldn’t have done anything without her! X)

Oh, and just for comedic effect, Kyle attempted to film me going up on stage. We missed the background story (both our faults!), and there is a big gap where he puts the phone down to clap, but yeah. Here’s a video:

Thanks to everyone for all the support once again! ❤

An Exciting Announcement

I have some exciting and fun news….:


I’ve been nominated for “Female Achiever of the Year” at the Aberdeen Sports Awards!

I guess what I’ve done this summer is a cool achievement, but to be recognised for it is awesome! Thanks to all of you for sticking by me and motivating me through the bad times! I ❤ all my family and friends! xxx