Happy Valentines Day (to me!)

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Last year I was training in Aguilas with the Scottish team, and opened my suitcase to find some chocolates and a card snuck in there, so it is quite nice to think I’m spending my last v-day as a single gal with my fiance!

In other better news, I AM A SPONSORED ATHLETE!!! I am so super excited and proud to be representing Speed Hub this season.

See article here: https://www.tri247.com/triathlon-news/industry/speedhub-team-debbie-moore

…It even made tri247!

There are 4 of us (Craig is a pro who has won Outlaw twice!) and 2 younger upandcomers, and they seem great fun! So I’ll be looking out the model in me (cringe) for a photoshoot down near their base in Leicester over the next couple of weeks!

Speaking of their base, if anyone wants a retul bike fit, they come very highly recommended…. 😉




Sponsorship & an Elite Entry

I am THRILLED to announce that next season I shall continue to be sponsored by Planet X, and have a new sponsor in Aqua Sphere!!

Planet X have provided me with super fast, lightweight, “snazzy” bikes: a road bike and two (poor smashed to smithereens bike number 1) TT bikes. We have had our ups and our downs, but overall I have LOVED riding them and cannot WAIT to improve even more next year!




Aqua Sphere is a super exciting one!! They showed an interest after I won the swim at Ironman Sweden. After researching their brand some more (I am fussy with goggles and fast racing suits), I found out that, basically, they have STOLEN MICHAEL PHELPS‘ HEART!! He is now using their brand and is kicking butt!!



More on the above products later – I will be giving 100% honest opinions on their goodies – but in more news:

Kylie Babez and I have scored ELITE entries to the Ribble Valley 10km (North of England Champs) this Sunday. My biggest fear is how much Prague has had/Christmas will have an effect on us, but also the weather is meant to be horrendous 😦

BUT we did it last year and LOVED it! It is undulating with a great field, fantastic support, pretty views, and amazing organisation, and I highly recommend it if you want a PB!

I managed a 37.30 and Kyle a 30.46 there and we would both REALLY love to smash those times this weekend…fingers crossed and wish us luck 🙂

Then I’ll be down to some real hard work and heavy training because I of the Girls for Gold Coast Squad! Not only that, they were so impressed by my performance at the Assessment Day, that I was the only one from it to be invited to a warm weather camp with some superstar British triathletes in Feb!!

I hope everyone has an even better year than they had last year! As we saw at “Lennon Wall” in Prague:


(“May the best of your past be the worst of your future”)

Another Pretty Cool Birthday Present with A Pretty Cool Announcement!!

I would like to share with you all that…

…I am now a SPONSORED ATHLETE!!!!!!

Planet X are sponsoring me this season (don’t worry – they know I don’t know how to ride a bike!) and have sent me THIS:




(yes – it even encouraged me to hit the turbo!)

I found out the week I said I got some good news, and I have just been waiting quietly (I know, not like me!) until I got the bike and the go ahead to make the announcement! I’ll be going down soon to meet the team and get fitted but for now I have to LEARN HOW TO USE TRI BARS!!

It is soooo exciting because I have been training my butt off (no thanks to Noodles!) and it is great that it has been recognised! This blog has also contributed MASSIVELY so a big thanks to you guys for reading!!

A MASSIVE THANK YOU to the team at Planet X and I look forward to racing for you this season!