Happy 30th, Kylie Babez!

30 chocolate bars!
Matty Babez comes to play!
Charles Bridge
Incredible Astronomical Clock Tower
Even better at night!
Dancing House
Kyle interviewed after a drunken 5km WIN!
1st place!


At the Castle
Such a pretty town

Good News All Round!

Remember I mentioned that I was in Stirling on Sunday?

Well, following the last time I was down for training, they asked if I would join in on an Assessment day for their “Girls for Gold Coast” team; a squad with the main objective of going to the Commonwealth Games in 2018.

It consisted of a swim test (4x50m max on 60) and some buoy work in the pool, then a run test around the lake at Stirling University, as well as participating in some team builds, interviews, assessments, and watching presentations. I found out I can’t stand on one leg with my eyes closed. I think my time was 0.42seconds in that assessment.

I was happy with the swim – I had about the 3rd fastest average time for the 50s, and was with a couple of awesome swimmers! – and I won the run by a good margin (although I forgot my inhaler so was wheezing in the final few minutes!).

I managed the 1.5mile run in about 8 and a half mins, which I was happy with considering the ice and dog walkers. Oh, and swans in the way!

Anyhoo, yesterday I was asked to join the team! My response:


So this is exciting! A new journey to embark on!


…KYLE IS 30 ON SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!


He has annoyed me for like a third of his life, but each day he annoys me less so that’s progress 😉 Love you, Kylie Babez! ❤

Here’s to 30,000,000 more!!

To celebrate, we are off to Prague!! Remember Budapest last year? I hope it’s just as magical, if not more so!

What are you doing to make yourself feel festive?

Any winter holidays planned?

Favourite thing to do in winter?