A Comeback Session, Followed by Pizza to Ruin It!


So the dogwalking girl up Scolty didn’t ignore Stu (furthest right) after all, and he got the pic of our run on Sunday…it was beautiful!! (The run, not us!)

Everyone WISH HIM LUCK by the way!!! He is off to VALENCIA this weekend to run the marathon!!! I KNOW he will beat his best time but by how much I have no idea!!!

On a random note, is it too early for me to be getting excited by Christmas?!! Look what was on my juice yesterday:


(immediately upon noticing I started singing the “Holidays are comin’ ” song!)

It is a recovery week on the swimming front (thank goodness!), so it was perfect timing for me yesterday to try out my 1st proper running session after my injury.

The set was 8 x 1km with 45 secs cruise recovery AT MARATHON PACE.

I wasn’t nervous for this at all (I usually am because I am so bad at putting pressure on myself and psyching myself out. I perform much better if I am told the set 5 mins before it begins!) because there was no pressure on hitting certain times and it was all about getting my legs moving again!

I did it on the treadmill as usual (I know it’s better to take it outside but I don’t like running fast in bad weather and I like hitting numbers. I have no excuses on the treadmill!) Hooray for it to be over! I managed to do them all under 3.50 (last one 3.41) with the 45 secs @ 6.44 min pace. I really couldn’t complain with that as my 1st session back!


(this was including my 1 mile WU at the start @ 8 min pace)

Conveniently, I finished the same time Kyle finished his session on the stairclimber (he is still being sensible with his Achilles) and we were due to meet Emma at the flat to order pizza!

The order took forever, so we munched on these to start:


(mini pumpkins stuffed with cheese = AMAZING!! Dobbie’s had them on offer as it was after Halloween)

Then the pizza finally arrived:


We demolished 2xlarge pizzas (1/2 piri piri chicken, 1/2 the works, and another as 1/2 bbq chicken, 1/2 greek = 4 pizzas in one) while watching Tangled! And he won’t admit it but it was Kyle’s idea!

Popcorn, ice cream and chocolate followed so, all in all, totally ruined the running session! Meh, let’s say we were celebrating that I could run again!

If anyone is feeling demotivated with the dull weather, this article might help keep you going! 5 tips to keep you motivated! I know I struggle with number 5 when I am injured, but I need to keep telling myself I will come back to run another mile and, no matter how fast or slow it is, that still makes me a runner!

Questions for you:

How do you keep motivated when it’s the dull weather in between autumn and winter?

Any running sessions you have nailed this week?

Favourite pizza crust/topping?