Last Week’s Festive Roundup!

Last week was relatively quiet. I got ill on the Tuesday (I think it was going from a warm place to the freeeeeeeeezing reality of Aberdream!) I took a couple days off, felt sorry for myself, watched a couple of Christmas movies before a weekend of festive fun with a race added on at the end!

On Friday night, it was my work’s department’s meal and night out. Quite the opposite of our formal dance (well, the posh part of it involving dressing up and bringing partners!); it included lots of Prosecco, wine, vodka and last – but by no means least – haggis bombs (jagermeister and irn bru!), as well as karaoke in a gay bar.

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(I think you can tell by my general expression I was rather confused with life singing karaoke in a gay bar that night…)

On Saturday morning I woke up fresh as a daisy, went for a wee run, then had a lovely festive lunch with “genuine mulled wine” (no idea the difference between fake and genuine?) with Kyle’s parents and Andy.

Then we were ready to watch Emma star in the Sleeping Beauty pantomime (go and see it if you’re in Aberdeen NOW – it’s soooooo good!)


(a backstage pic: she is on the right, her “Mummy Rowie” on the left (her friend Mike))

Afterwards, she ran out to meet us and we couldn’t get a word in because all these little kids – forming an orderly queue of course; this wasn’t a rock concert – asked for her autograph and pictures with her!!! I was SUPER PROUD!!!!



10872533_10154964044910644_667477071_n  10863619_10154964044955644_4800000_n 10859934_10154964044980644_31965791_n


(I think you can tell from my white knuckles, I was so proud I was gripping on to her!)

We walked around the shops, went for a beer at 6 degrees north (we HAD to show Kylie Babez’ parents how amazing it is, during which we beat them at Connect4 (!), then it was time for them to catch the train 😦 come back soon please!!

Kyle stayed out (it was his work’s meal and drinks) and I had a quiet one before my race the following day…!

Questions for you:


Do you have any Christmas traditions? Nights out? Mulled wine? Pantomime visits (see Emma’s now, yes please!)?


So my sister is Muddles (the funny awkward character) in the pantomime this year’s Sleeping Beauty!

Last year she was Robin Hood IN Robin Hood AND she was AMAZING!!!!


(that’s her in the middle – THE Robin Hood. Yes I am a proud sister)

Sleeping Beauty is sure to be just as good if not BETTER! Book tickets NOW!!!!!!!!


It runs at the Tivoli Theatre in Aberdeen from 5th – 20th December and tickets can be bought here

I AM SO EXCITED!! Hope to see you there – remember to bring loud voices for the “IT’S BEHIND YOU” and “OH NO IT ISN’T” chants!!! Please also note Crazy Christmas Jumpers are also preferred attire!!

Questions for you?

Are you excited for Christmas?

Have you ever been to a pantomime?

Have you ever been in a pantomime?