Happy Halloween & A Scary Newspaper Article!

So the scariest thing about Halloween this year was this:



Yep, I was featured in the newspaper (Evening Express) for my Ironman attempt! It is such a great feeling that I am getting all this support from the running community, as well as the swimming and triathlon guys! Everyone has been so encouraging and positive and I feel so fortunate! No excuses 😉 Anyway, thanks everyone!!

Last night was so much fun!! Kyle and I went over to Mum’s (the original plan was dinner then a Costco trip but we had alternative plans…)

We brought over pumpkins to have a boys vs. girls carving competition!

10743481_10154804911575644_2110214806_n 10735891_10154804911600644_1282110682_n

(the before pictures….pumpkins just weren’t pretty in ASDA this year)

The boys definitely CHEATED!


(game face on)

They got their power tools kit!!! How unfair is that?!!

On the other hand, we used the electric bread knife, but that’s only fair, right?


(Mum isn’t really a fan of pumpkins. Apparently in Huntly they carve neeps….)


(using cheap Ikea knives really don’t work as well as expensive power tools. funny that.)

Keith and Kyle decided to make a happy pumpkin, which had us in stitches!

10711170_10154804911300644_790264650_n 10751801_10154804911380644_1388875413_n

(they actually called him Happy)

And Mum and I made an attempt at Olaf from Frozen (or just a snowman in general)


(we tried. and that’s what counts. also see the carrot. 10 points for the carrot)

We called it a draw because they used power tools so they got 10 points deducted and well, did you see we had a carrot? Equalsies.


(they were a lot scarier in the dark!)

…And today at work we have a Halloween bake sale so that will be all I think about from now!

Questions for you:

Have you ever carved a pumpkin? Success?

Or did you carve neeps (turnips) like Mum used to do?

Halloween plans??