My Lunchtime Run

I work for around 9 hours a day (7-4, sometimes 5), and I don’t know about you, but if I can’t get out and do something at lunch to break up the day I am climbing the walls by 2pm and am not a happy Debster. There have been days where I have had lunchtime meetings with no room to even go for a walk and I find that I lack concentration and mojo in the afternoon, compared to if I get out and do something.

Sometimes I take the free bus into town for a little bit of retail therapy, but usually I like to go running (weather permitting of course – I am not good in with a tiny gust of wind or spot of rain. I am working on this!) or pop across the road to the work gym, even if it’s just to play on the machines and watch TV. There are nice walks around Rubislaw too for days where I am broken from training in the morning, or have a hard set at night.

As long as I’m not injured, I prefer to go on my favourite run around Hazlehead. It is about a mile from my office and has a really pretty park, a golf course, an equestrian centre and some trails to run around!

20141010_125834 (park cafe)

20141010_125403(the riding school)

20141010_123112 20141010_123344 20141010_123933 20141010_124410 20141010_124443 20141010_124943 20141010_124946 (the trail through the woods. the recent storms have caused trees to fall onto the path!)

20141010_125328(the golf course)

20141010_125451(who can spot the boat in the sea?)

20141010_130055(finishing with a straight track to end the run with 1k repeats. totes joking.)

I have run into deer (literally) a couple of times and it’s so therapeutic mixing up scenery before going back to the reality of my desk! The route is around 7 miles (sometimes if I am pushed for time/not going fast enough to be back at my desk within the hour, I can cut it a couple miles short) and I come back revitalised and ready for an afternoon of work…even if I am scrambling around the shower room trying to get ready in 3.5 mins before the canteen closes. I am so last minute.

Questions for you:

Where’s your favourite trail?

Are you a morning, lunchtime or evening runner?

Do you mix up your routes or like to stick to the same?