Engagement Dinner & Breathtaking Loch Tay


Hope y’all had a spectacular weekend! Mine was AWESOME!

Kicked it off by Mum & Keith’s engagement dinner… we brought an even better version (!!) of the salted caramel apple pie and brownies along with some champers, moscato and asti (LOVE fizz!) but we got trumped when they brought out the BIGGEST bottle of Prosecco you’ve ever seen (gotta love Costco!) Note: no photo because it was downed too quickly…

20141009_214412  20141009_223034  (we brought brownies and pie with love hearts added for effect!)

20141010_211624(0) 20141010_211623 20141010_211623(1) 20141010_211623(0) (dont drink too much prosecco and ice wine then try and work a camera…!)

The next morning, we left Mum’s early to head to a race (yes it happened again…great athletes…). Kyle had a Scottish champs hill race up Ben Lawers by Loch Tay so I came to support take advantage of one of Scotland’s most beautiful places (only joking of course I was head cheerleader!)!

He came 2nd (woohooooo!!) and ran just short of 6 miles in 50 mins (how someone can run 6 miles up and down a MUNRO in 50 mins baffles me!) while I did 8 miles on a (non-hilly) route around the nature reserve in around an hour – it was gorgeous!!!

20141011_142743 20141011_142746 20141011_110933

After prize giving – he got to choose whatever he wanted out of a big pile of Salomon goodies!! – we took a drive and went for a walk up a wee trail that had waterfalls and a cave (pretty sure it was haunted 😦 ), making it down to Loch Tay in time for one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen!

20141011_173403 20141011_173651   (think warm thoughts)

20141011_172415  (that cave terrified me)

20141011_174042 20141011_173944   (freezing in a hidden waterfall!) 20141011_181818 20141011_182022  20141011_182049 20141011_184039  (even an abandoned garage was pretty!)

20141011_182637  (the sunset was magical!!)

20141011_195151 (perfect end to a perfect Saturday!!)

Sunday = not so good, but let’s talk about that another time!

Questions for you:

How was your weekend? What did you do?

How pretty is Loch Tay?? Recommendations on where to stay??!