Losing My Blogirginity…

Blog Post Numero Uno…

So how do you write these things? Do I just talk to myself and hope someone will listen? I’ll give it a go…!

Read my “About Me” and “Best Times” pages if you want to find out where I’m at in life just now. To summarise, I am a swimmer-turned-runner who is now doing more triathlon training in preparation for the Kalmar Ironman next August. I’ll be having fun with different events along the way, all while holding down a job at a major oil and gas operator (they are helping me with all the free lunches I get)!

I have got the BEST team helping me over the next year:

  • Swimming:
    • Gordon Glasgow from COAST is literally throwing me in the deep end with the whole swimming thing again. I swam for COAST all those years ago (“retired” aged 18 in 2006) but never had Gordon as coach. He has offered me to join his squad Mon/Wed/Fri mornings, so long as I re-teach myself how to get up before 5am again…
  • Cycling:
    • Triathletes out there will have probably heard of Scott Neyedli (scottneyedli.com), former pro triathlete who won Ironman Wales last year while holding down a full time job…well so far I’ve forced him to come out cycling with me and he’s pushed me to go from having never worn cleats (or known what they were), to cycling 100 miles last Saturday with him! I still can’t stand up on the bike or take my hands off the handlebars, but we’ll get there…!
  • Running:
    • Luckily (perhaps not for him!), I have a super speedy boyfriend called Kyle Greig (international hill runner and all round super star) who, again, I have forced to coach my running. He helped me break 3 hours in the marathon in May, so he’s not done too bad a job so far in my 3 years of running!

Basically for me, it’s go hard or go home! If I’m going to pay >500Euro for entry alone for this Ironman, you better believe I am going to train my butt off to conquer it 😉 ! I feel I have a pretty good base and would love to break 10 hours (that’s my secret goal so don’t tell anyone), but whatever the time I would just love to make the World Ironman Champs in Kona, Hawaii! Bring it on!