One injured but one gets a GB vest!

Yep. Stiiiiiiiill injured.


(Punk IPA and Radical Road are good ways of dealing with injury…)

Remember that time I gave advice on how to cope with injury? Yeah do as I say don’t do as I do (I have added a couple kgs from comfort eating (“ahhh my world is ending. i will never run again. oh look, chocolate”))

BUT my best friends are now my ice pack and hot water bottle, I have channeled my spare time to more biking and wedding planning, AND I have forced Kyle on the bike with me and can even smash him pip him to the top by a couple secs now!

It sucks that the weather has been glorious (for Aberdeen) and I can’t get out at lunchtimes, BUT lighter nights mean some cycling/walking outside so that keeps my vitamin D up a little.


(my handsome fiance/walking buddy)

I have taken out these frustration on some nearby hills! Last weekend, I did some Suie hill reps after our first meeting with our humanist (realised we needed one of those otherwise it is just a big party!), then the following day redeemed myself by cycling the entire way up the Lecht rather than stopping on the first part after my granny gear failed on me last time!


When I checked strava, I saw Noodles had beaten me up by 5 secs and I was GUTTED!


(he blamed using a TT bike…clearly using every excuse in the book #chicked)

Other fun news was that Speedhub sent me an aero suit to try (tri?)…!!


(“Kyle this is so cool – take a pic take a pic!” “Shouldn’t you sort your hair and put makeup on 1st? You don’t want them to drop you already…” …should have maybe listened to him for once! 😉 and yes my leg is taped there too)

So I’ve not ran at all and Healing Hands Helen (she fixed me after the accident) has banned me for a while, but I really hope I can come back soon! I hate to love people running so amazingly well at the moment and I can’t join in the fun!

In other news, I found an action shot from Mum’s 1st 5km!


(she’s in the zone!)

And I also found a pic from our Christmas dance


(I am a lion)

Another random finding was Kyle finding this on Facebook:


(oh dear to having ZERO transition skills a year ago! JK that was our first date – looking forward to our rematch! #novice)

My sister loved her bday present


(she is now a mermaid)

Her birthday is 2 days after mine, so I guess it’s a bit like Christmas with the giving and receiving of gifts for us!

For my birthday KB and I went to Aviemore! It was beautiful and we had the best time!


(oh yes Kyle now has Instagram – add him!!)

Why was it so amazing you ask?



(read all about it here!)

For those of you who don’t know, his Haworth Hobble really paid off!! I couldn’t have been more proud! It is his lifetime goal to make a legit Great Britain team and wear a GB vest to compete on a world level! I KNEW the ultra distance would suit him!

So he is off to Italy in June 😀 I’ll force him ask him nicely to do a post about his training and any team updates!

Deb Tris to get rid of injury – top 10 tips!

Being injured sucks! I really shouldn’t have raced Fraserburgh Half Marathon, but I couldn’t eat ALL that cake after watching Kyle without burning some of it off, right?


No running since, apart from 1xmile last Friday evening. It took me 9min46secs 🙂

BUT I had a glimmer of hope when I was able to commute from the pool to work yesterday morning! 1.5miles of pain free “running” – and by pain free I mean a 3/10. So yeah, still not going to get back into it just yet.

Anyway, here are some tips from me on how to stay sane maintain fitness during injury:

  1. Make the most of the poor weather and dark nights and actually chill out for a change! You WILL get better, but your body needs to REST! That’s how you got yourself into this mess in the first place!
  2. Watch those movies, make those lovely meals (rather than resorting to standard staples like chicken pasta like one couple I know…), get up to date with housework OR just lie down and relax!
  3. With the extra time, I have been youtubing pilates and “yoga for runners” videos! It has actually worked a treat! I’ll have my pjs on and get in a good 20 minute stretch before bed! Then I wake up feeling less creaky than the day before, which makes me think my injury is getting better 🙂
  4. I have been making the most of my work’s gym. They have a stair climber, bike and a crosstrainer. On days where I would normally do a hard run session, I try to mimic it as best I can on the crosstrainer ie lower level to keep up the cadence and not using the arm part. Looking at the side-on mirror, I don’t get as much movement, but it’s the best I’m going to get (on this girl’s budget, anyway!). For example, if I were to do 8x800s with 2mins recovery, I would do 8x3mins with 1min recovery on the crosstraining bad boy – I feel like you don’t need as  much recovery with zero impact activity compared with running, and round numbers make it easier for this bozo to count while maxing out!
  5. As a triathlete, I should probably be focussing on the other 3 elements (including transitions on this one, as this is my weakest discipline!), however, I am actually enjoying a “different” sport with the stairs/crosstrainer and it is the off season after all. So I think I will keep it up for my mental health – adding in a new activity is refreshing and keeps me motivated!
  6. I should probably tell you I am doing more strength work now since I have more time without running, but I’m not going to lie. I hate it. I have begged Kyle to do it with me, but he also hates it. I might incorporate a little routine before bed and switch it up with the yoga in number 3 up there, but no promises!
  7. Mix up the weekends! I didn’t have to do a 10 mile run after a 3 hour bike last weekend! I just stopped at the 3 hour bike! Granted, it totally sucked because it was on the turbo (all hail Sluggie’s Turbo Champs!) but it is SO icy outside (AND dark because I didn’t get round to it until 3pm on Sunday…procrastination at its best!).
  8. Rediscover that motivation. We can’t lie to ourselves – not running when fellow competitors/rivals/teammates are getting faster. We are happy for them (grudgingly sometimes!) that they are improving BUT we, as injured runners, feel like we are gong backwards! Well, just remember that you WANT to be running MORE than them. They’re already out there putting in the mileage, being tired all the time, suffering that DOMS, complaining of having to run in wind/hail/snow/ice/sleet. Just pretend they are miserable, m’kay? That means you have a tougher mentality than them. When you can run again, you will be putting in a lot more effort than them, because you want it more!
  9. Buy some new running clothes/shoes for when you do get back! It’ll make the “OMG I am SO unfit” feeling a lot more durable if you look good while dying!
  10. Enjoy the process! After every run, rather than have the negative “how did I get to be so unfit so quickly” mentality, turn it around to instead think “I will never be this unfit again.” Each session following the last will be better, faster and stronger!

If you have any other tips, please let me know! I am by no means an expert (or I wouldn’t get injured in the 1st place!). Hopefully none of you are suffering from injury (apart from Callum. You enjoy my crutches, buddy 😉 …) and will smash cross country season.

Speaking of Callum, here is what I sent him to MTFU after his fall:






A Post-PE PB – River Ness 10km

Mixed thoughts on this one:

  1. I got a niggle in my glute about 1 week beforehand, and didn’t run very much in the run-up (that doesn’t make sense!). Struggled after 4 miles and was overtaken by a couple girls in the final kilometre 😦
  2. After a day feeling sorry for  myself, I realised that was my FIRST real running race post accident! Can you believe it!? I don’t include parkruns or any night or trail race I did for fun. AAAAND technically it was actually a PB! Although well off what I was hoping for/what I am capable of


I entered it about 2 weeks beforehand (mistake number 1) as I was feeling a little lost from the triathlon season being over. Mentally, I wanted a different challenge and since Kyle was in to do the Loch Ness marathon, I thought why not!? I backed off of the swimming (I am paying for this now) and have only done about 3 cycles since winning the Scottish (I will pay for this soon), so jumped into my own 2 week lets-smash-a-10km-in-a-fortnight program!

After the 1st week, cue Princess Fiona (who just rocked the Great Scottish Run in another sub80 minuter and was DISAPPOINTED…oh to have her legs!) Strava stalking me:



This is what I emailed Babez:



Yeah…kinda jumped from an average of 22ish miles a week to 79.8 the week I entered! See what happens when I don’t swim or cycle – I do ridiculous things in hindsight. At the time I thought it was totally sensible. Silly pre-race madness.

Anyhoo, that’s probably the reason for the niggle.

So the week beforehand, I was rocking a spiky ball and heat pack at work…


(no wonder I didn’t break 37!)

So Saturday, we ventured to Inverness so Kyle could pick up his bib. My bib “was unfortunately not sent out” so I had to collect mine too (thanks for letting me know, race organisers. I had to ask when I got there). Then we went back to Forres to stay at Mummy & Daddy Greig’s, and visited the Findhorn Foundation’s culture event (it was… interesting). We had pizza for dinner and went to bed early as K had to get up before 6 to catch the bus to the start line from Inverness.

In the morning we said our goods lucks and I waited for Claudia, Adam and Phil the Mann to pick me up at 9! That was a fun car journey…! No psyching up was done!

The race started at 11.30 I think, but bag drop closed half an hour before. I understand why they would want to be organised and get the buses ready to send the stuff to the finish, but I have never had to wait that long with no clothes on before! Surely they could send the buses on a different route with the bags or something? I wore a teeny vest and shorts so had to run >2 miles before I felt properly warmed up.

I finished said warm up at the back of the start line, behind a couple thousand people, but luckily Sarah Liebnitz (who Oh Emm Gee SMASHED the Great Scottish Run in a sub-79 performance!) took me under her wing and escorted me to the front of the line, and before I knew it we were off!

The first mile is up a hill and then down a hill – I tried not to get too caught up in the action but I really can’t help myself when I see a bunch of girls in front of me. Instead, I actually focussed on Stevie Buchan (lucky man!) as I know he is a speedster and he was giving me so much motivation on route!


(he’s some guy! I’m breathing out my injured behind and he’s showing off that perfect bod!)

Around a bend, we entered a foresty single track road where it really spread out. I was with Liebz and Steve, but Sarah slowly started to get a gap, so if Steve hadn’t been there I probably mentally would have given up (must work on this!).

At about the 5km mark, my glute started to say “no no. let’s stop now.” but I just tried to keep the cadence up and hope that would compensate for lack of bounce from my butt.

Unfortunately, about the same time, Steve’s ankle went (he’s been struggling for a while with niggles) so he was shouting at me to go and catch Sarah back up, but at the same time my literal pain in the ass had given up too.

So up the hill to Tesco I hobbled, and then at the aid station about 4 miles in, I seriously contemplated stopping. Then I thought about Kyle and the pain he must currently be in, given he also has butt pain and was trying to win a marathon. I manned up, and got on with it.


(I just want it to be over at this point!)

Going over the bridge with about a mile to go, I knew I would finish, but the worst part was in the final kilometre when a bunch of girls passed me 😦 I ended up finishing in 9th place (the field was pretty stacked but I was hoping for top 5) with a 37.25.

At Ribble 2 years ago I managed a 37.32, so at least I have sneaked under that Metro 1st standard, but I was realllllyyyyy confident I would manage a sub 37.

Mile splits: 5.46, 6.02, 5.54, 5.58, 6.09 (“uh oh”), 6.18 (“ouch, where is the finish line”), final 0.2 was 6.04 pace (“just. finish.”)

Kyle’s parents found me at the end hobbling around and they just laughed at me! I then did a cool down with some Inverness Harrier lads, got changed, and waited for Kyle….

His recap will come next…!

Dinnet Do a Trail Race if you Suck at Trails

Just a quick post to let you know the move was a SUCCESS! More on this later but we are so so happy in the new place and we have lit the woodburner every night with a glass bottle of wine and everything is starting to come together! I’ll post some pics soon but hope to see you there in person for a trail run followed by cake in front of the fire 🙂 !

To break up the monotony of unpacking, on Saturday lunchtime we hit up the Loch Kinord 10k trail race. Kyle got the record last year and we got a free meal out of it, so he was hoping for the same this year. He was not leaving me to do extra housework so I said I’d tag along.

Mistake number 1: I never run trails

Mistake number 2: I hate mud and tree roots and hills and rocks and puddles

Mistake number 3: I have dodgy lungs that I am still recovering from

To summarise, Kyle won! But no free meal. I walked up (and down) the hilly parts, avoided all puddles (pretty much 70% of the course), and allowed a veteran to pass me in the final 500m, pushing me down to a humiliating 4th place. Let’s pretend I never told you that. Shout out to Tamster who dominated the women’s race (sorry I was in poor form…I wasn’t in a good place!)!


(No pics of us, but proof that I stopped a couple times (silly wheezing), and went so slow negotiating how to get around puddles and rocks that my Garmin thought I was having a rest (technically true but besides the point!))

Oh yeah, and on Tuesday we had a day off work (a lot of stuff was arriving and we wanted a relaxing day off after a mental weekend) that included Kyle attending the Garioch Running Races launch (entries opened on Tuesday!) in Inverurie while I shopped, then we ran up Bennachie on our way home.

Mistakes as per above 3 points

When I started running in 2012, I used to run up Bennachie usually before parkrun on a Saturday morning. My time up the tourist Mither Tap route was around 22 minutes.

On Tuesday, it took me 26 minutes including stops. At one point I was wheezing so much I sat down on a tree trunk and cried. I was so mad that I couldn’t even run easy up the hill just to complete it. I was mad that this had to happen to me. I was mad that I was in pain. I was embarrassed that I was running with an international hill running superstar and not by myself so noone needed to know. So many doubts crossed my mind. Why am I bothering? Why am I kidding myself with goals of Commonwealths? What have I done to deserve this?

Kyle was awesome (as always). He reminded me of what I have achieved already. How far I have come (duh, Ironman) and how far I have yet to come. The research we have done shows that most people take years to come back to fitness after multiple PEs. He said I need to be patient and everything will fall into place. That I just need to relax. Then he said if I come 4th in a local running race again he will dump me 😉

Wow I really do tell you guys everything but I just want you to know about my progress. Hopefully I can read back on this in a few years and be proud of what I’ve achieved considering. I already am proud I guess.

OK enough soppiness – THIS has already cheered me up! Remember Phil? Well he did the Birmingham half this week and sent me one of his official photos:


(Maybe I should copyright my thumbs up pose?)

The last message put in for good measure to help with my self esteem 😉

Well he smashed it in 1.27 in his 1st half (his Kalmar run split was 5.22 but don’t tell him I told you) thanks to Kyle’s coaching skills and Phil’s phenomenal training! People doing awesome definitely inspires me and keeps me going! So y’all better keep kicking a$$!

Re-reading John’s post about trying to qualify for Kona really picked up my spirits too (thanks for the mention John!):

There are two more blogs I’d like to mention. Debbie Moore, a girl I worked with in the USA many summers ago, has taken up Ironman. She’s very good. She was more than likely going to absolutely smash Ironman Kalmar in Sweden to pieces, and more than likely give the pros a run for their money. Until she was knocked off her bike a couple of months before the race and suffered all sorts of injuries and health complications in the aftermath of her accident. She made it to the start line at Kalmar. I honestly didn’t expect much, but she demonstrated some seriously superhuman qualities and she qualified for Kona. Wow. She declined to accept her Kona slot, rightfully knowing she had put her body through hell, and rightfully knowing she needed to rest and recover, and rightfully knowing that when she races next year, she will achieve incredible things. Her blog is here.

Oh and another thing that made me laugh:

(Can anyone relate??)

Anyone had a sucky run this week?

Worse racing experience? 

Best racing experience?

Wee Health Update

After my doctor’s appointment yesterday (I was getting an overview of my medical records from summer and blood test results), I unfortunately got some bad news. Apart from the fact I had a high white blood cell count (an infection – grrr!), I found out from her interpretation of the scans and an indepth consultation on exactly what happened to my body after the accident, my lungs are now permanently damaged 😦

As far as I was aware, I only had one ginormous clot in my right lung (that was the only side that was in excruciating pain), but apparently I had multiple pulmonary embolisms in both lungs. Maybe the hospital staff wanted me to remain calm!? Or perhaps I was in denial so only believed what I wanted to believe. Either way, contrary to my belief (and Barry/Fraser, if you’re reading…!), the anticoagulants are not what’s affecting my performance athletically; it’s the lack of oxygen being absorbed into my lungs.

OK that’s the bad news (granted, it’s pretty bad, but I am still here, right?). The good news (please be optimistic with me m’kay?), is that after a bunch of Googling, I found out that a couple of athletes wwaaaaaayyyyyy better than me have gone through it. Albeit, one unfortunately passed away due to a PE caused from a DVT (Jerome Kersey), BUT Serena Williams (!!) went through a similar situation.

She underwent surgery after standing on glass that damaged her tendon. She was left in a cast and unable to move for a while, and developed a blood clot in her leg that then travelled into her lungs that caused several PEs that ultimately could have killed her. Sound familiar?

It took her a good year, however, since then she made a phenomenal comeback to win Wimbledon for the 5th time in 2012 (she has now won it 6 times) and has a total of 21 Grand Slam titles to her name (with 8 post-surgery!)!

So basically she is now my hero. Her and Jed Ortmeyer, a pro hockey player who has been faced with blood clots and PEs.

All is not lost and I shall keep fighting! If anyone knows HOW these superhumans trained their lungs to compensate for the damaged parts, it would be greatly appreciated.

More good news is WE GET THE KEYS TO OUR NEW HOUSE TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We cannot WAIT and would love for you all to come and visit!!

I have just realised this depressing post has no pictures, so I shall leave you with some funnies that always help to pick myself up:



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And my personal favourite:


Who inspires you the most?

Funniest meme you’ve seen?

How is your training going?

Ironman Sweden: I am a Kona Qualifier :)

If you haven’t seen my race recaps yet, where have you been? Just kidding (not really) – you can find them here, here AND here!

Firstly, I want to do my thank yous…without these guys I wouldn’t have even made the start line. In no particular order so please don’t fight:

  • A massive thank you to Planet X for the bike that got me through a tough and mentally windy 112 mile bike course! And for understanding the reason I wrote off your first TT bike you sent me. 
  • Helen Strachan, THE BEST physio I have EVER come across! I pretty much moved in there the first month after the accident and she put in a fair shift trying to get my knee to bend again. She didn’t even mind touching that horrific new scar of mine! She is a legend and now a great friend!!
  • Gordon, Gregor and COAST for re-teaching me how to swim (I am now only 15 seconds off my lifetime best for 100m free! haha) and helping me to be 1st out of the water in Sweden. There is so much work still to be done in that discipline again so you will see me back on poolside at 5.30am soon in the future. Maybe. 😉
  • Steven Miles at Holburn Cycles for his ridiculous stories and advice. This weeks’ stories involved a midnight bike race/scavenger hunt around Aberdeen trying to find outrageous clues, such as purchasing the item belonging to a given barcode in a 24 hour supermarket (it was bag of ice), and choosing his “favourite” page in an abandoned cottage (page being of a p0rn magazine in a building in the countryside)…the things he gets up to! I digress.
  • Phil Mann and Callum Walker for continual check ups on me throughout my rehab , Freyja Prentice (who has another inspiring story of 13th at the Modern Pentathlon European Champs after nearly breaking her leg!) and her fam for whisking me away for some TLC, and EVERYONE else who has continued to rescue me for coffee and cakes, come round for catch ups, or send me such kind words. I love and appreciate every single one of you!
  • Mum, Emma, Kyle and Keith of course!! I would be a mess if I didn’t have their support. They deserve my trophy more than anyone for putting up with an injured drama queen all summer! ❤

Heroes Hour of the Ironman was pretty spectacular. Those guys who have been going for nearly 16 hours truly are heroes in my eyes. I think 10 or so hours is a long time to be out there on a race course, but me going at “race effort” for 16 hours?! That sounds even more painful! The same applies to the marathon; I am going as hard as possible for 26.2 miles but it takes me just under 3 hours. Those guys who push themselves as hard as possible for 26.2 miles in 4 or 5 hours deserve a larger medal in my eyes (seriously, you should see me at finish lines…I get so teary-eyed!)!

After a long ice bath (I’m sure the water sizzled as I entered it, I was so hot!), a light massage, and having grabbed a beer (non-alcoholic…don’t worry, it was put straight back) and a few slices of pizza (that was not put back and was inhaled in seconds) in the athletes’ finisher area, I met my support crew and they helped me with EVERYTHING (collecting bike, carrying bags, holding me up) as I hobbled my way back to the hotel.

When I arrived back at the room, I should really have showered but instead I READ EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOUR MESSAGES and cried my eyes out! Poor Kyle had a lot to deal with this holiday! A quick shower later (I didn’t want to be alone – I hadn’t talked much in over 10 hours and I wanted lots of attention for doing so well!!) and I put my legs up on the bed while Mum and Keith came in and told me they hadn’t eaten all day out of following me/spectating/anxiety, so they were going to grab food, so we headed to the canteen (where there was a massive spread and a LOT of fajitas were demolished).

Coach Noodles called me to go over the race with me and for once I actually detected some pride in his voice! I had achieved the unachievable; never mind the Ironman, I put a smile on Scott Neyedli’s face. I also chatted to his girlfriend (who I can confirm is real!) who was soooo nice and I can’t wait to meet her (yes I am coming over to visit, Scott. Get your spare room ready).

When we finally made our way back to the finishing line, the crowds were so loud and excited, myself included! It was just after 11pm and it was like a massive party! When the final runners came in together, and the commentator announced that one was a successful Ironman, having completed the course in 15hours59minutes, he also announced that the last athlete crossing the line that day had done so in 16hours0minutes and a couple of seconds, not being able to be called an Ironman. I think every single one of the thousands of spectators’ hearts sank. The silence was deafening. In my eyes if you cross that line, who are an Ironman.

After that last athlete came in, the fireworks started, which still gives me a lump in my throat thinking about it. They represented so much to me (and on top of that they were SUPER romantic!) – I don’t think in that moment I have ever been happier or more proud of myself, and I had accomplished had finally sunk in.

Ok, back to the fun stuff: the following day, I woke up STARVING!!!! Phil was fidgety all night so was up and already having breakfast in the canteen, so as soon as I woke up I met him straight away (pretty much in my pjs and I had certainly not bothered to look in the mirror yet) and I left Kyle to join us later! That morning was when Swedish meatballs have never tasted so good!

We decided a walk would do us good, so after packing up (Keith dismantled my bike – thank yoooou!), we said goodbye to Mum and Keith (they headed to Stockholm earlier than us to have more time there – and probably get rid of the kids for a few extra hours…we wanted to stay for the awards banquet – for obvious reasons!) and headed to the shop to spend a ridiculous amount of money on all the Ironman-branded stuff I could find. I am a sucker for marketing.

Kyle bought me a bright hoody so everyone can see I did an Ironman (I WILL be “that” guy when you next see me!), and I bought some tshirts, cycling stuff and a visor (I think I may have been the only person out of 3,000 competitors that day not wearing a visor).


(what Mum had been wearing the previous day…no wonder I spotted her!)


(I didn’t buy this one, HOWEVER look at the other Moore in the race – I want to be called SKEETER!!)

The three of us then ventured to Ben & Jerry’s to get cinnamon bun ice cream (new flavour! Delicious!) because we had had breakfast a whole 30minutes ago and were hungry again, then to the Coop (actually pronounced “coop” funnily enough) for train snacks (can you see a theme here), then realised our priorities may have needed readjusting as the ceremony had already started. In a taxi we go straight to the banquet.


(I love ice cream)

Winner! We get a table at the back with no people on it (I think a lot of people had headed home, considering it was already noon and Kalmar is pretty hard to get to) which was full of ALCOHOLIC beer this time! We watched a quick slide show of maybe 20-30 photos of the day, and I was on 1 of the slides – just me! What are the odds?! It was a close up of me swimming with my brightly coloured nails (that matched my Planet X fluorescent bike!) with a Scottish flag and Swedish flag on each 4th finger) – hope I can find it again!


(yep, and I was caught eating yet again. Chicken and beer this time. Gotta have protein and electrolytes post race)

Then it was time for the Kona slots and awards for top 3 in each age group.

This is where I have some news to tell you. I didn’t accept my place at Kona, and it went to 3rd, hence why she is wearing the Hawaiian flower lei around her neck and not me.






Because if I want to go all the way to Hawaii to compete in the World Championships with the best people in the world, I want to be the best Debbie I can be. And after the summer I have had, I am not anywhere CLOSE to that. I’m sure you can all appreciate how mentally and physically tough this year has been for me and, as I have said a bazillion times, health comes first. I have plenty time and hopefully I can qualify again when I am fully fit and ready to COMPETE and not COMPLETE the world champs!

…I can still milk that I qualified though, right?! 😉

10 days to go – HELP!

In less than a week I will be travelling to Sweden (well, Denmark actually – spending a couple days in Copenhagen before getting the train to Kalmar, then a few days afterwards in Stockholm).

Unfortunately, I was in hospital over the weekend with another lung scare…



(beginning to think I should just move in – at least I got my own room again this time!)

Turns out the stabbing pain I felt in my chest, similar to the night I went to A&E to be diagnosed with gallstones (pah!), was inflammation and the fluid inside my lung was gargling away. They simplified it for the should-be-blondey, but apparently it’s just something that will come and go until the blood clot is completely gone (could be the entire 6 months I’m on the medication…I’m thinking of naming this clot. Any suggestions?)


(The amazing family knew EXACTLY how to cheer me up!)

Meanwhile, cycle buddies Jhuan and OT went on their 100 miler WITHOUT me 😦 They enjoyed rubbing in their sunny cycle while I was in prison my ward.


(I was so jealous!)


(I came home to THIS!! Kyle scored us some eggs from his friend’s chicken coop and earned MASSIVE bf points with flowers and some favourite snacks!)

I am out now and just keep telling myself to get used to the “bubbly” sensation (it comes and goes and 90% of the time I barely notice it). Healing Hands Helen has helped me TREMENDOUSLY in not only magically enabling me to bend my knee, but also with breathing exercises to make the most of the reduced lung capacity.

If I don’t make the start line, it will suck, but health comes first. I’m still going (I NEED this holiday!) so I’ll make the call nearer the time.

To help me, pretty please can you help me devise a playlist?! And any mantras you use before races??!!?!? I want to feel positive and happy again!!

My usual race playlist includes DMX, Flo Rida, Pitbull, Imagine Dragons, Lil Jon, David Guetta, Avicii, Bowling for Soup, Ludacris, Sum41, Tiesto….OBVIOUSLY I could use some more help!

Thanks in advance! Meantime, I’m going to focus on recovering, resting and getting better asap 🙂




What Inspires Me

Apologies for being MIA recently. After the news, I was a bit of a hermit and was frustrated that yet another hurdle was put in front of me beyond my control. I’m only human!

Lots of play dates, presents (hello donuts from Callum), yummy food, hospital/doctor visits, a nice getaway to Forres and rehab later, and I am slowly feeling like myself again.


(my present from Callum…Greggs makes everyone feel better 😉 …)


(Phil picked me up from the hospital…he brought with him the cycling rule book. Rule #5 he told me. Rule #5…)


(Coffee with Cal – check out the sign. How apt…(ignore lack of makeup – I had been in hospital for 3 days!))


(When Debbie’s been in hospital, Debbie gets what Debbie wants 😛 )


(I baked! Rhubarb bars with rhubarb fresh from Kyle’s uncle’s garden. Recipe here – delicious!!)


(afternoon tea makes everyone feel better)

I am on blood thinners called Rivaroxiban, with side effects including being pretty tired a lot of the time and generally light-headed (I keep bumping into furniture!). Oh, and low blood pressure. On Friday when I was getting more blood tests it was 82/60 and they were worried I was going to faint.

Some of you may think I’m mad for still wanting to make the start line of Ironman Sweden on August 15th (yes I realise it is less than a month away!). I entered the event last August and have given up a lot to be there.

I could have spent the year getting my 10km time to 36mins. I could have focussed on the marathon and getting closer to 2.50. I could have given the half marathon distance a go (I have never really trained for the half, and my PB of 84mins is from 2.5 years ago when I had only been running a year, so eventually I think I could aim for 1.20.

Alternatively, since I am certainly not built like a runner (considering I swam at a high level for over a decade and really really like food), I could have committed to training for the standard triathlon distance (I want to meet Gwen…she is uh-mazing! #girlcrush).

Not only that, I have had support from a ridiculous amount of people who see potential in me. Scott (Noodles) Neyedli has given up faaaar too much time to train me, despite him relocating to Houston (I think he just misses me so is looking for an excuse to Skype me!). Gordon was kind enough to let me train with his top squad at COAST (hello British gold medalists and Commies qualifiers) a mere NINE years after I left it, not to mention all the amazing friends of mine who have given up so much of their time to help me on my weak points (ah hem…the cycle!). You know who you are! And none of you laughed at me when I couldn’t drink from the bike, or stand up on a hill climb. At least I thought you were laughing with me…?!

If there is a strong recommendation from a professional in this field that I should not do this race, then there will always be another. Health – of course – comes first. I realise I’m mental; but I’m not a moron.

But if, in 3 weeks’ time, my wee support team tells me I just might be able to pull this off, then why not?! If I can make the start line and (what seems like) miraculously make the finish line, I will achieved something truly special. It will be emotional and it will be humbling. So let’s do this! I’m going to be extra careful over the next couple of weeks with getting back to training, and keeping everything “within myself” as I’ve been told!

Finally, the old ball n chain aka Kylie Babez has gone and done it again! This weekend, he ventured to Wales to compete in the Snowdon International hill race for the Scottish team for the 2nd time. Last year I went along for the ride (I had never been to Wales, and I was promised Alton Towers on the way home afterwards!) and he came 9th in an international field (hence the name!)! This year, I opted to stay at home to try and get better, but he smashed it and came 16th despite his gammy hammy (he hasn’t run in the last week and was really stressed out about doing it!).

He inspires me massively! Why? Because he raced with his heart; something I want to do in Sweden. Last week, one of his best friends from school died DURING IRONMAN FRANKFURT. His funeral was on Friday and he was in two minds whether to race or attend the funeral. Ian would have wanted Kyle to run the best race he could, and he did! I am so so proud of him!

It’s not just sport that inspires. Single parents, those struggling with jobs in the current climate, those struggling with terminal illnesses STILL living life to the fullest, charity fundraisers, those who risk their lives to save others, elderly couples that still hold hands walking down the street. And back to sport: clean riders in the Tour de France…holy moly that is one brutal event!

Once again, I must apologies for the mushy post. I am getting cringey after all these setbacks! It’s just whenever I get upset, depressed or frustrated, I take a deep breath and realise how fortunate I still am! And you should too!

And to end on a lighter note, here are pics from Wales last year and Kylie Babez’ race while I went for a run with my sheep friends!


(spot Kyle at the start line of the 2014 Snowdon International)


(how anyone can run up and down SNOWDON in an hour and a quarter is beyond me)


(he may have came 9th, but got injured on the descent #standardKylieBabez)



(My running buddy/Kyle substitute that morning while the Scottish team warmed up)





(what a gorgeous place – despite the weather that year!)


(last year post-Snowdon…Alton Towers as promised!)

What inspires you?

Gallstones…really?! Just my luck!

So last night, at 3.35am, Kyle drove me to A&E because I was screaming out in pain.

It was like being stabbed. Multiple times by multiple people in my right side.

I know I like to exaggerate, but even moving an inch would cause me to shout out in excruciating agony (if you dont believe me ask Kylie Babez)!

I couldn’t catch my breath, my heart rate was racing, and speaking/coughing/laughing/crying hurt sooo much 😦

At the hospital, I was asked what I had had for dinner the night before. I replied with steak, to which she asked how fatty it was. I don’t eat the grissly bits (ew) so I knew it wasn’t the food.

Do I eat a lot of food high in cholestrol (cakes, butter etc)? Yes, admittedly probably a bit too much, but I am neither overweight nor unfit. And I haven’t changed my diet in forever!

Anyhoo, that is what I have and I still have some pain in my side, but if anyone has any tips please let me know! Will my HR eventually slow down? Sitting at my desk it was >100bpm! Should I get my cholestrol checked? Is it something to do with altitude? Has it escalated from some other illness I didn’t realise I had?



…6 weeks til Kalmar.