Amsterdam/Rotterdam – Race Recap to Follow!

Since we were away for a long weekend, I thought I’d keep the suspense mounting (or not) of my race and instead tell you about what else we did!

On Friday morning, I woke up early and got a quick 30 min run in. Then we were headed to the airport (courtesy of our taxi, Emma Sisterister Moore) and found this after checking in:


(oh dear…no pressure!)

The flight was really quick and we got to our hotel and sorted by about lunchtime.


(Kyle: “let’s pout for this one”. Deb: “is there something you’re not telling me, Kyle?”)

We explored the city (it was packed!!) and took in all the sights and smells, having a picnic in Dam Square, a river cruise, and dinner overlooking a canal.


(a bagpiper outside of the palace?)


(we later discovered this cheese shop gave out a ridiculous amount of free samples. so that ended lunch number 1 when we met up with Kyle’s parents!)


(About to set off on the river cruise. Yes, I have weird thumbs. I have been picked on for 27 years. Thanks, K.)


(Dancing buildings)



(When in Rome Amsterdam…!)

It was just a flying visit, but we would be making the most of the area on the Monday when Kyle’s parents were taking us out (they booked flights to watch Kyle’s 1st marathon, but weren’t too bothered that he was injured, because they love an excuse to come over! They love Amsterdam!)!

On Saturday morning, I found a park to run around before getting the train to Rotterdam (I wish I brought my camera because there was an “art in the park” exhibition and there were lots of cool sculptures!) Anyway, the train showed us that Holland really DOES have a lot of windmills and tulips!

Speaking of stereotypes, Mum you were wrong telling me I’d place high in the marathon since they would all be wearing clogs. Hmmph. Liar.

I had imagined Rotterdam to be very industrial with not much to see, but I loved it! All the buildings were new (the whole city got bombed in the war) and architects worked hard at making some gorgeous skyscrapers! I would describe it as a very very very miniature version of Manhattan, without any hustle and bustle!

We searched for some lunch, and then I went to collect my bib.




(signing the good luck wall!)

I would like to take this opportunity to say how much of a trooper Kylie Babez was at the expo. He obviously didn’t want to be there, since he had a bib in the elite section waiting for him, but he put on a brave face and wandered around with me! Thank you!!!

We then went on a frantic search for hair bobbles (I left mine in my purse, which I decided not to take in the end, since I borrowed Emma’s handbag!) but the stress was over after a little too much walking, and a little too much spending on said bobbles (9EURO?!?!?)!

Once we checked in to the hotel, Kyle made the most of the gym, and then went to a market to get food for us to nibble on at night (I like eating my main meal as a late lunch on the day before a big race, then pick on littler things later on) so that I could rest my legs…awwwwwh!


(the floor the gym was on!)


(the gunshow?)


(while Kylie’s away, Debzie will play…!)

Then, it was race day. So that went ok. Not great. But ok. I was 25th with a 3.09. ELEVEN minutes onto my PB but I did what Hitler Scott told me and reined it in on the 2nd half. I must stress to you guys that did NOT mean I didn’t hit a wall. I certainly hit a wall. But one I overcame after being offered a “salted cannabis drink from a spectator” seeing Kyle and his parents, and walking the aid stations (more on that later). My splits were pretty consistent to show that I was able to power through! Maybe a change of pace from 6.40s to a minuteish slower was what broke me??? Anyway, I shall recap on that next time…

Post marathon, we were fortunate enough that the masses hadn’t finished yet, so we got a table near the finish line at a bar for some lunch and beers (I could only stomach patatas with aioli at this point…which sucked because everyone’s meals looked AWESOME!!) – and Heineken has never tasted better!

After a couple of hours, Mummy & Daddy Greig headed back to the Dam, and Kyle and I went back to the hotel, I screamed from the chaffage showered while Kyle went for a quick run (yay to healing!), and we headed to the Felix Factory, a converted warehouse for food lovers! Foodie HEAVEN with some bakeries, butchers, beer tents, cheese stands…mmmm!!


(our view drinking 11% beer at Felix!)

It turned into a perfect day! The wind settled a bit, leaving it nice and warm!


(Maybe “settled” was too strong a word? It was still pretty blustery!)

In search of food (Debster’s marathon hunger had finally kicked in!), we headed to an all you can eat Sushi restaurant. Kyle of course, being the good sport he is, agreed to pretend he ran the marathon, and consumed 10bajillion calories with me, so as not to make me feel bad 😉 …


(Kyle after faaaar too much raw fish and rice)

Weirdly, the city centre was DEAD! Where did the 40,000 runners and 900,000 spectators go??? We were wanting a night out!! Not to worry, we instead headed to bed early to make the most of our day in Amsterdam!

I woke up early and Scott had me training again (he wanted me to prove I hadn’t pushed the race too hard!) so while Kyle slept, I went upstairs again to play on the elliptical and treadmill!


(Scott – there’s your proof! I LOVED the view!)

The elliptical is so much more fun than a crosstrainer (and so much harder!)…no wonder super speedy Fiona RudBri uses it as cross training!

We got into Amsterdam and met Mummy & Daddy Greig again for our day of fun! They took us to Rembrant square, where we had overpriced tasty rose beer, visited a couple of quirky shops, a local market with the freshest fish I have ever tasted, Dam square, and a very lovely posh restaurant to end the amazing day!


(rose beer…far too easy to drink!)


(fish picked from the stand and fried in front of us!)


(dinner at Humphries…highly recommended!)

The day flew by and it was time to head back to the hotel (we hadn’t even checked in because our room wasn’t ready!)! We had such an amazing time!

And to top it off, Schipol’s Starbucks ALMOST got my name right!


(what’s so difficult? Usually I get “Daddy”, “Dadi”, or “Davey”…really?!!)

Oh, and I may have treated myself to some Ray-Bans too!


We arrived safe and sound, and thought “let’s end this fun long weekend with a 60km cycle and 10km run this afternoon”…!

Marathon? What marathon?! 😉

What did you guys get up to at the weekend?! 

What did you last purchase?

Who raced this weekend?