1st GFG Camp

It was 5.30am. I awoke to the sound of coffee beans grinding, then to a small tap of the door to see if I was awake. My mum then came through and sat on my bed, telling me it was time to get up. I sat up and now that the door was open I could instantly smell fresh coffee brewing all the way from downstairs. Staying with Mum is awesome!

I left after 6am for the drive down to Stirling. It was freeezing when I left (-3C) but I didn’t realise it would be -6C when I got there!


I arrived in plenty time. I took it easy going down the road, making sure to focus both on the roads and on hitting the perfect notes singing Frozen songs at the top of my lungs. (I’m maybe joking).

Then, it was a welcome meeting and time to hit the pool!


After some sprints and filming, we went back to the “classroom” to get some races in the diary, talk about the next few months, go over our training plans, and write our piece for the media on our how we got into triathlon, pre-race rituals, and future goals (this was tough!).

Strength and conditioning followed (haven’t done that since my swimming life!), then more theory!

It was then time for our meal to meet the 2 other girls in the squad (they train full time in Stirling, so they aren’t training with us on the weekends) at Pizza Express! I told them they had to order in Spanish to practice for our holiday training camp, and we all talked about everything under the sun, that wasn’t triathlon related at all!


We left absolutely stuffed (I was STARVING!!) and we waddled back to our hostel. The above pic was our view! We were next door to Stirling castle and the views were incredible!

On Sunday we had another swim, followed by trying to learn how to use rollers (I panicked and sucked the most!), then some hill sprints to finish!

It flew by but it was such a weekend that made me leave wanting to train more and more! The fire inside is pretty strong right now!


(where we trained! sprints in snow is hard!)

When I got back, I forced Kyle to help me try the rollers one last time before the weekend was finished…what a boring Sunday night for him but for me – once I had succeeded – you’d have thought I’d won the Olympics!

Link to my accomplishment here! Haha I have no shame.

Oh, before I forget. Diluting juice? The best way to hydrate, or something only infants should use?? Kyle thinks I am a baby for not drinking water unless it is flavoured, but all the girls from swimmer backgrounds at camp were exactly the same as me!

I wonder if there are studies on the relationship between good swimmers and Robinsons?

Anyway, hope you are all having an awesome 2016 so far!