The Best Day of My Life

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I GET MARRIED TOMORROW!! #debandkyledowntheaisle

So I’m going to be out of action for the next couple of weeks because Kyle and I are getting hitched TOMORROW, and going straight to Bali afterwards (those of you who have read the news…pray for us!).

Meantime, here are some photos of the carnage I had at the best hen weekend ever! Maid of Honour Emma pulled it out the bag, along with the bridesmaids and parents for the Prosecco!

Boozy afternoon tea in a castle, Mr & Mrs Games, wedding dress designing, poetry competitions, vodquila pong (don’t try this at home, folks!), face masks, pizza in pjs trip…the list goes on! Thanks to my girls for coming (and for the RIDICULOUS videos of those who couldn’t make it….played on the entire living room wall thanks to Emma’s projector!) – I had an unforgettable time!

*Speedhub please don’t drop me…I promise to stop being an alcoholic and train when I get back 😉



Moores on Tour in Malaga

Ok ok so this was a while ago, and I have had my home henny since, BUT there is no WAY I can leave this off the blog!

I was told months ago that I was going on a surprise trip with Mum and Sisterister Emma, but I wasn’t to know where I was going (although it was given away twice, I only knew Spain!).

When I got to the airport, I still wouldn’t know probably to this day had an airport worker shouted at us in the queue to see if anyone going to Malaga would mind putting their luggage in hold!

Admittedly, I thought Malaga was a tacky place, but it turns out it is an amazingly cultured gorgeous city, surrounded by beaches and mountains, with the city centre containing stunning architecture and cathedrals. Malaga airport is just a gateway to the tacky Torremelinos or no-carbs-before-Marbs Marbella….I swear we never saw ONE English speaking person in Malaga itself the entire long weekend we were away! And I would go back in a heartbeat!

Anyway, Mum and Em hired us a villa UP A MOUNTAIN!! The taxi struggled to get us up! But the view was incredible!!! It was literally breathtaking (if you made the hike up there!). It had its own pool with views of both the mountains behind and the sea in front, and there were magnificent pine trees towering over us with….wait for it….PARROTS instead of our usual seagulls flying around us!!!

Basically, I got completely spoiled! We were drinking Tattinger pretty much the entire time, I was treated to the most beautiful spa I have ever been in (Moroccan inspired since it is just across the water!), had the most relaxed (and needed!) massage ever, and of course consumed the necessary sangria and paella in the process!

I also ran, which made it my dream trip!! A wee morning run (which KILLED me given the elevation and heat!) followed by amazing food, champage and spa treatments, and some shopping in the afternoon?! Yes please!

Oh oh and THEN when I came home Kyle proposed a SECOND time (there were ring issues and he had to choose another one)…we went on a run and he made me stop by the river near our house. I asked why (usually I am the one begging for a break!) and he went behind a bush and took out Prosecco and two glasses and MY NEW RING!!! I didn’t even realise he had left the house to plant them!


(I had been fixing my bike so had chipped nails and bike grease on my hands but WHO CARES I had a Malaga tan!)


Anyway, here is a photo dump that I pray captures just how much fun we had and how spoiled I was! I cannot thank you girls enough! Love you Moores on Tour gang! ❤


(approx 12 seconds after finding out where we were going!)


(how incredible is our view?! and yes they had tshirts made for us!)


(our pool – no training was done here…)


(yes ok we didnt stick to the culture the entire time but we needed to fuel up before hiking up the hill to our hoose! aaaand Emma wanted us to taste chicken fries)


(couldn’t not take a pic with these dudes)



(she comes in handy sometimes – this is the walk to the house!)


(we got lost…)


(Mum squeezed in a wee run when we got to flat land)


(Cheetos were also a necessity!)


(my sister under Cister)



(Dunkin Donuts and a massive frap tasted unreal on pier after my run from the mountain!)



(Eating was a serious ordeal)



(we had the BEST time!)





As if I wasn’t busy enough… The Dam and Landan!

…I got the opportunity to head to Amsterdam to visit one of Subsea 7’s pipelay vessels during one of its scheduled dry docks.

When I was a graduate I actually went offshore on a diving vessel, but it was puny in comparison to the Seven Oceans!


Training took a back seat but I managed a 10.30pm treadmill run after a day of touring the boat, and a selfie with my colleague/foodie expert Andy to tease Kyle! at the Canal Lover’s Cruise…!


(how romantic)


The day after I got back, it was time to head to London to visit Kyle’s cousin, give the flower girl Queen her dress to try on and watch the Athletics! I.e. Bolt’s last ever race in the 4×100 relay (I think we know how that went….!) and Mo’s last (official) track race (I believe he is doing a couple more local races).


I wish Bolt got up “Cool Runnings” style and hobbled to the finish, getting the relay the slowest time in history but then again I have never had hamstring cramp and I imagine it is pretty painful!

And what are the odds/how cool is it that we ended up sitting directly in front of one of Kyle’s Scottish team managers and his wife?! Malcolm is super knowledgeable on the sport so was interesting to hear his insights!

The weather was perfect and we managed to run in the morning, have a lovely brunch both days, shopping, then prosecco on the Thames until we headed to the stadium…my idea of heaven!!


(cousin Vicky)


(my fiance is so macho)


(brunch with the gang!)



(we act like a couple sometimes!)



(“you kiss like you’re related!”)



(the perfect way to end a run)


(they NEED to have these sippy cups for grown ups…no-spill wine!)



(cheers, Belle!)



(And to finish…the “Horniman”…sorry, Mum)

London Triathlon – 5th Elite


With 20,000 people toeing the line – or at least sculling the line – over the weekend, the London Triathlon is the biggest triathlon in the world. With that prestige, it attracts some great competitors, and the winners over the years have all been of Olympic calibre.

Needless to say, being in the elite wave was pretty nerve-racking!

It was a flying visit to London. We were in Edinburgh for commitments on the Friday night and Saturday morning, so got the express train from Edin to London on Saturday evening. With the underground construction works going on, the predicted 10 minute ride from Kings Cross to meet Vicky at Victoria (how we remember where to go!) ended up being 1hour 15, and 4 or 5 switches later. With a suitcase. And a bike.


(who wants to baby these muppets around London with all that stuff. Vicky, that’s who!)

Getting to bed around 11.30pm, we were thankful for the race start for me being at noon. As long as we were out the door by 8.30am, we would have left plenty time to get to the Excel Centre. Vicky was definitely the Mummy, coming as lead cheerleader, but also telling us where to go, and when to RUUUN, for the next train! Kyle HATES the business of London. He is a caveman at heart, and put him in a tight enclosure with 10 other people makes him go crazy. Like a baboon.


(Being time efficient while waiting on a train…pumping up the tyres!)

Anyway, we got there in plenty time for me to register, sort transition out (what a faff!), and relax with them with a coffee (that ended up giving me the shakes afterwards because I’d forgotten I’d been drinking High5 caffeinated tablets on the way there!). We went outside (predominantly for me to get fresh air from said caffeine overload) to check out the course and do a wee warm up.


(Warming up)

It was super sunny and I was excited to start! I saw a couple faces I recognised so was still pretty intimidated but I did come 5th at the British, and won the Scottish a couple weeks ago over the sprint distance, and surely I have a good base from winning Outlaw, so I thought meeting in the middle with a standard distance race couldn’t go too horrendously…

We were announced to the spectators at about 11.45, was allowed to do a warm up, and I even got asked for a photo by someone in the crowd! It was pretty cool to be considered a “real” elite!

We got the race briefing, then went back in the water for the NON WETSUIT swim (ugh!).


(I REALLY need a new suit so my name goes in the right place…Walker if you laugh again, you die)


(How to get rid of pre-race nerves..)

Lucy Hall, who was 1st out of the water in the female race at the LONDON OLYMPICS was clearly a favourite going in to the swim. I happened to dive into the water after her, so thought it sensible to go and line up at the starting rope next to her.

The other girls also thought it best to go next to her.


(The water was pretty choppy but that was not the reason for my average swim!)

So for the 4 minutes until the gun went off,  girls were dunking and trying to push in to get a decent spot. It was SUCH a long 4 minutes and I was MISERABLE (any experts out there – should I have stayed put, or should I have moved to clear water and just sprinted til my damaged little lungs were bursting??). A speaker announced 30 seconds to go.

Then with 10 seconds to go, a girl pushed my head right under the water and sculled on top of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I heard the horn from under the water, the rope was lifted and I was at the back of the field!! I tried so hard to sprint, and managed to overtake a few. As I moved up to the next pack, a girl I’d overtaken grabbed my ankle so hard THAT I AM STILL BRUISED THERE and pulled me back. Ugh I was at the back again. I surged again, angry this time (but never angry enough for fowl play) and went round one group. By this point we were at the first buoy. I knew that the Olympians would be out in front with clear water, but I didn’t want to be humiliated in this sort of event. I was on the outside of a group that was slowly wittling down to finally me and one other girl. I passed her after wasting energy being side by side in no mans land, and then I saw the chase group about 15m ahead of me. At the last buoy, I tried to reduce that deficit with the plan of smashing transition to cycle with that pack rather than the pack behind me.

I got out of the water, pelted up the stairs 2 at a time to where our bikes were racked in the arena, overtook 3 or 4 girls, realised I’d just been in the THAMES WASHING MACHINE, and peuked in a bin near the bikes. At least it was clean. I have NEVER peuked in a race before! I have felt sick, but never actually been sick. It was an awful feeling but it happens in this sport. Tactics, not to the extent of foul play but apparently that’s going to become more policed, makes the sport exciting I guess.

After a solid transition (only took me a year!), I caught up with the girls in front, and we worked pretty well together. Unfortunately, it was raining when we exited the arena and I had pretty dark shades on. I never realised the roads were so slippy and skidded around the 1st bend. Apologising to the girls around me, I don’t think they liked me after that.


(I look more fierce in black and white!)

The girls were MUCH better cyclists than the ones I was with in Liverpool. We didn’t work perfectly together – about 3 or 4 of us did the work at the front while the others were happy to sit in – but there were times when I was thankful for the rest! It was a windy course with loads of turns,totally different from previous years. Unfortunately, we didn’t ride to Big Ben and instead we did 4 laps of a twisty, pretty boring course to be honest but it was so that it was better for the spectators. Not really any hills but enough twists to make it technical (something I’m working on!).

I really tried to punish the girls with some surges and longer efforts, as I know I have a strong bike but I wasn’t going to risk a solo breakaway in an elite field, so thought if I make them work they’ll have sore legs for the run.

At T2, another smooth transition, trainers on with ease (who knew talc was so helpful!), and off I strided past the bin sheds (cue near peuking again) and onto the riverside. A couple girls went off like Bolt, but I overtook them all but 1 in the first km and aimed to keep increasing my lead. Sarah Lewis (a Paralympic Guide) had a sensational run, so I couldn’t keep up with her, so it ended up being a solo 10km with Sarah in front and a couple of groups behind.


The run was strange: over plastic almost giant lego pieces that went over the grass, then up and down some ramps, a twist around a couple aid stations, then a lovely flat straight part. At the end of the straight, there was a 180 turn that went straight into a headwind (no wonder I felt great in the 1st mile!), then up a pretty solid sharp hill back into the Excel, then a windy maybe 600m in the arena (was SO weird to run indoors!) and you do that 3 times! The sun had come out again so it was pretty warm, but the wind actually helped. As did seeing Vicky and Kyle 6 times throughout the run!


(Keeping themselves entertained for a couple hours!)

The last lap I died a bit and just wanted it to be over. But luckily given the out and back course I saw the 1st group was the only group ahead, so I was pretty sure I was in 5th place! I was never going to catch them, and no one seemed to be behind me, so I didn’t feel any pressure which meant I could just enjoy the moment and be proud of managing this placing after all the (literal) running around and fitting training around real life; work, commutes, travel, wedding planning, holidays, keeping Chewy alive, etc etc.

At the finish, I soaked it in and walked across the line (the finish photos aint pretty, folks), downed a beer (stupid Alcohol free again…) and met a super proud cheerleading team. They were honestly THE loudest group on the course!


(As sobering as it was, it tasted delicious straight after a tough race!)



We had an awesome lunch, walked around London together, then split up to catch our trains home again.


After getting home at 2am Monday morning, my 8am meeting 6 hours later was fun…


AND in other news, turns out it was 3 years ago I took up this mad sport!!!

To set the scene, Kyle was training in Chamonix and I was bored. So Phil and I decided to plan a wee race. After this message, I started looking at buying a bike. I then got in touch with Noodles (HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, SCOTT!). And, well, the rest is history!


April is a super busy month!

Wow the last few weeks and weeks to come have been manic!

1st of all, I have handed in my notice at work. The people are great and I will hate not being able to see them for the  majority of my day, but hopefully my new position will bring fun new and exciting challenges!

On the injury front, that niggle is still there. BUT I am able to run on it (nothing too intense yet), but my first run was the BEST feeling…


(The sun was shining and I managed 20mins of endorphin-fuelled happiness!)

Not to get too excited too soon, I have also been dragging K out for walks with me, to make the most of the good weather we were having (of course I had to bribe him with afternoon tea first…think “why would i walk when I can run, babes?!” Typical!)


(our first trip to Pittodrie House…may have to start finishing our Bennachie runs here!)

We have had lots of visitors!

Phil (my Sweden buddy!) wanted to see us before he headed off to Japan and the Phillipines for some travelling in between jobs (he has an amazing job so can afford to do these things!). Unfortunately, it was one MENTAL trip! His train was delayed so he missed a connection, but on our way to pick him up, I drove over a rock and slashed our tyre!


We were about 5miles from the station so he said he’d put on his trainers and head over (he claimed he still did this but in actual fact a car passed him and offered him a lift! Country living, eh?!). Meanwhile, a bus passed us and asked if we needed help. We’d already called roadside assistance (that said they would be around THREE HOURS!!), so we thought “hmmm…..PUB!!!!”.

The bus driver (Legendary Lewis) kindly dropped us off at a VERY local pub, and also said he could pick us up after he finished his last bus drop off, because he lived in Alford anyway. We had around an hour to drown our sorrows, and we are SO fortunate he dropped us off at our house because our car wasn’t dropped off until 11pm… We called them at 6.30pm! Lewis = saviour.

(FINALLY home! And Chewy then wanted a selfie with Phil.)

Speaking of Chewy, she has found her special spot and won’t leave me alone!


(yes I am aware of the innuendos from this)

And she ALWAYS wants to drink what I’m drinking…!


(interesting fact: Kyle gave me that mug a few years ago for my bday. It says “To Debbie, love Kyle & Debbie x” #ohbabez…)

Oh and Phil sent me this yesterday from his travels so far:


(only in Japan!)

We also had Amber (flowergirl) and Drew (page boy) round to stay, only a couple of nights after Belle (flowergirl #2) and Charlie (page boy #2) came to stay!

(Top: “Daddy do we HAVE to go to bed?”. Bottom: “let’s pretend we are already sleeping so we can stay here”)

When we have had some spare time, we have been wedding planning! To FORCE us to do it ie not procrastinating in the house by cleaning/hot-tubbing/Netflixing, we have found the Alford Bistro to be very convenient (oh em gee their cakes…). We have now booked our honeymoon!


(spot where we’re going…)

And now as I type this Matty the Tattie (Kyle’s best man) is up staying with us. When I asked them what they were up to while I was at work, I was sent this:


(why didn’t I take the day off work?! excuse the “dinosaur excrement” as K keeps telling people…we are in the process of making a raised vegetable patch)

Ok and lastly (if you have lasted this long!), I am pleased to announce I have registered for my first half ironman as a pro/elite/superstar/bigtime (only kidding…when you see me in transition 2 you’ll know this isn’t the case ;)…) Actually, it’s my first half ironman full stop, since Kyle took my place in Ireland! It will be the Holkham Half on 2nd July! Now I need to get some serious training in!

Next up: London marathon!!! Kyle is still racing but it’s all about the World Champs a few weeks later! Cannot wait to go down and play cheerleader with Tom to support our other halves!! Fiona is going to smash it!! And for all others racing ENJOY and EMBRACE the taper and I look forward to cheering on you on the day!! You got this!!

Kippy comes to Sauchen

Last weekend was so much fun!

So on Saturday, my Mum & Emma headed for a spa day in Nairn. We actually passed our wedding venue en route so made sure to go in and have another look, ask some questions and try to get organised! It was their first time visiting and they loved it, so I have a good feeling about this..!

We had afternoon tea with Prosecco (of course!), then a facial and a manicure (they had massages too). It was EXACTLY what I needed! I actually squeezed in an easy 16 miler at 6am before getting picked up, so the relaxation felt well earned!



(The hot tub outside was LUUUSH! No pic of the cakes. They were demolished pretty quickly.)

It was entirely a girly day. We dropped Kyle off with Kenny Wilson (who just went 14.45 for a 5k! Yes, that is 4.44 per mile…) for a killer run session, then he played at his Mum & Dad’s house until we were done, since we were up there anyway. Our road trip activity included this being sent to Kenny prior to said tough session:


Ok on to the next day, no big deal but WILSON KIPSANG WAS IN ABERDEEN!!!!! In fact, he was even closer to us and in SAUCHEN!! Yes a former world record holder and multiple marathon major champ was in the area and Myles was kind enough to invite us to dinner to meet him, along with DAVE MOORCROFT AND GIDEON GATHIMBA (yes all world record holders. great experience).


(Big Time meet the real Big Time)

Yes so as they were holding a Q&A session at Kyle’s workplace, it was only right he went to join in! And I met Sluggy for a run session and bike (normally done the other way round but our next race has a run/bike/run so we need to practice cycling on tired legs!).

We managed 8x1mile w 60s recovery, averaging about 6.05, then a 2hour cycle on a super potholey road (my butt hurt….).

OH AND THEN I forced him out for a(nother) brick run…10minutes. I smashed straight into a bollard outside his flat!!!! It swoll up pretty bad. What a doughball…


Then Kyle came and took us out for coffee and cake! Where JK was beginning to struggle after our tough training day…


(disclaimer: not his actual appearance)

No pics of dinner because I was too in awe at who was walking around in trackies and bare feet while I ate the best lasagne of my life (sorry Mum!) at Myles’ house!

Let’s hope he smashed Tokyo marathon this weekend! 🙂

(Apres)Skiing is great training too, right?

I REALLY need to post more than once a month! Buuuut I never realised how time consuming wedding planning is (every time I speak about it I feel like such a grown up!) and we somehow managed to book two holidays within a month!



Speaking of the wedding, we got a spread in the Forres Gazette all about our engagement! P&J eat your heart out!




Obviously last month was Iceland, and last week we were skiing in Chatel in France!! There were 10 of us and the 3 floor chalet with fire and hot tub (and STAFF!!! How posh are we?!!) was spectactular! And the skiing wasnt half bad either 😉



After going pretty hard trying to keep up with the speedsters (I skiied every year when I was young (even did competitions!) at our timeshare in New England, but when my parents split up I took a 15 year hiatus and last Monday was the 1st day of my comeback!), my right shin had swollen up like a cricket ball the 2nd and 3rd day so I wasn’t able to ski!

Instead, I hired a board and made an attempt at remembering the week long block of lessons I have received ever in life and followed everyone up the chairlift to the top of one of the mountains. At the top was when I realised I should have stuck to a green run and questioned my sanity, but I was there anyway so why not take my time down while the others headed to Morzine for the day. I missed a turn and went left instead of right, with the only option being to take another lift further up the mountain. Oops. About an hour later (could have walked faster), I made it to the bottom, gave up and walked back to the chalet, ate cake that our chef had just baked, and people watched from the balcony. Not the worst way to recover!

For those of you wondering, Kyle has never really skied (one week total he reckons) but is one of those people who picked it up quick and just tries to keep up. Well, he managed but we loved his special technique, particularly when in the aero position! I MUST find a pic of this (Aki send over asap!).

We had the most funnest times evers!! And now back to reality again! Next trip will be London for Kyle’s 2nd attempt at the marathon in April – he is back to full training now! And I am 90% injury free *touches wood* just trying to get some fitness back from everything I lost! No races this month but planning a couple in March.

Hope everyone is well! 🙂 and if you’re not, vin chaud cures EVERYTHING!

skiing or boarding?

snow holiday or sun holiday?

beer or vin chaud?


We’re Engaged!


Just a quick message to say thank you for all your amazing messages and congrats for the Mooreig Engagement! We have loved reading them all!

Basically, he really pulled it out of the bag. He woke me up at 6am on our 2nd day in Iceland and told me he couldn’t sleep so he found Iceland’s tallest waterfall was an hour away and we should go there. I was half asleep and confused but agreed, provided I got a coffee, and off we drove in a storm.

By the time we arrived, the clouds had cleared and we started our 5km hike across rivers and up cliffs (apparently if I passed that challenge only then was he going to propose).

Then as we go to the top of the cliff, we saw the sunrise over this stunning waterfall (it was literally breathtaking – climbing is hard!). He had run up faster than me (but that’s normal so I didn’t suspect anything) and as I reached the top, I tried to get Kyle’s camera to work (my phone broke the day before – typical!), turned around to ask for help, and he was down on one knee! I couldn’t say no because he would have pushed me off the cliff 😉

Then we drive to the 10km race we had entered, Kyle won(!) (beating an Icelandic champion in the process) so of course people were asking him lots of questions, and when he told them what had happened that morning, they got us on stage at the finish line (which was also the Christmas market!) and we were on TV and people took photos of us! Everyone was amazing and so friendly; we would definitely go back!

It was the best day ever!

Link to the video is here in case you missed it – apologies for the cringe factor…we were freeeezing and understandably excitable!






(last 2 aren’t our pics but this is where it happened!)

More to come, and with Kyle’s birthday yesterday, and us hosting Christmas and New Year, this is partay month!