Holkham Half this weekend

Wow twice in one week…this has been unheard of recently!

 Just a quick note to thank everyone on behalf of K and I for your kind comments and support recently on our way to world domination!

The sporting community really is phenomenal and second to none!

So onto the next race: the Outlaw Holkham Half in 2 days’ time!


It will be my first ever half iron distance (1.9km swim, 90km bike, followed by a half marathon) as Kyle ended up doing the only one I’ve entered on 3 weeks’ notice, after I was hit! My A goal is to beat his time from that race 😉 (although he is one of those people that can do everything and finished in 4.42 with a 1.15 run split!).

Training has gone really well. I am running faster than ever before and my cycling is continuing to improve. Unfortunately, I had a crash at the Stonehaven Beer Festival Sportive, on the 1st bend on the descent on Cairn O’Mount (if you have been there, you’ll know that wouldn’t have been pretty!). Although nothing was broken, I have had shoulder issues since, but I am still hoping to put in a solid performance in the elite field of the race!


(speedhub gear is clearly amazing since there were no tears!)


(The beer was a great painkiller…at the time! We managed to get in the local paper with this shot!)

For those looking to track me, I am lucky number 8(is that a thing?!) and my race kicks off at 6.27AM (again, is that a thing?!?!?!).


2 years since the accident

More on London in the next post, but despite being ill I had an AMAZING time! Kyle didn’t have a great day at the office and struggled from half way, finishing in 2.29. The support crew LOVED watching him in the final couple of miles, though – he was just taking it in and making the spectators cheer with his waving and smiling!

Tuesday marked 2 years since I was hit by a car during a training ride. Last year I was on a plane to Thailand, and I got a little sad but I was more proud of my comeback year. This year has been a little different. I put more pressure on myself last year, as if I were back to a normal “athlete”. I need to remember I’m not.

I have had a virus since the cycle race I did. I’m not sure if it was the sleet, or a combination of pushing myself in cold weather and eating too many easter eggs as recovery, instead of properly taking care of my body.

Anyway, I have been completely floored. This isn’t normal for me. I’ve been told that since my PEs, I am more susceptible to illness, and it will take longer for my body to fight it. Hence why I have been ill more in the last couple years than in a decade, and why Kyle never catches anything I seem to have *touches wood*.

Being ill, any normal psycho athlete totally thinks their year is over; that the 2 weeks I’ve been forced to take off will make me super unfit and flabby and no PBs for me this year. Particularly if they have only just gotten over an injury.

Anyway, you can imagine I have been pretty miserable (although London did cheer me up!). I had more time to reflect on Tuesday exactly what happened to me on that day 2 years ago.

I went into the exact details of getting up, grabbing breakfast (a large bowl of pb porridge and a bagel…all that food meant I couldn’t have surgery until late afternoon when I’d digested it all!), wishing Kyle good luck organising his ASV team’s travel over to Balmoral, sorting out my bike, carrying it downstairs, and cycling the 0.8 miles to the scene of the accident. 

I remember thinking it was a lovely day for a cycle; the sun had risen enough that it wasn’t in my eyes, there was little wind, and it was a nice temperature for cycling and running.

I remember getting to the roundabout, loving how quiet the roads were at that time in the city.

I remember crossing it, looking to my left and wondering why that car approaching doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Then I remember opening my eyes and being pretty far from where I last remembered, my bike being quite a number of metres away from me, in pieces (I chose not to look long enough to find out just how bad the damage was). I remember feeling this weird pain in my leg, as if there was a strong breeze concentrated to that area, then I remember sitting up and noticing the top of my knee was missing. All i saw was bone!

I remember screaming – screaming as loud as I could thinking how important a witness was in these circumstances. I didn’t care about my health at that moment; more that the person that hit me was caught! It seemed like noone was around and I felt so alone.

It felt like an eternity before anyone came, but apparently within a couple of minutes I had a lot of people around me. Unbeknown to me, one was the guy who hit me (he admitted this to Kyle later), one was my soon to be surgeon who was on his way to work and called ahead to ensure they were ready for me (how cool is that?!), and another couple of amazing people who just wanted to help.

I remember a woman called Kyle after finding my phone (that still works to this day!) as he was the last contact on my phone so she hoped he was a partner of mine, I remember her speaking to Kyle on the phone and I could tell how Kyle was feeling on the other side of the phone, knowing the person calling him wasn’t me.

I remember hearing him coming towards me (it didn’t take him long at all to get to the scene). I remember the ambulance being there at the time and asking Kyle to help them put me on a stretcher in case I broke my back, but his hands were shaking so much he was told he was causing more harm than good! I have never seen him so scared to this day.

I remember I didn’t respond to the morphine. They gave me a tiny dose that already made me nauseous, so I had to go without drugs.

I remember the potholes we drove over in the ambulance. I remember Kyle couldn’t come with me as he had to pick up the remains of my bike and take his car to the hospital.

I remember Mum being on a weekend away in St Andrews and getting a train all the way to Aberdeen herself, not knowing how I was. She must have been so alone. I remember how tight she held me when she got to my hospital bed.

I remember the wait before surgery with hardly any drugs seemed like eternity. I remembered trying to make jokes to make my family feel better, and I remember asking the doctor if I was going to die.

I remember the following morning, before I had any visitors, changing my mindset. I remember this fighting mentality taking over. This was shortlived, however, when I then had to call for a nurse to take me to the toilet!

I then remember the repercussions of being in a cricket splint, inactive for so long. I remember the stabbing sensations I kept getting in my back. I remember being told at A&E that it was probably gallstones from a steak I had. Then I remember not giving up and continuing to waste hours in A&E. Then going to the doctor 3 days in a row, because she knew something was wrong but each night did more research and brought me back to find out what it could be. Then I remember being sent straight to the hospital for tests, leaving my valuables at work because I had just popped down for another checkup (wrong!).

I remember being told the news and being discharged with a bunch of drugs alone one morning. I had a very sad and lonely walk back to my flat, but luckily Phil and Callum were free to meet me and look after me while I took in the news that I had permanently damaged lungs, from a DVT that went untreated, that moved up to my lungs and were so large from being untreated (thanks, gallstone nurse) for a while, that they were ready to attack my heart or brain soon. If Dr Daniel hadn’t done all that work on me, there’s a good chance I’d be dead.

The fight from that worst time of my life hasn’t been easy. I struggle almost daily with breathing, I get ill more often, and some days I have nothing to give, but I need to keep remembering what I’ve achieved since then.

I have the best Mum and “fiance” in the world – they  have been incredible. And I have amazing friends. I have won quite a few races, including the Scottish Championships, and an ITU qualifier, and am now a sponsored athlete (thanks, SpeedHub!).

I’m sorry this isn’t one of my usual annoyingly perky posts, but you readers need to know that this journey hasn’t been easy, and although I do consider myself annoyingly perky 99% of the time, I am human (although my Mum tells me otherwise) and I did get sad on Tuesday. But that’s ok! I will get over this virus, get Carol’s large safety pin to pull up my big girl pants again, and keep on fighting. Life is boring if it wasn’t challenging, right?!

PEs, PBs, & Pressure

PE: A pulmonary embolism (PE) can cause symptoms such as chest pain or breathlessness… A massive PE can cause collapse and death. PE usually happens due to an underlying blood clot in the leg – deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

PB: The best time or score ever achieved by an athlete in a particular event commonly termed in athletics as a PB.



This post was inspired by a friend I have made in the past year since I got my “massive PEs”, Choc  (I hope you don’t mind me posting this!). Anyway, she was/is a super fast runner and personal trainer (her clients have shown some amazing results!) and messaged me on Facebook last year with this:

I thought you might be interested to hear that I have spent the past few months going through what you are currently going through. I was trying to train over the winter and kept wondering why I was so unfit. It got to the point I was having to stop for rests walking up tiny slopes and was getting out of breath getting dressed! I went to the doctors at the end of March, was first treated for asthma, then chest infection and then pulled muscle (I can appreciate the pain you are in, I have read women say it’s the only pain that compares to child birth!), In the end I went to ARI and (as instructed by a doctor friend of mine) demanded a D-dimer. It was positive although they said it was almost certainly a false positive. Back in the next day for a VQ scan which confirmed multiple PEs in both lungs. I assume that is a familiar story to what you went through with lots of misdiagnosis…. Back in to hospital a week later with pneumonia (it’s normal for fluid to be produced as the clots break down apparently so that’s what caused it).  I’m not going to tell you to take it easy like everyone will because I know that doesn’t help! Sorry for the long rambling message and please ignore me if I’m interfering! … Wishing you a really speedy recovery and hope you make it to the Ironman start line. But remember there is always next year if you don’t. Or maybe a try at a 70.3 qualification would be more realistic? Take care. Choc x

On Sunday, she ran the Ballater 10 miler.


It got me thinking. A lot.

Sometimes, when I have a hard training session to do, my breathing is abnormal, or I am worn out a lot more than usual. Instead of listening to my body, I beat myself up about it.

“Why can’t you hit x pace for this rep? I am so slow!”

“This hurts so much – why are you so unfit?!”

“You might as well quit. This is too hard and you are too slow.”

I haven’t really raced much since the accident running-wise (the Ironman was a “get through it” race and the Moray Marathon was “just for fun”). I’m focussing here on the running races, because I feel that is the hardest discipline of the 3 that I train for cardiovascular-wise. I’ve done a couple of parkruns, but I never really did them regularly enough before to compare! And I was due to do Ribble Valley 10k again, but it got cancelled when we were half way through our road trip. All I know is I have not been too happy with my running since being diagnosed, whether it be in triathlon races, parkruns or tough training sessions.

So I have had an epiphany! I am going to stop putting pressure on myself! Yes, I have some hefty goals for the next couple of years, but I need to remember that I do this for fun! I work full time (in a new job which I LOVE!) and health, family and happiness are more important than being miserable and making myself ill both mentally and physically from constantly comparing myself to how I was before, and to others that all seem to be flying at the moment, while I have had to take a few steps back and improve from there.

Ok, that feels good to get that off my chest. Not literally: those blood clots are there to stay.

Last week we had Amber & Drew over for a BBQ & sleepover on their school holidays, and to thank us they gave me this:


(They like me best cause Kyle “stinks” and only got a paper aeroplane that they threw away)

And at the weekend we were in Forres for a wedding!


(And of course if we are with Kyle’s mum, there will be tequila on the table)

This weekend we are meeting Callum’s better half!! We may head out to Aboyne for the Highland Games, but apart from that, we will be getting on with decking out the garden!

(the garden’s a bit of a mess right now!)

Then I am into taper for the British in Liverpool next weekend! My biggest weakness at the moment is the skills element, so I will take the extra rest to work on taking my wetsuit off quicker, and mounting/dismounting without falling off!

In other news, the Sports Awards nominations have gone live I believe, and my friend Robbie and I were in the paper promoting it (I was runner up last year!)!


Wish him luck in Rio!!!

Do you put yourself under pressure for every training set / race?

How do you mentally prepare for races?

Ever stopped half way during a session / race, because you didn’t feel well or weren’t in the zone?

Do you know all of your PBs?



Garioch 5k win, Kyle’s ridiculous win, and the rest of my birthday



Let’s start with mid-week, shall we? This was not how I had anticipated feeling for my birthday 😦



It has been lingering for a while, and still(!) won’t go away! And Kyle was off work yesterday so wish him well too, ‘kay?

I had totally forgotten about St Patrick’s Day, thus forgetting my Guinness! Callum must hate me! However, I DID remember to dig out my Victoria’s Secret panties that my own MOTHER gifted me last year:


(Anyone else think this a tad inappropriate to give your daughter?! Or for the blog….)

Ok on to birthday weekend. After a tough training week, including my 1st commute(!), I was ready for Friday afternoon off and a trip down to Dalgety Bay to visit Sisterister Emma for dinner and drinks, then shopping on Saturday morning.

Delicious food, some prosecco and easter eggs for dessert meant for such a fun evening! (Emma’s 26th birthday was yesterday! 2 years and 2 days apart!)

The following morning, I had a short n sweet 3x2min @ 10k pace run to do, so where better to do it than the Bay itself…the photos don’t do it justice – the sun was just rising and it was stunning!!



Then we hit the outlets and Mum dropped me off back at work (where my bike was) so I could cycle home (fitting training around an action packed weekend was tough!). Unfortunately, the wind and my bad timing of how  much over the speed limit fast a car was going, meant an emergency stop and me skidding and landing on my wrist. Not cool. Look away now if you don’t like blood blisters, swelling (and my mutant toe thumbs).


(This was the following morning…I wore a support and a big glove for the races in case clumsy me fell again)

It is actually still pretty sore and I had to do kick in the pool on Monday, and turbo instead of cycling outside, so I hope the swelling and pain goes down soon. Can someone teach me how to fall with less pain, please?

When I got in, Kyle had already left to pick up our friend Gary who came up from Edinburgh to do the Garioch Half Marathon in training his sub 3.10 in a couple weeks! 😉 so I attempted to derobe and sat in the bath and cried in pain with a hot chocolate, as the entire cycle was a freezing hell and that whipped cream, marshmallows, and bubble bath was what kept me going that entire journey. #mentaltoughness

When they arrived, I had a bag of peas on me, so I was feeling better, and Kyle cooked quesadillas while we all had some beers and caught up, so all in all it was a really fun day!

Sunday morning, I woke up to a quick breakfast in bed (cheers, Babez!) and got ready to be at the Run Garioch event for 8.30am-ish, as Kyle and I were asked if we could do a couple of the kid’s races!


(that’s me in the pink! that was so much fun – those kids are gutsy!)

I was running with 5 year old John, who was crying because there were so many people and he was scared. I promised I wouldn’t let anything happen to him and we would run faster than the tractors he plays with at home. He stopped crying, held me hand, and we waited for the gun. Approximately 0.3seconds after the gun went off, John shot away like a bullet and I never saw him again..!

I was faffing around, playing with the kids, chatting with Callum and Mum & Keith, who had come to watch, that I totally lost track of time! I got to the start line of my 5k race with maybe 30 seconds to spare (don’t worry – the kids’ races had warmed me up, and I managed some strides a little earlier). This really got the adrenaline pumping and I was ready to race this 5k!


I was chatting to David Langan a couple days beforehand, who had eased my mind and told me the hill wasn’t as bad as I thought. Well, we are no longer friends! That hill just kept going and going right into the countryside, where you had nowhere to hide from the wind! One guy ahead of me dropped out after the hill…I hope he was ok!?


Langan got 3rd place, by the way, and totally rocked it! But I may forgive him after he admitted he had underestimated said hill.


My original plan was to try and stay close to the lead guys, so as to be protected from the wind, but they all went off like a rocket and I was left all alone. I managed to pick off one after about a mile, but he reeled me in in the final 500m (grrr!). It was a lonely race for me, but I was happy I could still see the guys in front. The revised plan was to stay within myself on the uphills, and really push the downhills.

Unfortunately, Callum caught me at the worst ever moment and I look like Voldemort. I have aged a lot this birthday…


With about a kilometer to go, I regained my strength and powered down the hill to the finish. When my watch flashed 5km and I was nowhere near the line, I was confused, and annoyed! I tried to keep pushing (for another 30+ seconds) for 3.19 miles in 19.07 (actually  my chip time read 42 minutes, so they had to use gun time!).

Everyone else read it as super long (was it measured in the car and we were only  allowed on pavements, perhaps?), but it was never going to be a PB course with >200ft elevation gain!


(look for orange legs and you’ll find me!)

No photos of the finish (Emma actually called my Mum while Keith was filming, which apparently loses all video history on iphones?), but I can confirm I won by just under a minute, and was 7th overall out of around 400 runners.

Kyle had a phenomenal day!!! His coach had asked him to do 7 steady paced miles right before his half started, so he could make 20 miles for the day. He average sub-6 minute miles for these, then did the half only 4 seconds over his own course record in 1.10.41!! Again, a pretty hilly course, so he is getting super confident for London now! If you missed his last update on how training is going, you will find it here!

Gary managed a 1.28 (I told him to go that time since I was 28 that day), executed to perfection, and Callum and I watched the finish line from the car park for an hour – while I was on the turbo!!! I was meant to do a recovery ride but my hand was too swollen.


After prize-giving and a couple of beers in the VIP area, we headed back to Alford for some grub and birthday drinks!


(a nice wee surprise post-fish n chips! poor club-hand)

Then Gary and Callum left, I opened some presents, then hit the hay (stoopid school night!).




(no it’s my birthday, and I swim, cycle and run anyway!)

HUGE congrats to Fiona RudBri, who represented Scotland and the Home Countries International cross country champs at the weekend! And also to Jeremy Kibble who FINALLY smashed his half mara PB in Alloa!!

Who all ran Garioch? 

Did you find it hilly?

Do you prefer undulating courses or flat and fast courses?

Wee Health Update

After my doctor’s appointment yesterday (I was getting an overview of my medical records from summer and blood test results), I unfortunately got some bad news. Apart from the fact I had a high white blood cell count (an infection – grrr!), I found out from her interpretation of the scans and an indepth consultation on exactly what happened to my body after the accident, my lungs are now permanently damaged 😦

As far as I was aware, I only had one ginormous clot in my right lung (that was the only side that was in excruciating pain), but apparently I had multiple pulmonary embolisms in both lungs. Maybe the hospital staff wanted me to remain calm!? Or perhaps I was in denial so only believed what I wanted to believe. Either way, contrary to my belief (and Barry/Fraser, if you’re reading…!), the anticoagulants are not what’s affecting my performance athletically; it’s the lack of oxygen being absorbed into my lungs.

OK that’s the bad news (granted, it’s pretty bad, but I am still here, right?). The good news (please be optimistic with me m’kay?), is that after a bunch of Googling, I found out that a couple of athletes wwaaaaaayyyyyy better than me have gone through it. Albeit, one unfortunately passed away due to a PE caused from a DVT (Jerome Kersey), BUT Serena Williams (!!) went through a similar situation.

She underwent surgery after standing on glass that damaged her tendon. She was left in a cast and unable to move for a while, and developed a blood clot in her leg that then travelled into her lungs that caused several PEs that ultimately could have killed her. Sound familiar?

It took her a good year, however, since then she made a phenomenal comeback to win Wimbledon for the 5th time in 2012 (she has now won it 6 times) and has a total of 21 Grand Slam titles to her name (with 8 post-surgery!)!

So basically she is now my hero. Her and Jed Ortmeyer, a pro hockey player who has been faced with blood clots and PEs.

All is not lost and I shall keep fighting! If anyone knows HOW these superhumans trained their lungs to compensate for the damaged parts, it would be greatly appreciated.

More good news is WE GET THE KEYS TO OUR NEW HOUSE TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We cannot WAIT and would love for you all to come and visit!!

I have just realised this depressing post has no pictures, so I shall leave you with some funnies that always help to pick myself up:



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And my personal favourite:


Who inspires you the most?

Funniest meme you’ve seen?

How is your training going?

An Exciting Announcement

I have some exciting and fun news….:


I’ve been nominated for “Female Achiever of the Year” at the Aberdeen Sports Awards!

I guess what I’ve done this summer is a cool achievement, but to be recognised for it is awesome! Thanks to all of you for sticking by me and motivating me through the bad times! I ❤ all my family and friends! xxx

10 days to go – HELP!

In less than a week I will be travelling to Sweden (well, Denmark actually – spending a couple days in Copenhagen before getting the train to Kalmar, then a few days afterwards in Stockholm).

Unfortunately, I was in hospital over the weekend with another lung scare…



(beginning to think I should just move in – at least I got my own room again this time!)

Turns out the stabbing pain I felt in my chest, similar to the night I went to A&E to be diagnosed with gallstones (pah!), was inflammation and the fluid inside my lung was gargling away. They simplified it for the should-be-blondey, but apparently it’s just something that will come and go until the blood clot is completely gone (could be the entire 6 months I’m on the medication…I’m thinking of naming this clot. Any suggestions?)


(The amazing family knew EXACTLY how to cheer me up!)

Meanwhile, cycle buddies Jhuan and OT went on their 100 miler WITHOUT me 😦 They enjoyed rubbing in their sunny cycle while I was in prison my ward.


(I was so jealous!)


(I came home to THIS!! Kyle scored us some eggs from his friend’s chicken coop and earned MASSIVE bf points with flowers and some favourite snacks!)

I am out now and just keep telling myself to get used to the “bubbly” sensation (it comes and goes and 90% of the time I barely notice it). Healing Hands Helen has helped me TREMENDOUSLY in not only magically enabling me to bend my knee, but also with breathing exercises to make the most of the reduced lung capacity.

If I don’t make the start line, it will suck, but health comes first. I’m still going (I NEED this holiday!) so I’ll make the call nearer the time.

To help me, pretty please can you help me devise a playlist?! And any mantras you use before races??!!?!? I want to feel positive and happy again!!

My usual race playlist includes DMX, Flo Rida, Pitbull, Imagine Dragons, Lil Jon, David Guetta, Avicii, Bowling for Soup, Ludacris, Sum41, Tiesto….OBVIOUSLY I could use some more help!

Thanks in advance! Meantime, I’m going to focus on recovering, resting and getting better asap 🙂




What Inspires Me

Apologies for being MIA recently. After the news, I was a bit of a hermit and was frustrated that yet another hurdle was put in front of me beyond my control. I’m only human!

Lots of play dates, presents (hello donuts from Callum), yummy food, hospital/doctor visits, a nice getaway to Forres and rehab later, and I am slowly feeling like myself again.


(my present from Callum…Greggs makes everyone feel better 😉 …)


(Phil picked me up from the hospital…he brought with him the cycling rule book. Rule #5 he told me. Rule #5…)


(Coffee with Cal – check out the sign. How apt…(ignore lack of makeup – I had been in hospital for 3 days!))


(When Debbie’s been in hospital, Debbie gets what Debbie wants 😛 )


(I baked! Rhubarb bars with rhubarb fresh from Kyle’s uncle’s garden. Recipe here – delicious!!)


(afternoon tea makes everyone feel better)

I am on blood thinners called Rivaroxiban, with side effects including being pretty tired a lot of the time and generally light-headed (I keep bumping into furniture!). Oh, and low blood pressure. On Friday when I was getting more blood tests it was 82/60 and they were worried I was going to faint.

Some of you may think I’m mad for still wanting to make the start line of Ironman Sweden on August 15th (yes I realise it is less than a month away!). I entered the event last August and have given up a lot to be there.

I could have spent the year getting my 10km time to 36mins. I could have focussed on the marathon and getting closer to 2.50. I could have given the half marathon distance a go (I have never really trained for the half, and my PB of 84mins is from 2.5 years ago when I had only been running a year, so eventually I think I could aim for 1.20.

Alternatively, since I am certainly not built like a runner (considering I swam at a high level for over a decade and really really like food), I could have committed to training for the standard triathlon distance (I want to meet Gwen…she is uh-mazing! #girlcrush).

Not only that, I have had support from a ridiculous amount of people who see potential in me. Scott (Noodles) Neyedli has given up faaaar too much time to train me, despite him relocating to Houston (I think he just misses me so is looking for an excuse to Skype me!). Gordon was kind enough to let me train with his top squad at COAST (hello British gold medalists and Commies qualifiers) a mere NINE years after I left it, not to mention all the amazing friends of mine who have given up so much of their time to help me on my weak points (ah hem…the cycle!). You know who you are! And none of you laughed at me when I couldn’t drink from the bike, or stand up on a hill climb. At least I thought you were laughing with me…?!

If there is a strong recommendation from a professional in this field that I should not do this race, then there will always be another. Health – of course – comes first. I realise I’m mental; but I’m not a moron.

But if, in 3 weeks’ time, my wee support team tells me I just might be able to pull this off, then why not?! If I can make the start line and (what seems like) miraculously make the finish line, I will achieved something truly special. It will be emotional and it will be humbling. So let’s do this! I’m going to be extra careful over the next couple of weeks with getting back to training, and keeping everything “within myself” as I’ve been told!

Finally, the old ball n chain aka Kylie Babez has gone and done it again! This weekend, he ventured to Wales to compete in the Snowdon International hill race for the Scottish team for the 2nd time. Last year I went along for the ride (I had never been to Wales, and I was promised Alton Towers on the way home afterwards!) and he came 9th in an international field (hence the name!)! This year, I opted to stay at home to try and get better, but he smashed it and came 16th despite his gammy hammy (he hasn’t run in the last week and was really stressed out about doing it!).

He inspires me massively! Why? Because he raced with his heart; something I want to do in Sweden. Last week, one of his best friends from school died DURING IRONMAN FRANKFURT. His funeral was on Friday and he was in two minds whether to race or attend the funeral. Ian would have wanted Kyle to run the best race he could, and he did! I am so so proud of him!

It’s not just sport that inspires. Single parents, those struggling with jobs in the current climate, those struggling with terminal illnesses STILL living life to the fullest, charity fundraisers, those who risk their lives to save others, elderly couples that still hold hands walking down the street. And back to sport: clean riders in the Tour de France…holy moly that is one brutal event!

Once again, I must apologies for the mushy post. I am getting cringey after all these setbacks! It’s just whenever I get upset, depressed or frustrated, I take a deep breath and realise how fortunate I still am! And you should too!

And to end on a lighter note, here are pics from Wales last year and Kylie Babez’ race while I went for a run with my sheep friends!


(spot Kyle at the start line of the 2014 Snowdon International)


(how anyone can run up and down SNOWDON in an hour and a quarter is beyond me)


(he may have came 9th, but got injured on the descent #standardKylieBabez)



(My running buddy/Kyle substitute that morning while the Scottish team warmed up)





(what a gorgeous place – despite the weather that year!)


(last year post-Snowdon…Alton Towers as promised!)

What inspires you?

10 things to do when you can’t do much…

UPDATE: I had another check up at the hospital on Monday morning and more bad news. Since the stitches should have been taken out regardless of healing after no more than 2 weeks (apologies doctors if this is incorrect…I’m going by what I was told!), I have now developed a wee infection. Furthermore, after getting the stitches out (which was OMG painful!), the left side of the wound ie where I was initially cut, was a lot deeper and hasn’t healed yet so ANOTHER week of nothing for me, and back on the antibiotics I go…woo….

HOWEVER, I went to see healing Helen the physio on Tuesday (going again today!) and I am now able to bend my knee, albeit about 15degrees but don’t rain on my parade m’kay?! 11216035_10155571285180644_1652531990_n(Can you spot Phil??)

Anyway, I have tried to keep busy and these are some of my tips to keep my mind off of the pain/boredom, saving the best for last!

1. Make sure you are taken on LOTS of coffee and cake dates! Invite people over for coffee if they want to visit and make sure you are ok, but throw it in there that you are miserable and have cabin fever. They will feel guilty and offer to take you to the coffee shop of your choice. 11245455_10155552254365644_116180907_n

(Freyja and our multiple cakes!)


(Emma and I at Food Story.)

Coffee dates to date:

– Rosie’s with Phil

– Treehouse with Tammy (we spoke for faaaaarrr too long and ended up late for my solicitor meeting…sorry for the drama!!)

– Fifi’s again with Phil

– Café Cognito cakes but in Fiona and Tom’s GORGEOUS new house!!

– the sports village café with Lucy

– Somewhere with a weird name in Inverurie with Freyja and Mummy Prentice!

– Circles with Phil

2. If coffee and cake is not enough, afternoon tea is always a good shout. Taking kids with you who have a much lesser appetite is also a bonus, because then “Afternoon Tea for 2” means you actually get “Afternoon Tea for 1.5” while they get a half portion 😉 11186388_10155552254420644_2033055240_n

(Raemoir Garden Centre afternoon tea with Drew)

3. If no one is free to accompany you to the outside world, experiment at home while watching far too much tv/netflix.

11257705_10155565560250644_879063641_n This concoction is just a blueberry bagel with some bacon, strawberries, apple, blueberries, maple syrup and icing sugar – best breakfast EVER!


Not quite a concoction, but Callum’s gift of an endless supply of Stroopwaffels has gone down quite a treat when I’m on my lonesome!


4. See a movie, but make sure you get a good seat with lots of leg room…


This was an advert – I actually went to see the Avengers…TOTAL cinema film! Lots of eye candy too, girls! 😉 And no, I wasn’t alone, and even offered the boys to sit in a normal row. They decided sitting with me in the front row was more polite!

5. Steal someone’s small child, give them a makeover, and play dress up:


You will laugh so hard with them it gives off the same endorphins as an 8 mile run. I’m sure tests have been done.

6. Beg/bribe/blackmail your significant other to take you on a date, just so you can remember what makeup feels like again.




(check out the gigantic cockrel water jug…!)



(He has a halo)

We went to the Cock n Bull and then played Xs and Os by their fireplace afterwards – it was so much fun! Although Kyle won 😦

7. Get your amazing friend-who-isn’t-a-real-friend-because-she-ditched-me-to-go-back-to-back-to-Bath-in-order-for-her-to-qualify-for-the-Olympics-next-year (selfish) to ask Kyle’s permission to kidnap me and take me to her PERFECT country home on the foot of Bennachie:


(stolen from her Instagram…but this is part of her garden. You get the jist.)

We had the most amazing sleepover that included baking and snuggling with dogs! Exactly what I needed!

8. Get your super-fit sistafrumanuthamista Lucy to teach you how to build guns in the gym (and push you around it in a wheelchair). I have to go there anyway to do my physio exercises so I can speed up my recovery so I can go back to work and get training again. Alas, mine disappeared when swimming stopped. She is a crossfitter and “Guns” is her middle name!


(Ignore my big blue leg)

The hand bike is certainly up there with the most boring things to do in a gym, but I am slowly getting addicted, and celebrations occurred when I beat Kyle’s 10k PB after a 28.52 (level 2.4 if anyone wants a race – I am weak) 10k happened on that hand bike a couple of days ago:


(yes it counts in my head, and no Kyle didn’t care)

9. Have a pampering session, ignoring your feet because you can’t reach them. Again, try and recruit someone if you need extra help; scrubbing all your fake tan off that STILL hasn’t come off since the accident and has turned scaly on your skin, for example. I had no takers on this one.


(I’m sexy and I know it)

And finally:

10. Find jelly beans known as “Bean Boozled” and play it. A box containing 2 jelly beans of exact colour but contrasting flavour (1 delicious, and the other sickening). There are a number of colours in the box but you don’t know if you are getting a good flavour of flavour of death with each choice.


If the selector of said bean cannot eat the ENTIRE jelly bean (harder than it sounds…dog food flavour made me gag), they have to suffer the consequences in the form of a shot. Note: this last rule wasn’t part of the game, but we wanted to make it more exciting.


(skunk spray)

(I believe this one was vomit)

There you have it. Next time you are injured/unable to drive or walk, use this guide as a way to not be miserable!

AND since I am now a lot more mobile (but still can’t drive/walk >3m at a time/go up and down stairs), say your prayers for me that I can go back to work next week and start training real soon!

Disclaimer: this guide contains no promises that they will not make you gain weight or puke. Furthermore, it is against the law to kidnap or steal children/grownups.