Turbo Training….my Nemesis

Yesterday included a fun run because we have got a yellow weather warning from Hurricane Gonzalo, so I was getting blown all over the place at lunch time! I spent ages brushing my hair out because the wind made it sooooo tangled 😦

Anyway, I still managed 7 miles at lunch with an average pace of 7.40ish. Last couple miles were in the 6s purely because the wind FINALLY was on my back. The first 5 miles felt like an eternity and my watch was in the 9s for some of it! Apparently there were gusts of up to 65mph!

After work, I changed into my cycling shorts and took to the turbo. I wanted to work on my new technique (“push your back – where your bra strap would be – in the way, and bend your arms to 90 degrees”) and those isolated leg repeats.

Because of the bad weather, Sky TV was down so don’t know why I bothered facing the bike to the television. Instead, I blasted my ipad and mixed up each verse being a different leg, doing both legs for the chorus, then maybe on the second song I’d do the chorus all out as fast a cadence as possible etc etc. I think when you’re working out by yourself songs and using them to alter your intensity is more fun than clock watching and doing a minute fast 30secs steady etc etc.

50ish minutes later (I wanted to get at least 45 mins in and by 50 I called it quits cause I was just too sweaty) The fan Scott donated because he couldn’t be bothered going to skip before he left kindly gave me will need to come out next time! This was the end result during my cooldown:

20141021_174402 20141021_174704 20141021_174651

(you are welcome)

Does anyone else gets reeeeeaaaaaallllyyyyy sweaty on the turbo? The window was only slightly open and my flat is quite hot I suppose…next time I’ll make sure the window is open, I have a towel at the ready and the fan is on!

And what about everyone’s butts? Is it just me or does everyone walk like John Wayne after cycling?


(maybe I could go as him for Halloween?)

How am I supposed to run a marathon after 112 miles on a sore saddle? I wonder if I could invent a mattress/pillow/cushion time chair specifically moulded to each individual’s “area” and make it aerodynamic enough that I will never have to work again and I will be super famous int he cycling world?



Ok my rant is over. Maybe I’ll just have to man up and get used to it.

On another note, what has happened to Renee Zellweger’s face?





I hope it wasn’t because of the Family Guy episode:


I thought she had a classically beautiful face before – I just hope that she has finished filming the final Bridget Jones movie so it doesn’t look odd she is happier now.

Questions for you:

Girls, any tips/styles on how to avoid tuggy hair? I tried a bun but running impact makes it fall out, and plaits get tuggy too 😦

How do you get more comfortable on the saddle?

How do you mix up solo workouts on the trainer to avoid boredom/slacking off?