1st Long Run post Injury and Santa’s Grotto!

So my 2 races within a couple hours made the Press & Journal:

Scanned from a Xerox multifunction device

(must have been a slow week!)

If I’d known I would be exposed like this I would have warmed up for that park run! Oops!


Our walk home from the university on Saturday night, along with some water before bed, meant that I woke up hangover free on Sunday morning and ready to attempt my 1st long run (around 2 hours) since being injured!

Silly Debster, however, somehow forgot to drink water on Sunday morning and started her long run later than usual so probably didn’t eat enough either….

Around 9am, I had an espresso and 2 slices of toast with jam, then didn’t have anything else before heading off on my run at 11am. The plan was Kyle wanted a longish run too, but wanted to run on trails as that way his Achilles isn’t bothered, so he drove to Scolty and I was going to run there and meet him (18ish miles).

abdn to banch


(slight uphill most of the way – my worst kind of hill after steep downhill!)

He left later than me so passed me on North Deeside Rd when I was about 5 miles in, where I made him stop and give me water! I felt great though! Uphill and into a slight headwind, I was hitting 7.10 min/miles with ease! Thinking mentally I could just check out and listen to my music the whole way (it’s just one long road to Banchory), made me quite confident in that I didn’t have to think (unlike Tyrebagger the previous day) and just run.

Unfortunately, it didn’t quite work out that way, as the cycle route suddenly stopped about 9 miles in, so I was forced to run on the main road (sorry, Mum!). Luckily, Sunday morning meant that it wasn’t too busy and cars were really nice. Then, about 15 minutes later, I finally found a way to get onto the abandoned railway line that also goes directly to Banchory! Normally I don’t like running on this path because I find it quite monotonous, but I was thankful to find it as it was far more inviting than the main road! Being the simple minded fair weather runner, hitting the treadmill whenever there is a spot of rain or wind, I forgot that this path had the potential to be waterlogged in places. I spent quite a bit of time climbing walls and into fields to avoid getting soaked. I also had to go back on myself a few times as there was just no way of getting across.

This took its toll and about 14 miles in (I passed 13.1 in just under 96 mins) my body was tired. Constant slight uphill for over 100 minutes, along with constantly avoiding puddles had made me both mentally and physically exhausted. I was also SEVERELY DEHYDRATED. I stopped and walked for about 5 minutes, coincidentally right at the point where the old steam train takes off:



I started running again, and could barely get under 8 min miles, but when I saw the river again I was in heaven! I was like Usain Bolt running to the banks to get some water!

A quick text to Kyle to say I was running late and I was off again! Not a negative split by any means but 18 miles in the bank! It took about 2hr15 and my trainers were SOAKED right through!

Kyle was so muddy he washed himself in the Falls of Feugh, while I brought baby wipes and enough towels/dry clothes that I didn’t have to subject myself to further freezing punishment!

To reward ourselves, we finally got to go to Raemoir for cake (!!) and to visit the Christmas Grotto!


(Kyle sat on Santa’s lap)


(my attempted selfie with Santa)


(they had so many gorgeous moving toys!)

Lunch plus cake followed, then it was time to head to Alpine Bikes to collect my bike (only 2 weeks after my crash…) and then I had a cinema date with Freyja!! Go and see Gone Girl if you haven’t already!!

Questions for you:

How do you get over “the wall” in long runs?

Favourite post long run reward?

Weekend Recap :)

I hope everyone had a great weekend! How mental was the wind!?

Friday night Lucy came round and we had home made chicken nuggets – recipe here:



We also played Trivial Pursuit, borrowed from Mum. It was from the 80s. There were a lot of questions relative to the 80s. That is my excuse for losing (I was the youngest by 3 years)! hmmph.

Saturday morning I was up early to go cycling with Ian Milne. He is a MACHINE! Scottish age group record holder for numerous events (I think 5?) and all round superstar on the bike! We had 70 miles on the agenda but the wind was MENTAL. We couldn’t chat to each other it was just too windy 😦 So 4 hours without too much chat didn’t bode well for me! How am I going to cope in the Ironman!?!? 140 miles with NO CHATTING!?!? Must work on this.

Anyway, long story short, the wind caused Ian to have a horrible early bonk – he said he hadn’t felt like that so early before! Our average speed wasn’t good but with the hills and the ridiculous wind (SO many times I nearly got blown off the bike…) I can’t complain. Plus we saw an otter. So that was nice.


71 miles in 4.25 – Average speed 26km/h

Oh, I forgot to mention I fell off my bike. Right at the end 😦 I left Ian and had a couple miles myself to get back to mine, which includes a stop at a pedestrian crossing at a busy roundabout. There were too many cars passing so I stopped, clipped out, but was so shaky and tired I fell the other way. In front of SO MANY cars. I cut my knee and my hand swelled up really bad. AND I had a ring on the worst finger, so that still can’t come off and is cutting off the circulation. If it’s still like this on Wed I will have to get the ring cut off (note it is a Tiffany’s ring I got from my girlfriends for my 21st – I don’t want to lose it!)


(my swollen finger)


(a blood blister – ewwwwww)

I cleaned myself up really quickly, changed into shorts and trainers, and dragged Kyle out to do a 2 mile loop with me. WOW did I feel like an octopus! You’da thought I was running 5 min miles with my breathing, and my rhythm was all off. Surprisingly, I looked at my watch at the 1st mile and was bang on 7.30. Let’s now try and keep this up for 26.2 miles AFTER doing 112 miles instead of 71, AND a 3.9km swim okay body? You have until August.

BUT, being referred to as “Superwoman” sure helped:


(yay! Scott would never call me superwoman…!)

After a long shower, and a couple of Man V Food episodes, we popped into town to grab some food and coffee. I was craving some sushi so I dragged Kyle to Yo Sushi (salmon and avocado handroll = dabomb.com), then immediately afterwards demanded a Starbucks (those pumpkin spice lattes are awesome!). Wow maybe I’m needy?

With food still on the brain, we went to Marks in Spencer to find the dessert the papers have been talking about: “Britain’s sexiest pud”, the Belgian Chocolate Jaffa Sphere.


(we got the last one!)

Perhaps the article bigged it up too much, but I just thought it was “oh, that tastes pretty good” as opposed to “OH EMM GEE I NEED ANOTHER ONE IMMEDIATELY”.

When we got back, we caught up with Game of Thrones (finally got to the last episode!), Gotham, and American Horror Story and I was falling asleep. We were meant to have a birthday night out, but we were so tired we thought we would be healthy (forget I mentioned the jaffa sphere, m’kay?) and save some money (sorry, Myles!)

Sunday was a day of rest for me (well, if you count 12 ridiculously windy miles along Aberdeen beach at 7.20 pace), which included a long bath, face mask and painting nails, while Kyle did the Monymusk Half Marathon. Not only did my rockstar WIN, he obliterated the course record by 2 minutes!!


(how cute is that framed postcard?!)

He won some more running vouchers and another meal out! WOOHOOOO!  I was thinking about doing it but I’ve had a few niggles lately and didn’t want my overly competitive mindset to get myself injured, so I was sensible and did my own long run. It better pay off because it sounded like so much fun!

When he came home, we did a food shop (yes those are pumpkins in the background – we will be have a carving competition soon!) and made some nice food to celebrate!


(antipasti, humous, bread, grapes, nachos with camembert and avocado, salad and wine!)

Questions for you:

How was your training over the weekend?

Any races on the schedule?

A Great Weekend without the Bonk this Time!


Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Mine was great!


After work, Kyle and I headed to 6o North (we go here all the time I would like commission please if you’re reading) and had this:


(it was the bomb.com)

BEER AND CHEESE SOUP!! In a bread bowl!

Just like when I had a clam chowder in a bread bowl in San Fran:

401116_10151138288190644_460392156_n (it was so cold that day!)

…Except it was BEER and CHEESE!

We also had the platter that we had last time and a few too many beers


(platter, soup and peach beer!)

We then thought it would be a great idea to do a pub crawl home. This happened:


(2 more rounds were to follow…) 


(We sent this to his MUM. #realathletesdrinktequila)


After getting in around 1am, I had a bike fitting at Holburn Cycles at 7.30am. Yep, you read that right. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am dedicated and committed to rocking triathlons and this Ironman, but I was not feeling this bike fitting. Especially since I had to act like I was on form and ready for a long training weekend ahead of me.

Plus THIS was the weather:


(soaking and windy)

And this was me after running there in the pouring rain and gale force winds:


(dedicated runner after 5 hours sleep)

I was told it would take an hour. I was there until 11. THREE AND A HALF HOURS. Actually, he was amazing! We spoke for ages about what we’ve both done sport-wise, he gave me LOADS of tips, and I was fitted in a way that should allow my running muscles to conserve energy in the cycle phase. He even gave me a temporary saddle to use until I am “ready” for my Adamo one:


(I love the colour!)

When I got home, I did a little run, met Lucy for Sushi, then spent the rest of the day chilling with Kyle (who had just come back from a 10k he had WON in his hungover state! Free lunch vouchers in Ballater woop woop!)


Sunday I woke up feeling fresh and ready for our 100k cycle again. I know my prep hadn’t been great since I was out on Friday, but I ate better than I normally would on a hangover, and I drank loads of water and went to bed early. The plan was 3 loops of a route mapped by Ian, then he, Andy and Doug would leave and I would do 2 more laps with Keith. Because it was laps, I was happy that if I were to bonk again I wouldn’t be too far from someone to come rescue me home, and also if they went out too fast I could hold back and just tick off each lap myself, hopefully with less chance of getting lost!

This was the route:

Capturesdf ( x 5! )

The last 2 we picked up a bit and finished 105km with an average pace of 27.2km/h


(I forgot to stop the Garmin when going upstairs…oops)

I’m happy I’m working on base cycling fitness and I was focussed on maintaining my new technique on the bike, so the speed didn’t matter too much to me. But boy do I need to work on drinking whilst cycling and nutrition. Bonking is a big deal people!


I was nothing like the state I was in last week, so the rest of the day included lunch at Fifi’s (have the waffles there immediately!) and a beautiful walk around the cliffs near Collieston!


(Fifi’s weekly quote: Be the rainbow in someone’d cloud!)


(Kyle’s red velvet cake)


(yes, we had cake after our waffles…must replenish those energy levels)


(how the sun hit the cliffs)


(Aberdeenshire can be stunning!)


(we even saw a deer come up from the beach!)10728935_10154766963805644_1302290354_n

(can you tell it was really windy?)

Questions for you:

How much training did you do this weekend?

Have you ever felt great racing/training on a hangover?

Favourite place(s) to walk?

An Ugly 100km….

Spoiler: I bonked. Big time.

I haven’t been racing much because I want to focus my weekends on building my cycling base. Sunday’s plan was 100km with Andy, Doug and Keith which I thought would be a breeze after rocking the 100 miler a couple of weeks ago…!

Despite Friday being a bit too enthusiastic over alcohol (it was a long week!), I still ate enough and drank enough water. Perhaps on Saturday I didn’t drink as much as normal, but I didn’t think it was enough to make me die the slow painful torcherous death I suffered (can you tell I’m an exaggerator?).

I woke up at 7am, had some granola and coffee, and headed to Andy’s for 8. We left right on time and I felt great! For about 15 minutes. I hadn’t dressed appropriately for starters. In running (the sport I was most focussed on before summer), I always dressed as if it were around 10 degrees warmer because I warm up VERY quickly and sweat loads. I keep forgetting that cycling is totally different; you are going at such speeds that make you feel colder than it actually is. Cue Debster showing up in short sleeves, shorts and normal riding gloves. I wasn’t that cold riding to Andy’s as I guess the city is a bit warmer, and I figured I would only warm up. Boy, was I wrong.

Half an hour into the ride, we hadn’t even reached Echt yet and I was shivering. My head hurt, I felt nauseous, I had wind burn and I couldn’t move my fingers. I pulled up at the side of the road, thinking I was about to be sick, tried to drink but just couldn’t face it and actually got tears in my eyes. I am NOT a crier! I like to think I’m a hardcore chick who loves a challenge. That girl must have still been in bed.

After acting like a massive Diva/Princess as Noodles likes to call it, Keith let me borrow his jacket and warm gloves and I forced myself to keep going. Around 10 minutes later I was feeling much better and was even doing standing hill climbs (BIG deal for me!!) – I was able to stop to eat and drink too (another big achievement since I can’t seem to stomach anything when I cycle.)

Any other time I’m pretty much a competitive eater (Tower Burger Challenge Champion 2014):


…but that’s for another time.

Back to the cycle. About 50km into the ride, I bonked. It hurt. All I wanted to do was go home and put a duvet over my head. I wanted the ground to swallow me whole. Scott, before you lay into me, I had my Snickers bar about 90 mins in with a whole bottle of water, and we weren’t going that fast at all for me to justify this horrific crash in energy levels! I had to stop every 15 mins and the boys must have been getting so annoyed! I was sweating and shivering at the same time. My speed was dropping significantly and my legs just wouldn’t move. In that time, my average speed went from about 29km/h and ended with 25.5km/h for 107km total. That’s how much I died in the last hour or so.

On the plus side, we made friends with some gorgeous white horses! They cheered me up! It was as if they knew I was in pain as they were nudging me for cuddles!

1690700_10152511658423661_8588068825077826416_n (wishing we could swap mints for fur)

20141012_092806 20141012_092802

I am forever grateful for the borrowing of the jacket and gloves, and for the boys stopping with me to make sure I was ok. No idea what could have happened. As soon as I got home, I had the.longest.shower.ever, had a tin of soup with 2xbagels and napped for an hour. I then woke up and DEVOURED my kitchen. Remember I said I exagerated? That isn’t an exagerration. We had to go to Sainsburys for more food! I craved/had to have everything: meat, salad, popcorn, pretzels, chocolate, mango (weird craving?), sparking water, crisps, more chocolate. I was a mess.

Early to bed and I got up early to go swimming. I had DOMS quite bad and knew a recovery swim would help more than hinder, so I took a lane to myself and did 4.5km easy while the rest of the COASTies did speed work (I was jealous watching them). I was too much of a broken woman to partake in sprints.

Questions for you?

Have you ever hit the wall? 

How did you overcome it?

Any tips to avoid this?