Bonfire Night!

Wednesday night was bonfire night for those who are unfamiliar with 5th November and Guy Fawkes.

I swam in the morning, ran at lunch, was dragged out for another run after work while my homemade chorizo/prawn soup was simmering away, and then we were to pick up Kyle’s friend’s’ kids to watch the fireworks!

Little did we predict traffic was to be as mental as it was!


Not only was traffic at a hault on the way back into Aberdeen, there had been an accident near Blackburn so we were stuck outbound for nearly an hour!

Frantically Googling the Shire’s bonfire festivities, I found that Kemnay (about 10 miles away) had a display on, so we decided to take them there instead!

The car journey with the kids was hilarious!!

Andy met us there just in time for the display:

10743346_10154826417205644_1912463836_n 10608966_10154826417210644_1915416208_n 10745020_10154826417140644_2127905357_n

(in a rush I didn’t have time to set the camera to fireworks mode)

Amber was loving them! She particularly enjoyed the purple ones and proceeded to sing a song about purple things.


(brave girl loving the display)

Drew, on the other hand, was a little scared so needed to cuddle into his Daddy!

10799311_10154826417180644_505033446_n 10799618_10154826417115644_2009032113_n 10748720_10154826417120644_172047576_n

And, well, Kyle doesn’t know how to take photos – but I promise I was there! Amber and I were wearing matching jackets so apparently we are now Sparkler Princess Twins, Kyle was told he is a Clock-Bum-Watch, while Drew insisted on being Snow White for the night.


Afterwards, we went back to Andy’s to light sparklers and pretend we were Harry Potter, before hometime so that they I could get to bed…

Questions for you:

Did you watch any bonfires/firework displays?

Or do you do it at home?