1 month blog anniversary!

Hope you all had a boo-tiful Halloween! See what I did there?


Sooooo many sweets! Our work held a bake sale for charity (and raised >£1,000!) and THIS was the spread:


(£5 for the most accurate calorie count of all these cakes)

You just put in a donation and filled up your plate with whatever you wanted:


(this was taken AFTER I already demolished 2xcookies, a flapjack and a viennese whirl with my Starbucks…)

They even held a silent auction for these bad boys:


(these cakes would be wasted on me. i just care if they taste nice)

Hopefully I will train lots over the weekend to make up for this (note: i know athletes don’t exercise to burn off food, and instead eat for performance, but we’ll make this an exception, m’kay?)!

PLUS I’m sure I was told Halloween, Birthdays and Christmas were the 3 days out of the year when food contains zero calories, right??

Tonight we will be continuing Halloween celebrations by attending Wendy’s annual Halloween bash (I am actually terrified because she always goes all out with her parties!), so lots of pics to follow!!

On a separate note, HAPPY 1 MONTH ANNIVERSARY TO ME!!!!!!! My blog has been going a month now, and apparently I have had nearly 1,200 DIFFERENT visitors from across the globe and just under 3 THOUSAND views! Yay! And they weren’t all me! 🙂

Hopefully if you readers keep telling your friends/bigging me up, and the papers keep writing awesome articles like this one, I will be taking over the world in no time!! Seriously, tell your friends.

And since this is a SPORTING blog, can we please talk about Rita Jeptoo testing positive for a banned substance?? Although I found her technique very strange, I always admired how consistent she seemed to be, rocking marathon after marathon. It’s sad to see that this is still going on in sport 😦

Questions for you:

Are you milking Halloween weekend? 

Any Halloween themed races you are doing?