Alford Fireworks are Amazeballs, Kyle wins again, and Beer post workout is perfect recovery food.

Hi folks!

Apologies for not being on this too much…new house plus work plus a new commute (50ish miles a day!) has left me with less time to talk to you guys! Fear not, I shall continue blogging all my stories whether you like it or not, albeit a little less than before…

Ok so last weekend marked our new local fireworks display. The Alford Scouts put on a spectacular performance and their fireworks/bonfire display was arguably better than the Ironman ones, and might even be as long as the Disney ones (but one can never compare to Disney fireworks!)! Muuuuch better than last year in Kemnay 🙂



Ooo it ALSO marked completing my 1st running session since the lung issues!! Wheezing and lack of fitness has caused me to stop half way through sets (if I even get there) but I have an inhaler for a trial period and managed 8x1km with a minute recovery on the old railway line in Alford. Note that is the flattest part we have found in the area and it certainly was not flat 😦

To celebrate, she didn’t even have a shower before opening her prize:


(a nice ale to warm me up after a cold, dark run!)

Oh and this:


…although I can’t seem to find them anywhere now. Was it for Autumn time only?!

I have been doing more cycling at the weekends now that I never see daylight during the week…on the odd weeknight (if I man up and embrace the freezing garage) you will find me here:


(yep…THAT cold)

But usually after an early rise, long commute, and lunchtime workout, baking usually takes priority. These were UNBELIEVABLE if I do say so myself:


(Apple fritter glazed donuts: recipe here)

One cycle I did I had a “screw it let’s see what the fuss is about moment” about 30minutes in: A 10 minute climb up the Suie.

  1. This moment occured while on a TT bike
  2. I chose to go up the hill on the steepest side
  3. Going into a headwind


(a nice wee 12 percenter to start the day!)


(this photo doesn’t do it justice!)

I can’t believe all this is right on our doorstep! I felt like I was on holiday!

I ALSO felt like I was back in Switzerland with the steepness of the climb! Glad it was only 10 minutes and not 5 hours like in Davos!

Speaking of Switzerland, I noticed Daniela Fyf (Ironman World Champion!) found it hard too when she attempted the Fluela!


On the non-sporting side, we have had a lot of help with the house! Between both sides of the family, we are getting there! We do appreciate the help, but sometimes we have to stand back and laugh:


(half of Keith in the utility room)

We have been SOOO fortunate to have family & friends helping us!

Ok and THIS weekend KYLE WON ANOTHER RACE!! Fraserburgh Half Marathon champ in a time of 70.19!! A couple minutes off of his PB but he annihilated the field, winning by 7 minutes! My hero!


 (Kyle with the lead bike)

Not only that, but in a team effort (Callum you are a dreamboat!), they snuck me some cakes from the MASSIVE spread at the finish line!



(PLEASE don’t tell the Broch running club 😉 … Thanks boys! Ignore the pjs)

Kyle’s parents slept over (our FIRST sleepover!) and went with him on Sunday, while I had a pre-arranged shopping/eating trip with Mummy!


(man, Starbucks is dark)


(preparing for my sugar overload later!)

That being said, Christmas shopping has commenced! I bought more stuff for me than anyone else (has anyone SEEN the Lancome counter recently!?) but it’s a start.

Ooo before I forget, I may have forgot to mention that you need to enter the Balmoral Races soon! I am only going to do it if bubblewrapped (2 years ago I ended up in A&E and on crutches, last year I was hit by a car…who knows what could happen next year!) but Kyle and I were kindly invited to the launch party!

Run Balmoral Launch
Run Balmoral Launch

You can enter here!

Ok that’s enough from me for now! Hope you’ve had a fun week and I’ll try not to be too long next time! 🙂

Overcoming Stress Through Sport

Geezo – life can be stressful sometimes! Whether it is at work, with family, in sport, or other life changes, stress really can take the fun out of it!

My biggest stress this year has been working in the oil industry! Not one but TWO rounds of redundancies in 2015! The 1st round was right around my birthday and just a couple weeks before my car accident, and the other is happening now! On Friday, I received the news that I am safe again so a) I must be doing something right,  and b) that is one GIGANTIC weight off my shoulders (until next time….!)! Going through these processes has made me realise that health comes first, what will be will be, and just make sure you stay happy!

It was just a shame that it was announced just as we’d purchased our awesome new house! Moving house is stressful enough, without not knowing whether you will be able to afford it or not! Luckily, we had a game plan for worst case scenario (run away crying, move in with parents, shop to make me feel better use savings and take any job you can while extending the mortgage) to keep as much of the strain away as possible.


(a wee gift for our new tenant, so he wouldn’t have a panic moving!)

In sport, we put an enormous amount of pressure on ourselves; whether it is to win, to get a PB EVERY race, to go faster every training session. The above has made me realise that I do sport to escape the tensions of every day life. If I were to add extra stresses from swimming, cycling and running, my head would explode! If my mind’s not in a hard workout one day, no biggie, I’ll get it next time. Trying is better than nothing. If a couple of bad sessions leads to a race that didn’t go too well due to external pressures, don’t dwell on it too much, and instead try and utilise that frustration to make you train/race harder and really release that stress! There is nothing better than nailing a tough session after a mental day in the office! You feel like you can achieve anything!

While training for the Ironman, I put a huge amount of pressure on myself. I worked hard in a difficult climate to fight for my job, and I put everything I could into rehab for my knee/lung blood clot. When I started back running, I would get mad at myself for not hitting paces that I could smash at the start of the year. There were even a couple of running sessions that I shouted at Kyle for encouraging me for being able to run, while I thought he was patronising me and my slow poke self!

I did a 180 and realised everything will fall into place! It all happens for a reason, and I am so so SO happy right now! I can swim without the bubblewrap sensation in my ribcage, I can cycle without too much knee pain, and I can run at a half decent speed (still wheezing but running nonetheless). All these things make me so happy and I use them as a frustration taker-outer (?!), an anti-depressant, a positivity maker, and a better person as a whole! Sport and exercising is super important for all round well being, and the last few weeks (with work, moving and life) has made me really realise this!


(Perhaps 5am isn’t the best time to de-stress, but it certainly kicks off my day 5ish kilometers later!)

And food. Food also helps ease the pain of work stresses. I highly recommend either.


(Demolished at 11pm after too many hours of moving our stuff from the flat to Mum’s garage, and moving to Mum’s flat in town)

Oh, and the rugby was particularly stressful on Sunday. Cue Kyle and I listening to it on the radio coming home from Forres and deciding it was so tense we had to go for a run. We waited in Kirkhill car park until the final second with anxiety. Half a dozen others surrounded us listening in….it was amazing! A shame, but amazing!!


(“We are not running until the whistle goes”)


(2minutes to go…..we are going to wiNNNN-oh no, we lost. Damn..)

What helps you relax? Bubble baths? Wine? Chocolate? All 3?!

What is your go-to exercise to chill? Yoga? Pilates? A tempo 4 miler?!


Kylie Babez and I have just BOUGHT A GROWN UP HOUSE IN THE COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!

We are moving away from our flat in the hustle and bustle of the city and heading to Alford!

Hopefully far enough away that we have the freedom of hills and trails, but close enough for work…if anyone has any recommendations for runs/cycles, PLEASE let us know!!

download craigiever 1264808419_4_River-Don-Montgarrie-asd6780jhp

Exciting times ahead!! 🙂


PS House-warming gifts are ALWAYS welcome!

Any of you guys live in the country? 

Those who have moved from the city – do you miss it?

How was your weekend?!