Update, including a presentation, a munro and a couple fun runs

Well a few things have happened recently (some good, some “interesting”) but I’ll go into detail on the more negative parts in a post all to itself (just to keep you in suspense!)…

Meanwhile, I’ve been up to a few things:

I forgot to tell you I was asked to give a presentation to some 6th year students on my achievements to date and on how to balance a full time job around a pretty demanding hobby. It was so much fun! I was scared I would come across so super uncool and no one would interact, but I forced them to with my “fake triathlon”:

  • Everyone in the auditorium stands up and sticks their arms out like scarecrows. When you can’t hold your arms at 90degrees anymore you sit down. This is to mimic the sore arms in the swim. Last 10 standing come to the front.
  • The 10 remaining do a “ski sit” against the stage ie pretend they are sitting on a non-existent chair, to mimic the screaming quads in a cycle. Last 5 “sitting” are through to the final.
  • Last 5 race from one end of the stage to the other and back. Winner takes all…!

Anyway, that seemed to work and all the kids engaged and asked plenty questions. Even those who clearly weren’t into sport were interested – when I told them I was sponsored by Aqua Sphere who have also partnered with the likes of Michael Phelps, I was asked who Phelps was 🙂


(Thanks to Portlethen Academy for having me!)

I also was a pacemaker at our local beach parkrun for our running club takeover. This was a night-before job – I had seen that Callum was pacing 20 minutes so I thought I would ruin his glory and be the fastest pacemaker of 19minutes! Although the joke was on me because my time was recorded wrong and they had me down as 18.10 or something wayyy off, so I probably wont be asked to do it again 😦 I promise I was on for 19 until Mark attacked me to a sprint finish of around 18.50! He smashed it!


I also took part in Metro’s 3km proms race, which is at noon on the 1st Friday of every month until Feb (I think?). It was SO BUSY on Friday with record numbers. I had swam that morning and a lot going on at work meant that 12pm came too soon and I was tired (and hungry!)! Anyway, I forced Callum to pace me to sub-10.30 (he was awesome!) but I struggled in the final couple hundred metres and finished in 10.34 (grrrrr). The wind was brutal so fingers crossed for a calm day and fresh legs for next time!


(getting pipped at the finish 😦 …)

And last week Kyle and I took some annual leave! Unfortunately, the weather was horrendous AND we both came down with something, so it was a bit of a waste towards the end and we were stuck having pj days! BUT before the weather/illness hit, we had lots of fun with a sleepover with Amber (Kyle’s goddaughter) and Drew, and we bagged Lochnagar. We had the intention of cycling the 100 mile etape route with JK and Phil followed by beer and hot tub action  BUT there had to be a rain check (I am still forcing you to come out with us in the near future, m’kay??).


(when we weren’t playing with the kiddos or running up munros, there was a LOT of Dexter and boardgames…)

And there you have it! After a few weeks of both choosing – and being forced – to take some time off, I have the training bug again and will build up the base mileage. I am feeling pretty lost at the moment with goal races, but once I have a nice plan in place for next season I will be even more excited to get out there and smash those sessions!

Do you take time off to recouperate from the previous season and get ready for the next?

Favourite thing to do in the off season?

Tips on how to relieve boredom when the weather sucks and you’re ill?

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