Another Interview with the K-Meister, in his quest to conquer his 1st marathon in London on 24th April

Since it’s less than 7 weeks until London (that means less than 7 weeks until we go to THAILAND!), I thought I would interview Kylie Babez again with how he is progressing (you can see his 1st interview on the blog here!).

Please all pray that he remains injury free and rocks it in London, along with the billion other people I know doing it!

ALSO, PLEEEEEEEASE wish for Freyja (you’ll find her interview here!) to do amazingly at the Olympics test event in in Rio this week…she landed there last night and I have a good feeling about her booking another flight there this year..!


Ok, back to KB:



(“I’m as good as Chuck right now!” – Kyle Greig, March 2016)

1. What are your main goals this year?

Main goals this year are to:

– Make the start line of London Marathon with my shoes, shorts, vest and race number all present

– Complete said Marathon

– Get a sub 2.30 mark

– After that I intend to get PBs in both 10k and half marathons

– I also want to race in the hills with the intention of winning the Scottish Champs if the marathon hasn’t taken too much out of me!
2. What has your training be like?
In the run up to London it will be long, varied and hard (get your minds out the gutter, folks)!

Just now, I’m cranking up the mileage to an average of 95 miles per week and reducing the faster sessions to twice per week to give time to recover. To do this, I’m having to continue running double days but slightly longer than pre-marathon training. Doing more stretching, foam rolling and, err, eating is aiding recovery!

The session I’m most proud of so far in this marathon training was last Saturday, where I did over 21 miles, made up of a 10 mile tempo, followed by 10 x 1 mile repeats, with 60s recovery. My average pace for the run (including rest) was 5.44/mile, so that was a huge confidence booster for London!


3. Do you have a go to pre-race meal?
Lots of carbs – pizza and/or pasta always a winner

(This may or may not have been all for me last night…)


4. Any race superstitions?
Back in the day, I never used to have a shower the morning of or the night before the race but I got a few funny screwed up looks on the start line. Other than that, I don’t think I do. I don’t fake tan or anything, like Debbie does…


5. Do you do anything outwith actual running to supplement your training?
I like to cycle outdoors in the Alford countryside when I can – especially with big hills to burn up, and boy o boy, there are plenty in this neck of the woods! If I’m injured, I will hit the road bike to keep aerobic fitness up and I’ll use the bike for additional volume for mara training or a nice recovery ride ….followed by a beer if available.


(A Sunday post-cycle beer)

6. What is your favourite running brand?

Inov8 – their logo is pretty slick and comes from a mountain running background, which is my favourite running discipline. I also respect their shoes, which strip away most of the unwanted ‘junk’ you get in a lot of shoes these days such as cushions, posts and fancy springs! Check what the fast guys wore in the 80’s and you might see where I’m coming from!

7. Favourite race location? Favourite training location?

Race location – Anchorage in Alaska

Training location – it’s gotta be Chamonix in France. This place is a trail runners’ paradise – it even has a Trail runners’ information hut, which is staffed to provide info on the routes, sessions and races around the area. I went with Barney a couple of years back the week before the Ultra Trail of Mont Blanc – looks amazing and something I would love to do when I grow up (which may never happen).


(trail runner paradise!)

8. What race is on your bucket list?

Comrades marathon I reckon is up there


9. If you were to give someone new to running 3 tips what would they be?

– Train consistently 

– Vary your workout

– Set achievable yet challenging goals


10. Who do you look up to and what inspires you?

Ethiopian star Haile Gebreselassie – a modest man yet has achieved almost everything distance running has to offer. His positivity towards life and training is something we should all aspire to. I tried not to look like too much of a stalker when we were elites together at the Great Scottish Run!


(Nope, not stalking him at all…)

Debbie, ahem, should also be up there – she got hit by a car resulting in a smashed up knee and permanent lung damage, yet still managed to achieve her goal in an Ironman by achieving qualification to the World Ironman Champs, and now being part of the relay development squad for Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. She works brutally hard, trains for 6 hours in a garage and gets up at 4am to go swimming “for bants”, as she puts it.


11. What do you hope to achieve in your running career?

– Sub 2.20 marathon
– 65 min half marathon
–  Sub 30 min 10k
–  More Scotland selection in various running disciplines


12. How do you balance training around life?

Even though I can be a scatter brain and forget quite a lot, I strive to be disciplined and make time for everything. To do this I get up early – around half 5 during the week to commute to work, train and then start the working day. I then have time to squeeze in a lunch run or do one after work. I should still have time to be social or relax/do chores/make dinner in the evening…

(Edit by Deb: note he said “should still have time”, yet never does…!)


13. Does it help or hinder the fact your burd is an athlete too (eg does training get in the way of coupley things, or do you support each other)?
Not a huge hindrance! It’s quite nice having the house to myself when she goes for long rides or swimming, but I tend to do some sessions with her even though the goals are somewhat different, so it all works out. We push each other and give tips when we are struggling or in need of advice, which means I have a free psychologist/masseuse on hand whenever I want!


14. What’s your favourite food and drink?
Food – Lindt chocolate
Drink – Martini Asti

15. Is Debzie Babez your dream girl?

Since Dibaba is never going to know me, she will have to do…


(if only)

3 thoughts on “Another Interview with the K-Meister, in his quest to conquer his 1st marathon in London on 24th April

  1. Question for K-Babez: How do you manage to look so creepy when being photographed with food? Is this part of the secret of being super fast? 🙂


    1. My reply didn’t work on this last week 😦 I was laughing so hard at this – not the most photogenic 😉


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