A Cancelled Race but the Redeeming Hot Tub

First of all, I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas, that Santa was great to you and that you gained at least half a stone from totally-worth-it food!



On Christmas Eve, Emma stayed over and we baked (a lot!) and had some wine, watching films by the fire.

(obviously we didn’t bake the popcorn, but it was too yummy not to post about it)


(while the cinnabons, buckeye brownies, and cake batter krispy treats were baking, Emma lit her first fire!)

Christmas morning was spent at Mum’s, then I drove up north to Kyle’s family’s in the afternoon so I could get two dinners to see them!


(We met up with Matty after dinner for a walk and a festive pub visit. Yes I got strange looks for my jumper and hat. I am not a local.)

On Boxing Day, Kyle and I headed down the road towards Clitheroe for the Ribble Valley 10km. After about 3 hours driving in a storm in the car, we were discussing the race and wanted to check the start time, so I went on their Facebook page:



And we had had no idea! We were psyched to run it! And the forecast looked better and better every day. We were pretty annoyed we hadn’t received any prior warning that it might be cancelled (I’m guessing they would have known it was a possibility when the flooding started?) BUT safety comes first and we can’t go complaining about a 7/8 hour round trip and missing the race when people have lost their homes. Wishing everyone down there a safe and healthy 2016.


(after we found out the news)

(pitstop at House of Bruar to cheer us up!)


We had both been quietly confident we could get PBs, but we can use that aggression for our next race! I was also meant to have a retul bike fit at Planet X, however, after more Googling we made the call that it may have been too dangerous, so we decided to postpone it. Thank you for being so understanding PX!

The good news was that because I am an amazing planner on our return to the house, Keith had already snuck in to set up Kyle’s 30th birthday present…a HOT TUB!! This was meant to be a surprise on our return from Prague, but there were delivery issues so Mum kindly stayed in to receive the order, and Keith agreed to set it up while we were away! They are awesome.


(I think he was excited!)

Speaking of Mum and Keith, they are off to New York this morning to GET MARRIED!!!!!! Many congrats to them and I wish them all the happiness in the world!! ❤

Favourite thing you ate at Christmas?

Best gift you gave/received?

Ever had a race cancelled on you?


3 thoughts on “A Cancelled Race but the Redeeming Hot Tub

  1. I was down in Bala this year when the race got cancelled because of a fatality on the course – it wasn’t nice.

    I love reading blogs like this it keeps my ass in gear at this time of year!


    1. oh no I think I did hear about that one. what a nightmare.
      thank you so much!! happy training and all the best for 2016!! 🙂


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