It wasn’t gallstones after all…

The results are in.

After numerous visits to the doctor and hospital,  along with multiple scans and tests, I have now been informed what’s been wrong with me.

I have a blood clot in my lung.

Apparently the accident in my knee, with the addition of being female, had caused a blood clot in my leg. I had thought the pain in my calf (I took 3 days off running in Switzerland) was a niggle from coming back to running too soon after surgery.

After shrugging it off, it moved up my leg and into my lung. If I’d left it longer, it apparently could have gone to my heart and, well, I’m sure you all know how that could go.

I’m devastated – as well as being in a helluva lot of pain – but am glad I finally know what it is.

Part of me wishes that the assessor in hospital that told me it was gallstones, and would go away itself, and it was probably the steak I’d had the night before, would have done some more tests (seeing as I’m not a middle aged obese woman) but these things happen.

It’s looking as if making this start line would be a miracle now.

…but I still want to try.


13 thoughts on “It wasn’t gallstones after all…

  1. Oh wow I’m glad they found it! You still may make it to the start line but if not I’m sure there’s plenty of other races to do, you’re health is pretty important! I know them medals are pretty sweet like 😉


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