I get knocked down, but I’ll get up again.

For those of you that are unaware, on Saturday morning on my way to Balmoral to run their 5km and 10km races, and cycle back (100 miles total), I was hit by a car.

I was on a roundabout within the 1st mile of my cycle and the car never saw me and my hi viz jacket, fluorescent bike and bright pink socks.

The ambulance arrived within minutes, I had orthopaedic surgery that afternoon (it couldn’t happen immediately as I had lots to eat for my breakfast), and I was held in hospital until Monday evening.

For the next two weeks I am on bed rest with a big cricket splint on my leg, and I will have to withdraw from all my races for at least the next two months. I’m not even sure if I’ll manage my training holiday in Davos in June.

It is very unfortunate but I realise I have also been extremely lucky. It could have been so much worse, and I couldn’t ask for a better supporting community around me at this time. I have had a ridiculous number of visitors, messages, calls (and presents!), and I cannot wait to get back on my feet properly again (albeit 5 stone heavier and 5 minutes per mile slower, but hey ho!)!

I want to take this opportunity to say thank you for following me on my journey so far and I am determined to keep going. I know it won’t be easy but even without this setback it was never going to be easy!

Please please please never give up on your dreams. Make those goals – whatever they may be – and work your butt of to achieve them, even if it takes decades and hundreds of setbacks! After all, for the next few weeks I’ll be living vicariously through you guys, so will be expecting results!

Thanks again for your kind words, messages, Facebooks, visits, emails and phone calls, and I hope to see you sooner rather than later…!


Deb xXx





21 thoughts on “I get knocked down, but I’ll get up again.

  1. Wishing you a super speedy recovery!! Been following your journey every step of the way and given how determined and focused you are I am sure this won’t stop you achieving those goals. You are a major inspiration and I hope you are back on your feet very soon!! xx


    1. Awh that made me tear up!! That means a lot because That was one of the intentions of the blog, as yours is too! I hope you raced well and thanks again for the support from day 1! Xx

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  2. Jeez, Debbie sorry to hear that! I’ve been following your blog since you started it, having heard about it through the Aberdeen Running community! (I run, i’m just super slow compared to you all!!)

    Just wanted to say get well soon! Having had a few run in’s with the orthopedic department too I know how you feel about not being able to move for a bit, but wishing you a speedy recovery!! xx


  3. I am assuming that this is a matter for the PF now, and wish you a fast recovery – athletes recover much faster than most people!


  4. Keep your chin up though it must be so frustrating for you. I am sure that with your determination you will be astounding the doctors/ physios with your recovery.


  5. Oh my God! I will pray for the FASTEST RECOVEY EVER! How am I supposed to live triathlon through you if you are injured? 🙂


    1. Awww thats so sweet and made me laugh! I’ll make a speedy recovery then just for you 😉 hope youre training doubly hard for me!


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