So I have this little thing called a Marathon on Sunday…


(last week’s Evening Express article – same ol’ cheesy finish picture!)

So Kyle and I entered Rotterdam a few months ago. Kyle has always said he would do a marathon before turning 30. He has not done one yet (despite doing an ultra…weirdo!), loves running long and can run fast. He thought 2015 would be his year and he would get down near 2.20 in Rotterdam. I – of course – couldn’t let him do it alone, so I entered it too. Much like in the Ribble Valley 10k.

Unfortunately, Kyle is injured and doesn’t think he’ll manage it. This leaves me with the pressure to do better than the ok-let’s-do-this-as-a-fun-long-run-and-celebrate-with-kylie-and-his-parents-after-he-gets-a-crazy-fast-time, and maybe not show up to the start line with a camera/Skittles/lip gloss etc to carry me around a fun run (don’t worry, folks – he’s “Comeback Kylie”, so he’s still got time to manage a fast marathon before he turns 30 this year!).

We’ll see what happens – I haven’t done much marathon-specific work, but I am hoping my endurance from all the training Scott has forced upon me I’ve been doing and loving will keep me going. I have enjoyed a couple of “fun” long runs in the last couple of months, so I know I can get round. These runs have included Callum, so considering he went 2.55 in the Rome marathon a couple of weeks ago, I can too, right!? Even though I was behind him the whole way?! Please say yes.    😉

With 9 days to go, I have had a look to Google for some motivation, and will be hopefully be listening to my own advice:

  • This article shows that a lot of people know to taper before these long races, but tend not to do it properly. I certainly know from experience; in my 1st marathon, I did zero workouts with 3 weeks to go, only ran every second day, and figured if I wasn’t running I might as well eat more carbs. Three weeks later I was heavy, sloppy and slow (3.24 – Loch Ness 2012).
  • If I am not training as much in body this final week, I can instead train my mind; using visualisation exercises has been proven to work wonders for race day! “I WILL see myself crossing the line in 2.14 and breaking Paula’s record” 😉 In all seriousness, get RID of those negative feelings and focus on the positives; you have put in the hard work – you are ready!
  • Planning ahead really clears the mind to focus on more important things…this is something I need to work on! So this time, I bought my toiletries and Euros the weekend before (not at the airport on flight morning!) and packed my suitcase a few days before so if I forgot anything I had time to put it in!
  • In the final week, we CANNOT feel guilty for RESTING!! It is the PERFECT excuse to rest those legs! Look after yourself: eat better, take long baths, sleep more (but don’t change up the routine too much!), veg in front of Netflix, and take your mind off of any pressure! Speaking of movies, McDoogz and Kyle can we pleeeease watch Unbroken again for motivation?!?! I can also recommend “Spirit of the Marathon” – what a film to get you in the mood (if anyone knows how I can watch the 2nd one in the UK, PLEASE let me know!!)!
  • One thing that I believe worked for me in my sub-3 marathon, was not having any caffeine in the final week ( I will TRY this time but I can’t make any promises…work is TOUGH just now!) And then having a LARGE coffee on race morning!! This isn’t a good idea for those with sensitive stomachs, though!
  • Reading THIS proves that we are not the ONLY mental people out there, and “the wall” can come to anyone! (I send this to EVERYONE I know who is signing up for their 1st marathon! Another good one is THIS!)
  • We enter these silly races first and foremost because we LOVE it! We LOVE running and we LOVE challenging our bodies and minds to see what we can really get out of them! We LOVE giving ourselves pep-talks mid-race to NOT give up and NOT slow down, and we LOVE the feeling of crossing that line knowing we did everything we could do. We LOVE the competition, but we also love the encouragement and the “team” feeling within the running community. Think about Boston and how united we were after those events. We secretly LOVE the pain at mile 21 when EVERYTHING is telling you to just stop, but you don’t, because you are stronger than that. And instead, you push harder – not necessarily faster – but harder!


“Is that all you got? Are you sure?…You CAN run a little faster and you CAN throw a little harder…”:


(After not quite breaking 3 with a 3.05 in Manchester last year. Mum at the finish line: “we thought you got lost – we have been waiting 5 WHOLE minutes more than anticipated. I don’t like waiting”. Thanks for the support, Mum.)


(She was proud, really!)


(Getting my sub-3, 6 weeks later after a stint on crutches. It made the success so much sweeter!)

Running is SUPPOSED to be fun!!:






(Maybe don’t show JUST how much fun you’re having this weekend, Debs, m’kay!?)

Hope this isn’t too cheesy a post – I just get so excited around marathon time!

This is so true (you should see me at ANY marathon finish line…I am a MESS!):


Ok people, I’m off to run Rotterdam. Even if I don’t break 4, let alone 3 (quite likely after my Scottish Champs performance) , I promise I will love every second of it! And if not, there’s always Amsterdam to party in afterwards!

My number is F9421 if you want to track me (you can even write me a message to see en route here!), and I am hoping I get to see some “motivational posters” too!

What’s the best sign you’ve seen during a race?

Race day tips?

How do you taper?

6 thoughts on “So I have this little thing called a Marathon on Sunday…

    1. hahahaha! straight to the point…i like it! mine was the “Chuck Norris runs until the treadmill’s tired”!


  1. I love those comics from The Oatmeal! I do love running and I love racing because it’s fun! I will need to reread this post before my marathon in May! Good luck!!!


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