Interview Numero 5 – Robbie Renwick

Some of you may know Robbie Renwick as a double Olympian, Commonwealth Gold medalist, British record holder, multiple Scottish record holder; but I just see Robbie as Robbie!

We are the same age, started swimming around the same time, and trained around 26 hours per week together (we got on each other’s nerves a lot!) for about 6 years (with only 2 weeks off per year…)!

So yeah, we have known each other nearly 19 years I’d say, love picking on each other, but have also had lots of banter and great times! He lives in Stirling now, but whenever he is up we’ll meet for lunch or dinner (or the occasional cocktail if he doesn’t have a big meet coming up!).




His best times include a 49.17 for 100m freestyle long course (47.96 short course), 1.45.99 for the 200m freestyle long course, and 3.40.22 for the 400m freestyle short course. Unbelieveable! Although, I moved into top squad approximately 1 month before him, so I beat him at one thing 😉 !

Ok, now on to my questions…!:

What is your greatest sporting memory?

Winning commonwealth gold at Delhi Commonwealth Games!

Favourite place you have trained/competed?

Favourite place was at the University of Florida training with the Gators and swimmers such as Conor Dwyer and Ryan Lochte. Worked really hard and partied hard too!

(Deb edit: if you watched “What would Ryan Lochte do”, he even featured in it! I love reality garbage!)

Give me a day in the life of Robster!?

Get up at 6:30am, go train for 2 hours, then a gym lifting or circuit session. Then back to bed and back at the pool again for 3:00pm for another 2 hr swim. Chill out in the evenings!
What is your diet like?

Quite good – I eat very cleanly during the week and weekends allow myself some bad food and beers. Always trying to watch my weight as i swim at my best with low skin fold.
Do you find time for a social life?

Yes, it helps most of my friends are swimmers and weekends are generally quite free.

Do you ever get time off?

We get a week here and there but our main break is after summer competition usually about 3 weeks long, it goes by fast!

What are your main goals this year?

To win a medal at the world championships in Russia, Kazan – our 4×200 relay team is looking in good stead for a medal this summer which is exciting!

Pre-race superstitions?

None! I stay away from superstitions.
What are your future goals?

Rio 2016 Olympics –  to come home with a medal of any colour!
3 pieces of advice you would give young athletes?

Don’t always listen to your coach; listen to your own body and trust that the most.

Have fun and not take it too seriously;

Have other passions in your life to break up your time so you have things to look forward to in your time off.
Favourite training/racing kit? 

Adidas AdiZero suit is my favourite suit and Speedo goggles.

What makes you love swimming?

Trying to be the best and compete against the best in the world.

Who/what inspires and motivates you?

Gold at Rio 2016 is huge motivation, i motivate myself.

What is on your bucket list (doesn’t have to be swimming related!)?

To go travelling for a while see a lot of the world, i have been to most places around the world but only the hotel and the swimming pool!!


Do you miss the swimming world when Debbie was in it?!

Haha yes! 🙂


Now that I have bigged you up Rabster, you can cook for me after the Scottish duathlon champs in Stirling next month m’kay? Cool.


His next comp is the Edinburgh International meet in a couple weeks (if I remember correctly!), so wish him luck! Can’t wait to watch you in Rio, dude!!


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