Wee Update & the Liebster Award

This week was a pretty intense training week! I got my mojo back (I think redundancies at work really affected my mindset…I am SO ready for a weekend away!) – safe to say I get to keep my job (for now!), so that was a massive relief!

Other stuff that happened this week:

The cold I got from last week’s cycle in the rain meant my mara pace run fell short (I wanted to do 15 but body said “nuh uh sista”) so I settled for a 10 miler.


I made one of the best pizzas with leftovers from Valentine’s Day in the fridge:


Mummy, Keith, Kyle and I ventured to 6degrees North so Mum could finally try the beer and cheese soup:





This led to too much of their beer, so ended in me trying to win failing miserably at arm wrestling #classyfamily:


In my defence, Mum is freakishly strong.

Of course this was hilarious (to them), and Kyle then challenged me to a pinkie wrestle. Spoiler: I STILL lost.



Why am I so weak??? Btw that is my full hand grabbing his pinky, not vice versa.

I managed a near 4 HOUR cycle by myself!11003922_10155268436780644_1107531318_n

(This is the Parish of Birse War Memorial at the top of a MASSIVE hill (for me) (1,300ft above sea level) – I thought I’d planned a flat route!)

…followed by a 2 mile run AND, if that wasn’t enough, Scott had me doing a swim!

I did 3,000m pull with paddles easy (long course) in 44.08, so I was happy with the that!

Afterwards, Kyle and I headed to Westhill swimming pool to watch a masters competition that Big KevIN, Andy and Keith were competing in (no pics there as we didn’t last long…we were MELTING the pool was so hot!)

Sunday was a snowy run around Scolty hill, and the rest of the weekend was spent chillin – I think it was well deserved!


On a separate note, I have been nominated for the Liebster award, courtesy of Marci!

Marci is an incredible runner (hello – 2.35 MARATHONER!!!! She was in the elite field at NYC and managed a 2.40 in those winds too!) and we have met through blogging! Thanks for the nomination, speedy mcspeedster!

Ok, now for me to answer some questions:

What is your “go to” running route?

Hmm it used to be through my old university campus (it was founded in 1495 and is so beautiful during sunrise!), then along the beach (again, we are on the east coast so sun rise is stunning there!) and up the hill back to my flat, but now it tends to be around the Hazlehead woods by my work…it’s better for the windy weather we get!
What is your favorite blog to follow?

Again, in the past it had been as many runners as I could find who were faster than me, so I could gain tips and inspiration from them, but now that I am getting into triathlons I am trying to get into a “tri mindset”, hence reading those blogs! Although I still love reading about Marci, msfitrunner, and now Freyja!!
What is the best advice you have ever received?

My old coach once told me I was “like a Ferrari with a flat tyre” – I had all the tools there and I was capable, but something was missing. I needed to fix that one thing and then I would be successful.

He also used the phrase “If you are 99% right, you are 100% wrong.” It makes you think but it makes sense! Can you tell he was a perfectionist?!

Another is the simple “Always stay positive. No matter what” – it has helped me through many life experiences, in and out of sport.
Who is/are your favorite training partner(s)? In life or in running?

If I don’t say Kyle I think he would be annoyed! He is great for keeping me going and being sensible about my training! Trying to keep up with him has to be good training, righ!? Also MacDoogz and Callum are great fun for long run banter!! The long run we did that also included Fiona, Tom & Phil made time go so quickly! I love turning runs into a social event! I also loved my runs with Coach Broon, Ali, Jim & Clare as they are full of wisdom and advice…and insisted on scones at the end of each run!!
What is your dream job?

Hmmm…something part time that pays at least triple what I’m on now would be nice! It would involve food & people and would have to keep me busy – I hate being bored!
What is your favorite local race/event? why?

There’s lots of races here that are so much fun you forget they are races (Lumphanan for example!), but I do love parkrun (for those of you not in the UK/Oz, it is a free 5km race every Saturday morning) – you can train for it and race it for a PB, use it as part of a training run, gauge your fitness levels or do it with your friends as a social thing! I have used parkrun so many times as the final 3 miles of a 20+ miler and it really does help!
What music/songs are on your workout playlist?

I have a general playlist for every day training, which includes anything from Britney Spears to All American Rejects to Alan Jackson (Kyle has caught me on the treadmill a few times singing away to country songs!), but then I also have a race playlist that I only take out for hard workouts and races that has Linkin Park, Lil’ John, Flo Rida, DMX, Eminem etc…anything to really get me psyched up!
What food/drink/habit/item/etc. could you never give up?

Bread!! None of this gluten free/wheat free stuff – NOTHING beats crusty fresh bread! I have a bread maker at home and always set it to be ready for when I get back from a long workout.

I’m not sure what other habits or items I couldn’t give up – I love REALLY lazy “picnic” evenings on the sofa a couple of times a week probably, where lots of picky food is on the table, we are in XXL pjs (sexy!), candles are lit, and we watch a series of something (currently watching “the Killing” and are HOOKED!)
What inspires you most to keep running and training?

People who can’t run. Whenever I hear stories of people who have been active and then get injured, I remember the mere few weeks where I couldn’t do anything (10 last year and 12 the year before that) and I was miserable. I think of people that are like that permanently.

Also, I get really emotional whenever I see people crossing finish lines. Whether it is a world record or someone who just couldn’t believe what they have achieved! At the end of my 1st marathon, I was waiting for my other friends to finish (one did it in 5.35, so I was at the finish for over 2 hours) and I was tearing up for everyone; runners holding hands, crawling, crying, throwing arms up, limping with supporters. Those people keep me going!

Freyja, I nominate you now! Same questions please!

Questions for you:

What did you do this weekend?

Do you work out if you have a cold?

Dream jobs?

4 thoughts on “Wee Update & the Liebster Award

  1. I pretty much would kill to take a vacation and come train in your corner of the world for a bit. Your photo from the hill top looks so pretty… and so do your photos at the pub. What kinds of beers are popular where you are? If you ever make it out to Oregon, you will have to visit Bend…. if you enjoy beer that is. With a population of just under 90k, we have 22 local breweries… lots and lots of IPAs…if you like the hoppy stuff. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is amazing for training…..BUT only when the weather is nice (like 3 weeks a year!) haha no Oregon is athlete’s paradise! That along with the breweries must be heaven! We will need to pay visits!


  2. I totally work out if I have a cold! I try to sweat it out and I always feel better afterwards. My dream job…hmmm….maybe a mattress or 5 Star hotel tester 😉 Oh yea baby I can see that!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree! As long as it doesn’t venture to my chest I like to sweat it out!
      I LOVE those suggestions!!!! Why didn’t I think of that?!! Genius.


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