Interview Numero Uno – Kyle Greig

As you may know, I am lucky enough to be surrounded by so many positive and successful people! Some of my best friends have been in the Olympics, Commonwealth Games, and have competed for their country, and it dawned on me that I am extremely lucky to have these people in my life and I think you should get to join in on some of the advice I get!

Ok so OBVIOUSLY I will have to start with the old ball ‘n’ chain….KYLIE BABEZ!!!

We 1st met like 10 years ago when we were on a swimming coaching course together (I was still swimming at the time….don’t really know what he was doing. He probably got lost again). He pied me for lunch every day for a run around Hazlehead. Fair enough, we weren’t together then (although I’m sure he wished we were 😉  ) So basically, he has been a runner FOREVER and to this day will choose running over a lunch date with me (kidding. maybe.).

His coach (mentioned below) has been a massive influence on him, he is a Scottish hill running international (yes he runs up hills for fun – he is weird like that.) Anyhoo I asked him a few questions to share with y’all!:

  1. What are your main goals this year?
  • Top 10 placing at the National XC championships (hopefully top 5)
  • Achieve a sub 2:25 debut marathon time in Rotterdam in April.
  • Sub 30 minutes for 10k and 66 minute half marathon
  • Gain a GB vest for the World Mountain Running Championships in Wales in September


  1. What will your training be like?

In the run up to my marathon debut in April, it is going to be tough! My coach, Lewis Walker, has already been hinting at regular 100 miles per week runs and long interval sessions.

A typical week for me will be as follows:

  • Monday: 12 to 14 miles
  • Tuesday: 4-6 miles am and then 5k/10k pace session (sub 3 min/km if 5k and 3:04 if 10k)
  • Wednesday: 12 to 14 miles
  • Thursday: 4 miles am and then Aerobic session 10 to 13 miles pm
  • Friday: 12 to 14 miles
  • Saturday: Race or interval session with hill reps
  • Sunday: 16 to 22 miles at a steady pace


  1. Do you have a go to pre-race meal?

Lots of carbs at later at night so I don’t need to eat a big breakfast in the morning. Pizza is a good go to option for me!!


  1. Any race superstitions?

I am really boring and don’t have any…I need to go to the toilet right before a race to shed away any excess weight (grams might mean valuable seconds…) It went a bit too far when I stayed too long and missed the start of the national short course xc champs a couple of years ago in Glasgow.


  1. Do you do anything out with actual running to supplement your training?

Yes! I like to eat lots of food…it’s probably my second best talent. During school, I worked in a hotel as a Kitchen Porter and they refused to invest in a waste disposal as I ate all the leftovers and saved my mum a fortune on dinners…


  1. What is your favourite running brand?

Inov8 has to be my favourite brand – they have some great running shoes for all types of terrain which are lightweight and offer a barefoot style of running. My current shoes are

  • Road shoes: Inov8 195 or Inov8 Road-X 233
  • Trails/Hills/XC: Inov8 X Talon 190


  1. Favourite race location? Favourite training location?

Ribble Valley 10k – only because I smashed my 10K PB there last month! I love Chamonix – it’s a trail runners paradise and beautiful scenery!


  1. What race is on your bucket list?                                                                                                                   Depending on how well my debut Marathon goes I would love to aim for Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, Australia. Providing the standard remains at sub 2:19, then I fancy my chances. I would love to do some Skyrunning races around the world – they look amazing Also, the Everest Marathon is another one on the list…


  1. If you were to give someone new to running 3 tips what would they be?

Train frequently – I know too many people who say they aren’t improving or reaching their goals and it’s because they don’t do enough training. I used to run 79 for a half marathon and 34 for a 10k and trained 4 x /week. I now run 12 x per week and have improved my half  marathon time to 68 minutes and 30 minutes for a 10k.


Do specific interval training and EASY running for recovery – Aim to train at your race pace. If you’re looking for a specific time for a distance then aim to run some of your sessions within 10% of this pace.


Have regular races planned – For me, I need to race regularly to give me something to aim for and to test my current fitness levels. Do some minor races in the lead up to one big race. You can use the minor races as a time trial or fitness test.


  1. Who do you look up to and what inspires you?

I look up to my mum and dad as they have been a part of my running journey since I was 8 years old. They got me into running, tae kwon do, football and swimming at the same time, which meant I was always busy and getting time to play the computer was a rare treat!


  1. What do you hope to achieve in your running career?
  • Commonwealth Games – Marathon
  • Sub 30 minute 10k
  • Scottish Senior Champion for Hills/XC/Road
  • GB senior vest


  1. How do you balance training around life?

Training like a full time athlete despite having a full time job is incredibly difficult as many will know and I do struggle to fit a social life around my training. I really enjoy training so that makes some sacrifices seem that bit easier to cope with. As the Health and Fitness Manager at Aberdeen Sports Village, I am incredibly lucky to have a job which allows me to be flexible with work and therefore means I can fit in my training where I can provided I am not tied down with any urgent work.


  1. Does it help or hinder the fact your burd is an athlete too (eg does training get in the way of coupley things, or do you support each other)?

Debbie is training far more than I am for her upcoming Ironman and she works full time aswell, which is inspiring in itself. That being said, it does motivate me to get out and do more training and I think I help her when she is needing a kick up the ‘hoo haa’.


  1. What is your favourite food and drink?

Indian food and anything that has chocolate. Martini Asti is my favourite drink…


  1. Isn’t Debzie Babez just your ultimate dream girl?

If I said ‘No’, I would be shot so ‘Yes’ 😉







(these are all different races. he just loves hills and mud THAT much. He also tends to look like he is running by himself but he is usually THAT far ahead…or lost 😉  )

Thanks, Kyle!!

I hope this inspires you as much as it did me! I am so lucky to have him as a coach/other half, and I am so so proud of him and his achievements to date – I just know he will continue to get better and achieve his goals!


5 thoughts on “Interview Numero Uno – Kyle Greig

  1. Wow what an incredible guy and training partner! No wonder you both crush it all the time. There’s nothing like a good running date to get ya in the mood for the after running fun 😉

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