21.5 lessons from 21.5 miles in the snow!

What I found out from Sunday’s long run:

  1. Running in snow is a bit like a cross trainer. Every step you slide back a little. This therefore makes it harder.
  2. 1,800ft of elevation while you are already running in said snow really zaps the legs.
  3. Stopping to “deer watch” is a GREAT excuse for a rest (eh, Callum?!)
  4. Eating said snow is a refreshing hydrator after 15 miles with no fuel.
  5. Streams are also refreshing. Until you find out you have actually stepped into the stream (eh, Callum?!)
  6. Never think you are light enough to run over all thicknesses of ice. Some ice may be brittle and break. And then you fall into a puddle as deep as your ankles. And have to run with the freezing squelch in your trainers for 7 more miles.
  7. Watching 2 people who are a lot faster than you can be disheartening at times, but also acts as a great mental tool. You just try and chase them. Keeping your eye on the prize definitely made time pass quicker. Even if it doesn’t work (it didn’t until mile 19), it kept me going! If I hadn’t had Kyle and Callum, I think I may have stopped a lot to have “words” with myself on what the h3ll I am doing running up and down hills in snow for nearly 3 hours, when I could be drinking hot chocolate in pjs watching Disney movies. My average pace would certainly be a lot slower.
  8. When I think I am going fast and am working pretty hard, I look in front of me and Kyle is like an ant in the distance. I don’t find this fair.
  9. Following a map is a great way not to get lost.
  10. Following footprints on the way back is another way to not get lost, but this cannot be relied upon when a snowstorm approaches (yeah, that happened).
  11. When you think you only have one hill to go, you probably have more (they are deceiving).
  12. Peeing in the woods is cold and makes it hard to get going again.
  13. Never rely on your other half to take gels, even if you ask him “have you got our gels?” and he replies “yes” as you are about to start your run. Callum may have witnessed a pathetic domestic on both gels and recovery drinks. We. Are. So. Cool. Sorry, Cal!
  14. A sauna is the BEST way to warm up after a long run in winter.
  15. Long runs with people are 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 x easier/better/faster/more fun than doing it solo.
  16. The wind from snowstorms hurts your face.
  17. Indian food the night before surprisingly makes for good pre-run fuel.
  18. Always drink lots of water the day before (this didnt happen and I struggled the whole time).
  19. Always stay positive. It is amazing how the mind can change everything.
  20. I am very OCD and was the only one out of the 3 of us to run around the car park until my Garmin read 21.5 miles (apparently Callum’s read exactly 34km so he stopped happy. Kyle’s watch wasn’t even on.) McDoogz and Ron you better be proud!
  21. Milkshakes and burgers makes for great postrun nutrition (the Braided Fig chorizo and wild boar burger in particular!)

21.5 We probably need to keep the selfie stick in the car (noone was around – we are the only freaks to brave those conditions)

21.5 miles, 2:44:28, 7.39 average pace, 1,800ft elevation


After a sauna, a long shower, and a wee saunter into town to go to the Braided Fig for a late lunch, we collapsed on the sofa and had an evening of films! We watched “Joe” and “Flight” on Netflix – I recommend both!

Questions for you:

Longest snow run?

Do you tend to do long runs on hills of flat?

Movie recommendations on Netflix please?

Favourite post long run meal?

8 thoughts on “21.5 lessons from 21.5 miles in the snow!

  1. Regarding 9 and 10. Following Kyle is not the way to avoid getting lost. I have seen him get lost on a 300m rep around a park! And on the Ythan challenge. And on his way to races. And ….


    1. hahahahaha we were prepared for this! he was made to stop every couple of miles, take out his map and make sure he was on the right track! we were all slightly nervous….! he has told me all your ridiculous stories!! 🙂


  2. Netflix movie recommendations: The Road to El Dorado (hilarious!) and The Emperor’s New Groove (also HILARIOUS!) My longest run in the snow this winter has been a 5k. I’ve done all my long runs on the treadmill watching TV. My favorite post run meal is SWEET POTATO FRIES!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve been forced on the tm this week! It can be quite therapeutic as you don’t have to think too much! Thanks for the recommendations – you are a star!!


  3. Props to all three of you for making it thru 21+ miles of snow. I don’t know if I have it in me to struggle through that.. I may have just done a “conversion” and found that 15 snowy miles is the equavalent of 21 dry miles. Especially without Gels!?! Holy crud. You are tough. I bet the burger tasted pretty heavenly though.:)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha you are hilarious – you “may” have done a conversion!? Let’s just pretend I did like 28 miles in 2.45 ok?! Although that is pretty much your marathon pace!! I am therefore clearly nowhere near as tough as you!


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