Lumphanan Detox 10k

I did NOT wake up feeling particularly fresh on the 2nd. My legs were sore from the previous day and I was in no mood to race. But I knew it was going to be good fun and that there would definitely be a good couple of hundred people a lot more worse for wear than myself!

We entered Keith as part of his Christmas present, but he hadn’t run in over a month (this was the kick start he needed – he is doing the half iron distance tri with me in May) and Kyle was confident he could win but was not going to push himself.

The weather was stupidly cold. Not as cold as Ribble Valley, (speaking of which, we got an email last night saying we “forgot” our prizes for that race. My £10 for 9th and Kyle’s £20 for 7th!! Must have been a big race. Normally anything after 3rd gets nada!!) but cold enough for there to be lots of ice as well as complaints! Parking was fine (about 1km from registration) and we had plenty time to do a wee warm-up (we went up the infamous hill to remind ourselves how brutal it was) and then to the start line we went. As I was in no mindset to race, I decided to wear a skirt (don’t worry, people – Scotland is windy so I was sure to wear shorts underneath!)

We caught up with a few people we hadn’t seen at the start line and before we knew it we were off! My race report would go something like:

As soon as the gun went off, Fiona (1st female, runs times I could only imagine to run and someone I have a girlcrush on!) shot off and left me lagging behind, so my rubbish mindset decided to settle for 2nd and go at this comfortable speed for 10k (unless another female were to overtake me, then I would speed up). I did try my best going up the ridiculous hill but my quads were shot and my coccyx still hurt on the downhills from the Ribble Valley fall #Debzielovesanexcuse. Weirdly, only the impact of the downhill; uphills I am fine. Does anyone know how long recovery time is for these kinds of falls? Anyway, the uphills were hard, the downhills were sore, and there was ice everywhere and the 2km trail section made me realise I need to work on offroad stuff. I came 2nd. Didn’t even break 40. I should probably stop eating and drinking so much. The end.


(Around half way up the hill. I’m in the skirt and pink socks.)


(so happy to see that finish line)

Splits: 7.17 (stoopid hill), 5.59 (downhill – that’s my current pace on a flat 10k), 5.52, 6.18, 7.21 (I can’t run trails), 6.25 (hurry up finish line)

Kyle’s report would go something like this:

I thought I had it in the bag. Someone made a surge at the top of the hill. I didn’t recognise him. I therefore wasn’t going to let someone I didn’t recognise beat me. I ended up running very hard and fighting to the end. I won by 10 seconds and was the 4th fastest time in the history of the race.

It turns out 2nd place wasn’t from Scotland, had some excellent running times and didn’t know what Kyle was saying at the end (but then, who does?). So that was that.

The above contrast shows how mindsets can really have an impact on a race. Something I really need to work on!

Keith finished in 49 minutes and his recap would go something like this:

I really should start running again

Race aside, it was so much fun catching up with people and I’ll definitely do it again! It is certainly not a PB course though!


(After the race with Stuart, McDoogz and Ron (he was more of a mess than me after the previous day’s antics)!)


(The race made the paper too! Well done speedsters!)

At night, me, Kyle and McDoogz went to see Unbroken – WHAT A FILM!!!!!!!! We are now fully inspired to get back training and race hard again!

Questions for you:

Are you able to change your mindset for races?

Any inspirational films you recommend?

11 thoughts on “Lumphanan Detox 10k

  1. I definitely find that a mindset can make or break a race. I have had a couple where a negative attitiude has got in the way of a good performance and vice versa. My best run was 100% down to a positive attitude and a relaxed mindset. Still a great performance from you though – you are sure to have a great year ahead! x


  2. that’s so sweet thank you! same to you!! positive mindset is definitely what I need to work on….especially for a race that takes double digit hours to do! All the best for 2015! x


  3. My kinda blog- short and to the point . Mindset- don’t overthink it. The training’s done. The best races are those with minimal planning and just going with how you feel. Just like this blog ! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I normally don’t over think too much on low pressure races but I do when I am feeling rough and about 1787239487234 lbs heavier since Christmas!! Please thank Mr Milneeeee for the awesome photos again for me! xx


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