Day 2: Overtaken with 2km to go, by my own BF nonetheless. CLS Triathlon.

Another early start to Tuesday (attempted to get up at 7am, however it was nearer 7.30 again) for the Club La Santa Triathlon. The race consisted of a 400m swim in one of their new long course pool (they now have 3!), a 15.5km cycle to Tinajo (where we cycled yesterday), around the town’s roundabout, back down the hill, and a 4.6km run back along a similar route as the previous day’s half marathon.

After assessing the distances, we knew it would be close between us, so Kyle and I placed a bet! Whoever lost had to take a dip in the freezing sea at night! The race was ON!

It was so well organised! The timing mats were so quick to set up and there was so much support along the way!

There were quite a lot of people who had entered, which I found quite intimidating to begin with as Club La Santa does specialise in triathlete training/workshops and facilities for the pros, but then again do you know that phrase all the gear, no idea? Well that’s what I was hoping for, along with assuming the pros were all doing actual real hardcore training around the island. I was just using it as a fun race to see where I was at with other triathletes, and also from a cycling perspective how I would cope with racing UPHILL for nearly 8km!

Anyway, on to the race. We got to choose our own lanes but based on time. Kyle is a pretty decent swimmer for a skinny guy ( 😉 ) so I dragged him into my lane, and another girl joined us. I chose the lane at the side so we were closer to transition. We all set off at once and I sprinted the 1st length to try and get a lead. I led the whole way through the swim (even beating the relay swimmers!) and as soon as I touched I jumped out the pool and ran towards transition while taking off my cap, goggles and tri suit (don’t worry people I had clothes on underneath). I stepped on my hoody to dry my feet (forgot a towel – oops), put on my helmet and cycle shoes, took my borrowed bike off the rack and ran to the car park to mount.

Swim time: 5.58 (Kyle’s time 7.19)

It was weird being in the lead by so much (noone was even in transition by the time I left for the car park), but I do better as a chaser as opposed to chasee so I just tried to keep my head down and turn the pedals fast. There was a downhill for the 1st km so I used that for momentum into the next 7km hill up to the roundabout. I even attempted standing up on my bike at some points! My aim was to not be overtaken on the uphill and hold on for the downhill! I succeeded! I was cautious going round the roundabout (still working on dem skillz, bruv) and about a quarter mile down the hill I see Kylie Babez! From the previous day’s cycle, I knew I could beat him on the descent, however he caught up A LOT on the uphill (I nearly lapped him in the swim!), so I just kept my position low and pedalled like a crazy person! I didn’t even smile for the photographer – that’s when you know I’m in the zone!

Uphill to the car park to demount and back to transition I ran! Non-tie laces are definitely the way forward as it took me ages to tie my running shoes (I have weird thumbs so that doesn’t help either…)

Ran through the timing mats and it was on to the run.

Cycle time: 28.51 (Kyle’s time 28.48…booooo!!!)

Just passing through the car park, I see Kyle pulling in. Nooooo!!! It took me approximately 2.7 seconds to calculate that there was no way I could maintain my lead (he must have been around 2 mins behind me) – he is a sub-15 5ker and I haven’t broken 18 yet! Unless he absolutely died, I knew I had lost the bet! Immediately I shouted “AWWWW CRAAAAP”, he heard me and laughed! He thought I’d forgot to take my helmet off or something (he knows what I’m like) but it was because I knew I was the loser!

I wasn’t really a loser, though. I mean I was winning the race by quite a margin OVERALL after only around half an hour or so of racing! I reassessed my goal to not be overtaken by him until at least the turnaround point.

My legs were a little tired from pushing the uphill, so I just focussed on upping my cadence. There were more spectators at this race compared with the half marathon, so that kept me going!

And guess what? I made the turnaround and he was about a metre behind me!

But that’s not the best part – the photographer was right at the turnaround point and captured us running together!!


(notice no one is to be seen! we were leading by lots TOGETHER! Yay!)

We agreed we should probably stop talking and push the last 2km of the race, so he flew off as if I was standing still and I just played chaser again! The race, again, ends on the track, so as I was about to enter the track, he was crossing the line! Lots of people were there cheering him on, which encouraged me to really nail the last 400m!

When I finished, people were surprised I was so close to the winner and congratulated me but I announced that I was disappointed because I lost to – this time only (!) – the better half, so they all laughed! Kyle I will get you next time!

Run time: 17.47 (Kyle’s time 14.54…….boooooooooo again!)

Overall times:

Kyle – 51.01

Deb – 52.36


I won the ladies’ race by TWENTY TWO MINUTES!!!! Kyle won by 3.5mins which is still amazeballs for someone who never swims or cycles!


He beat me fair and square 😦


(told you I had weird thumbs. see above)

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