Holiday Mode Begins!


I know Fraser felt my wrath about Alpine Bikes, but I’m glad he never mentioned them in yesterday’s article!

I’m off to Club La Santa on Monday!! It will be sooooooooo nice to get some winter sun! St. Moritz just isn’t cutting it at the moment…

Gordon has given me some pool sessions and Noodles has given me some cycles to do so I hope I have enough time to run/chill with Kylie Babez!! Let the tanning competition commence!

We fly from Edinburgh so, after my work’s Christmas dance at the beach ballroom on Sat (and perhaps gatecrashing the Metro running club’s night out afterwards!), we shall head down the road on Sunday morning (hopefully minus the sore heads!), hit the Christmas markets (I.AM.SO.EXCITED.FOR.THIS.), meet up with some friends for mulled cider (!!) and stay at my bestie Nicolle’s flat before flying the next day!

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(I ❤ Nicolle….and James. I know it’s your flat too!)

LUCKILY for him, we have not had time this week to make each other our ugly Christmas jumpers, so they will not be making an appearance at Club La Santa (booo. hiss).

I hope I’ve packed enough stuff, but enough to fall within Ryanair’s cr4ppy limits…

Optimum Nutrition sent me lots of samples (thank you ON!) to try out, so we’ll be taking them with us to ensure we get the right nutrition!


(some of the samples….all the protein bars have mysteriously vanished though…)

I’m not sure how much posting I’ll be doing (I’m not great on the phone/ipad) but I’ll most certainly be snap happy!

Everyone wish Kyle GOOD LUCK for his big race tomorrow (!!!!!!) – that is mentioned in the last paragraph of the above article but the papers clearly love me more 😉

No falling this time though please, dear:


(clumsy Kylie fell down Snowdon during their international hill race….still came 9th though!!)

Questions for you:

Do you choose winter sun holidays, or do you like to get festive in the crisp cold nights instead?

Ever been on a training camp? How was it?