Blisters and Wellies for Achilles Injuries…

First of all, can I just say how happy I am that our Starbucks at work has red cups in?! Way to boost morale in a cost cutting climate (we just got told some awful news so this has definitely cheered us up!)


(the one at work carries all of their flavours all year round, but it wouldn’t feel right having my toffee nut latte in July…!)

So yesterday was a tough swim set in the morning (4,400m with lots of threshold stuff) that had us all wanting airlifted out of the pool! I had a rest day on Tuesday (we had a 5 year old’s birthday dinner so obviously I chose cake and balloons over a run session), so at least I went into the pool fresh and carbed up!

Freyja leaves to go back to Bath for a month, so since I wouldn’t see her until nearly Christmas, we agreed to go for a run at lunchtime again. I forgot a rain jacket and socks, but I figured I’ll heat up quickly and I’ve never got blisters before from no socks.

8 miles and 3×5 min tempo later (it was meant to be 4), I hobbled along with severe pain in my foot. Freyja offered me her sock for the cooldown (sounds weird but I accepted and it was HEAVEN) but I went back into work a broken gal.


(I had 4 large blisters on both feet)

When I collected my towel and locker key from security, I told them why I was hobbling, and by the time I got back to my desk, I saw this:


(I love the security guys here! please ignore the mess on my desk…)


(I’m sorry for my horrible runner’s feet. i hope this hasn’t put anyone off their lunch.)

For the remainder of the day, I opted to walk around as little as possible. Poor feetsies 😦

In the evening, we were about to head to bed when Kyle came out with a very random statement (please note these things don’t even surprise me any more. We are THAT weird):

“So I think I’m going to wear a welly to bed tonight”

“Ok. Just the one?”

“Since I don’t have a splint – to hold my Achilles in place while I sleep”

“Cool. Good thinking”

…Totally wasn’t even phased by such a comment.

So then this happened:

10807075_10154873079005644_590663549_n 10811645_10154873079120644_1930900926_n

(all ready for bed!)

Wow. What a hunk, eh? :p

Questions for you:

Weirdest thing your other half has said to you?

How to cure blister pain? I’m in agony!

Favourite Christmas coffee?