Weekly Training Recap (10/11 – 16/11)

I’m so glad it was a recovery week in the pool! I focussed more on running speed this week.


am – 4,500m easy in the pool

pm – 7.5 miles easy run

also pm – 30 min aquajog. In hindsight, probably shouldn’t have joined Kyle for this (he asked if I would keep him company) as afterwards I was sooooo tired that I demanded him to bring me food we didn’t have. I HAD to have a tuna sandwich. Don’t ask. Just don’t mess with a tired Debbie.


am – sleep

pm – 4 miles easy at lunch

also pm – 8x1km with 45 secs recov @ MP for 9 total


am – 4,000m easy swim with 20×100 as 25max/75 steady

pm – 5.5 miles easy with super fast Tammy!


am – walk to work

pm – 5.5 easy @ lunch with Freyja

also pm – 5×1 mile with 2 mins recov for 9 total


am – 4,400m easy swim with a few kick sprints

pm – 8 miles with Freyja (she had 2×10 min tempo while I watched with jelly legs from Thursday’s set!)


5km @ Hazlehead Park Run – 20.22 1st female

no cool down

8km @ Tyrebagger – ?? 2nd female

about 10 total


18 mile long run


Swim – 12,900m

Bike – 0 😦

Run – 76.5 miles (oops – no wonder my legs were sore!)

other – 45 min core

Now that I have my bike back, I will force myself on to the turbo trainer and work on my 2 key sessions for running with the rest of my runs being recovery ones (maybe throw in another long run next weekend!)