1st Long Run post Injury and Santa’s Grotto!

So my 2 races within a couple hours made the Press & Journal:

Scanned from a Xerox multifunction device

(must have been a slow week!)

If I’d known I would be exposed like this I would have warmed up for that park run! Oops!


Our walk home from the university on Saturday night, along with some water before bed, meant that I woke up hangover free on Sunday morning and ready to attempt my 1st long run (around 2 hours) since being injured!

Silly Debster, however, somehow forgot to drink water on Sunday morning and started her long run later than usual so probably didn’t eat enough either….

Around 9am, I had an espresso and 2 slices of toast with jam, then didn’t have anything else before heading off on my run at 11am. The plan was Kyle wanted a longish run too, but wanted to run on trails as that way his Achilles isn’t bothered, so he drove to Scolty and I was going to run there and meet him (18ish miles).

abdn to banch


(slight uphill most of the way – my worst kind of hill after steep downhill!)

He left later than me so passed me on North Deeside Rd when I was about 5 miles in, where I made him stop and give me water! I felt great though! Uphill and into a slight headwind, I was hitting 7.10 min/miles with ease! Thinking mentally I could just check out and listen to my music the whole way (it’s just one long road to Banchory), made me quite confident in that I didn’t have to think (unlike Tyrebagger the previous day) and just run.

Unfortunately, it didn’t quite work out that way, as the cycle route suddenly stopped about 9 miles in, so I was forced to run on the main road (sorry, Mum!). Luckily, Sunday morning meant that it wasn’t too busy and cars were really nice. Then, about 15 minutes later, I finally found a way to get onto the abandoned railway line that also goes directly to Banchory! Normally I don’t like running on this path because I find it quite monotonous, but I was thankful to find it as it was far more inviting than the main road! Being the simple minded fair weather runner, hitting the treadmill whenever there is a spot of rain or wind, I forgot that this path had the potential to be waterlogged in places. I spent quite a bit of time climbing walls and into fields to avoid getting soaked. I also had to go back on myself a few times as there was just no way of getting across.

This took its toll and about 14 miles in (I passed 13.1 in just under 96 mins) my body was tired. Constant slight uphill for over 100 minutes, along with constantly avoiding puddles had made me both mentally and physically exhausted. I was also SEVERELY DEHYDRATED. I stopped and walked for about 5 minutes, coincidentally right at the point where the old steam train takes off:



I started running again, and could barely get under 8 min miles, but when I saw the river again I was in heaven! I was like Usain Bolt running to the banks to get some water!

A quick text to Kyle to say I was running late and I was off again! Not a negative split by any means but 18 miles in the bank! It took about 2hr15 and my trainers were SOAKED right through!

Kyle was so muddy he washed himself in the Falls of Feugh, while I brought baby wipes and enough towels/dry clothes that I didn’t have to subject myself to further freezing punishment!

To reward ourselves, we finally got to go to Raemoir for cake (!!) and to visit the Christmas Grotto!


(Kyle sat on Santa’s lap)


(my attempted selfie with Santa)


(they had so many gorgeous moving toys!)

Lunch plus cake followed, then it was time to head to Alpine Bikes to collect my bike (only 2 weeks after my crash…) and then I had a cinema date with Freyja!! Go and see Gone Girl if you haven’t already!!

Questions for you:

How do you get over “the wall” in long runs?

Favourite post long run reward?