Reader Discount – ProCompression

How is everyone’s week going!?

Mine got off to a tough start with 5.5km swim on Monday morning! Haven’t swam that far in over 8 years!

After work, I went to Costco and saw all their Christmas decorations


I wish I had a house with a garden so I could buy all their seasonal garden items – they were so cool! My wee flat can only fit a tree and that’s about it!

I wish I could prove just how massive this fish was by using a comparative object – it was longer than my arm!


Then Mum was in her element around all the Disney canvases. Looks like I know what she’s getting for Christmas….


£120 later for them, and £130 later for me, we were done…


ProCompression discount:

This compression gear company has been in touch and would like to promote their products on my blog! It is an American company, but they are offering readers 40% their compression socks (and $10 shipping) with the code BLG14 !

Link to site here

I love compression socks and this company make them fun by adding themes to them (their Halloween ones were orange and black, and they will have Christmas ones out soon!) You should give them a try – they have been proven to benefit athlete performance and aid recovery and I wear them for recovery runs and sometimes at night if I have suffered badly from DOMS:


(I wore compression socks straight after winning the Stonehaven half marathon – photo with the GORGEOUS and super speedy Marie – also in compression gear!!)


( I also wore them when I won a parkrun. I like them if the wind is strong! Pictured here with Kylie babez acting as marshall! Don’t we look cold?!)

Questions for you:

What is the most/least you’ve spent in Costco? I can’t seem to hit double digits EVER 😦

Fan of compression gear? Socks or sleeves?

5 thoughts on “Reader Discount – ProCompression

  1. I’ve never been to a Costco nor worn compression socks/sleeves…I feel so out of the loop! I don’t get sore in my calves, more in my butt and hammies. Is there compression gear for that?

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  2. My coach Scott gave me some compression shorts for butt and thighs so I guess so?! They are CRAZY tight though so I would only ever wear them around the house, otherwise I would have major muffintop for the world to see! Try foam rolling for hammies – I love the roller for that!


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