Charity Day: Simeon Care Home

Yesterday was so much fun!

I volunteered to partake in a community day at a care home for the eldery, where I would be doing “some gardening”. With the weather in Aberdeen in October, this was a risky choice! But it was for charity after all so I sucked it up and put my name down!

Luckily, the weather was great!! It was cold, but the sun was shining and there was no wind/rain, so we couldn’t complain!

After swimming in the morning (4.5km), I went into work, checked emails etc then headed to Bieldside to visit the residents and start working hard!

We got an introduction to the Camphill Community (I’ll definitely be visiting Newton Dee’s gift shop!) More information about it here.


(weathered old chairs)


(after sanding and oiling)


(painting the shed)

I loved that we made a difference! And what we did had an immediate effect, which was great! Fiona and I were asked to sand down old chairs that had been weathered from over a decade outside, then oil them. After that we helped Sara and Meriel move firewood, and then we painted a shed!

In between each, the residents were sure to say thank you in their homebakes!! So many flapjacks, ginger snaps, brownies, scones….mmmm!!!! All fresh that day! It was lovely seeing how happy they were that we were helping them!


(after shifting the logs)


(moving them is a great ab workout by the way!)

Another way they said thank you was by showing us how to make Christmas Wreaths! I am so excited to gather the materials and do this myself!!


(Sara’s was slightly better than Meriel’s attempt!)

I had the best time and we all put in a shift, so by the time I was dropped back off at work I was looking forward to rolling running down the hill back to my flat and having a nice shower to get rid of the smoke smell (the boys were burning things!)

Weirdly, like Forrest Gump, I just kept running. Past my flat. I ran past the university, along the beach, up Broadhill and back up to the flat. So 8.5 miles. And at a pretty decent pace. This NEVER happens! I felt like I could run forever! (Must have been the homebakes).


THEN I had my long warm shower, lots of nice food and was forced to watch watched the Walking Dead until I was resembling the walking dead and needed bed!


Questions for you:

Have you done charity work before? What kind?

Have you ever run feeling like you don’t want to stop?

Are you doing NYC? Anyone you know?! If so – good luck!!

4 thoughts on “Charity Day: Simeon Care Home

  1. I used to coordinate the summer reading program at my local library for years when I was in high school and continued to do them on summer breaks in college. I loved reading to the kids and helping them make crafts. There were always animal crackers, not homebakes. I love those things.


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