Lazy Evenings with Crazy Visitors…!

Yesterday was fun! Swimming went well in the morning, I ran at lunchtime around Hazlehead in great weather conditions (more like bounded my way over streams and puddles! Kyle, this is why I don’t like trails – they are too muddy!), had a productive day at work, and looked forward to my evening of Lucy coming over to have indepth conversation about politics and current events catch up on Geordie Shore, paint our nails and eat peanut butter out of the jar with a spoon!

This is Lucy and I:

10153231_10152366920491591_3773412158027864476_n (1) (abs of steel!)

426380_10200871108199544_849403193_n (isn’t she gorgeous?!)

This is Lucy and I last night:

20141008_204451 20141008_204449 20141008_204449(1) IMG_21621

(don’t be fooled by appearances on nights out, lads!)

Lucy is a super fit cross-fitting champ and I admire her strength and dedication in everything she does! She used to be an international rower! I love that my closest friends are great sports people!

10411837_10201727334380058_696094395269232986_n (she is a machine!)

I hadn’t seen her in ages as she has been busy with competitions and then holidaying in Ibiza so we were of course talking non-sense for hours!

download (I feel this post is all about Lucy – don’t worry Kyle you’re still safe!) 

Then Kyle came back from dinner with his friend, and was forced to watch another episode of the Geordie maniacs with us. Then Peter came over to take back the ties Kyle borrowed from him for a friend’s funeral 😦 Peter was halfway through his run and had nowhere to store these ties (bad planning, people!) so he decided to finish his run dressed like this:

20141008_214055 (good job it was 10pm!)

20141008_214111 (concerned over his friend choices)

20141008_214128 (bromance)

…Far too much craziness when I’d been up since 5am!

Questions for you:

What’s the craziest thing you’ve worn on a run?

Favourite mind-numbing tv show (so I can remote-record it immediately!)?

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