Officially a Member of a Club!

Happy hump day people 🙂


So yesterday I faced 2 fears: 1) taking my hands off the handlebars, and 2) joining a club!

1) At lunch time, Keith took me out on the bike and we went ~1 mile down the road to Hazlehead (where the track is). Picture a 3 year old on a bike about to come off stabilisers, slightly apprehensive with what she’s about to attempt. That was me. Up and down we went (joggers passed us), while I attempted indicating with my left (why is this so difficult), indicating with my right (slightly easier), touching my bottle (we have not reached the take-bottle-out-of-cage-and-drink phase yet… that’s for next week), U-turns (epic fail) and standing up (hoorah I can do that now – still can’t do it smoothly, but getting there), and repeating the 1st two whilst pedaling. Cue more hissy fits and frustration.

A 26 year old woman, undefeated so far in triathlon, is struggling taking her hands off the bike to indicate. How did I ever pass cycling proficiency in primary school, Mum? Did they take bribes?

2) I stayed late at work and went straight to my 1st ever turbo trainer session! I borrowed Doug’s turbo (it was so heavy I am so weak I had to make 2 trips) and had so many people around me offering to help out! Ken Bryson set up my bike and I was situated behind him while he led the session. I was feeling strong and was going by Ken’s cadence (since I don’t have any meters yet) but boy did my butt hurt! A few guys gave me tips on my position and Andy Redman even came off his bike to come and tell me to relax my shoulders (silly prominent swimmer-shoulders making it obvious that I have awful cycling technique…) But an hour and a gallon of sweat later, I finished! I think I’l have to do some practice at home!


Then, after we packed up, I filled out my form and became a member of Fleet Feet! I am now a member of a triathlon club!

2014-10-08 08.37.31   wpa2fea402_05_06

(please be easy on me!)

I came home to a clean flat and a lovely pasta dinner cooked by Kylie and it was early to bed before training this morning…

20141007_210459 (photobomb)

20141007_210502 (i love carbs)

The set was 20 x 50s max! In my past life I could have held around 31/32s for this set, but today I was happy that all were 37s and under, with a couple 35s in there. Not bad for my 3rd COAST session (and the fact long course seems so long!)!

Questions for you:

How have you handled any comebacks?

Favourite dinner?

Can you teach me how to ride a bike please?

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